Top 4 Most Common Walther Creed Problems + How To Fix

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I’ve spent much time with the Walther Creed, testing it in various conditions and scenarios. During my time with the Walther Creed, I’ve encountered a few problems that could be a pain for some users.

I aim to provide a balanced viewpoint and offer practical solutions to the common Walther Creed Problems I’ve encountered. Specifically, we will talk about four main issues: failure to fire, hammer problems, ejection issues, and magazine jamming.

By the end of this article, you’ll better understand these problems and how to troubleshoot them, making your experience with the Walther Creed smoother and more enjoyable.

Overview of Walther Creed Problems & Solutions

Failure To FireSwitch to reliable ammo and clean the firing pin.
Hammer ProblemReplace the hammer spring with a high-quality one.
Ejection ProblemClean the ejector and extractor; replace ejector spring if needed.
Magazine JammingReshape feed lips and consider replacing the magazine spring and follower.

Top 4 Walther Creed Problems & Solutions

1. Failure To Fire

So, the first issue I ran into was failure to fire. Yeah, you heard that right. Imagine being at the range, you line up your shot, pull the trigger, and… nothing. 

Frustrating, isn’t it? I checked the safety of the ammo and even did a field strip right then and there. But no luck. 

This issue can be more than just a nuisance; it can be downright dangerous in situations where you rely on your firearm.


Here’s the deal—after some tinkering, I discovered that the issue often boiled down to poor-quality ammunition or a dirty firing pin. 

First thing I did? Swapped out the ammo for a brand I trust. Saw some improvement, but the issue wasn’t completely gone. 

Next, I took apart the gun and gave the firing pin a good clean. Guess what? Problem solved. If you’re facing the same issue, start by checking your ammo and cleaning the firing pin thoroughly. It worked for me and will likely work for you too.

2. Hammer Problem

Alright, let’s talk about the next issue: the hammer problem. During my testing sessions, I found that the hammer sometimes failed to reset properly after a shot. 

This is a real letdown, especially when you’re trying to shoot in quick succession. If you’re planning to use the Walther Creed for anything time-sensitive or competitive, this issue could throw a wrench in your plans. 

It’s not just annoying; in critical situations, it could compromise safety and functionality.


Now for the part you’ve been waiting for—the solution. After researching and toying around, I zeroed in on the spring tension as the culprit. 

I replaced the hammer spring with a high-quality one. Following this change, the hammer reset flawlessly every time I fired. 

So, my advice? If you’re running into this problem, consider replacing the hammer spring. Get your hands on a quality one and make the switch. Trust me, this made all the difference in the world for me, and it should do the trick for you, too.

3. Ejection Problem

The next issue on our list is the ejection problem. Even a well-engineered firearm like the Walther Creed can have ejection issues. 

In my experience, spent casings sometimes fail to clear the ejection port, causing what shooters commonly call a “stovepipe.” 

Let me tell you, nothing puts a damper on your shooting day like having to stop and clear jams repeatedly. This interrupts the rhythm and can even damage the ejection port or other parts of the firearm over time.


Here’s what worked for me—first, I inspected the ejector and extractor. Turned out they were a little dirty. After a thorough cleaning, I still noticed a few issues. So, I went ahead and replaced the ejector spring. 

That did the trick! Since then, ejection has been smooth and reliable. If you’re facing similar issues, start by giving the ejector and extractor a thorough clean.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, consider replacing the ejector spring. Chances are, you’ll see a noticeable improvement.

4. Magazine Jamming Problem

Last but not least, let’s talk about magazine jamming. This problem reared its ugly head more than once during my time with the Walther Creed. 

I’d load the magazine, slot it in, and bam—a jam right when I least expected it. We’re discussing scenarios where the magazine wouldn’t sit properly or rounds would get stuck. 

Frankly, it’s a buzzkill that interrupts any flow you might have during your shooting session. It also raises concerns about reliability, especially in a self-defense situation.


So, what’s the fix? I began by taking a closer look at the magazine feed lips and found some minor deformities. 

I did a little reshaping with the right tools and saw some improvement. Still, the issue persisted. I then replaced the magazine spring and the follower. 

The magazine seated properly and fed rounds smoothly ever since. If you’re running into similar issues, examine and possibly reshape the feed lips.

If that doesn’t do it, think about replacing the spring and the follower.

Final Verdict

So, let’s wrap this up. The Walther Creed is a reliable and well-engineered firearm that shines in many aspects, but it’s not without its challenges. 

Like any product, it’s got room for improvement. The issues I faced—failure to fire, hammer problems, ejection woes, and magazine jamming—are not unique to this gun. 

The good news is that these issues are largely fixable, especially if you’re willing to get a bit hands-on. 

Clean and maintain your Walther Creed diligently, maybe swap out a few parts, and you’ll likely end up with a firearm that serves you well, whether at the range, in a competition, or in a self-defense scenario.


Does Walther Creed have a safety?

Yes, it has a loaded chamber viewport and automatic internal safeties.

Is Walther Creed a high point?

No, it resembles a mildly modified PPQ more than a Hi-Point.

Where is the Walther Creed made?

It’s manufactured by Walther Arms in Ulm, Germany.

Is Walther Creed full-size?

Yes, it’s a full-size pistol more suited for open carry and home defense than concealed carry.

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