Most Common SIG 1911 STX Problem And How To Fix Them

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In my quest for high-quality firearms, I often find myself in the company of the extraordinary SIG 1911 STX. This model is a jewel in my collection, demonstrating performance and precision that gets me every time. 

However, even the best of me can have a not-so-perfect moment. And for the 1911 STX, it’s the occasional failure to feed with hard cast ammo – not an insurmountable issue, but an inconvenience nonetheless. But don’t fret; it’s nothing I can’t handle.

I’ve figured out a simple workaround that eager to share with all you fellow enthusiasts. So, it’s not just about the SIG 1911 STX Problem; it’s about offering a solution that gets me back to enjoying what this excellent firearm has to offer. 

Problem with the SIG 1911 STX & Its Solution 

1. Failure to feed

In my thorough testing of the SIG 1911 STX, a single issue surfaced – a failure to feed when using hard cast ammunition. About every fifth or sixth round, I’d encounter this hiccup. 

It certainly took me by surprise, considering the otherwise exceptional performance of the firearm. 

While not frequent, this feeding issue was enough to throw off an otherwise smooth shooting experience. It was a minor setback, yet one that needed addressing.


To rectify this feed issue, I turned to the trusted Wilson Combat magazine as a potential solution. 

By swapping out the standard magazine with a Wilson Combat one, the problem was resolved. It was a relatively simple tweak, but it made all the difference. This allowed me to fully appreciate the superior performance of the SIG 1911 STX, minus the feed issue. 

The joy of shooting returned, undisturbed by the previous glitch. Simple, yet effective – just how I like my solutions.


In wrapping up my experience with the SIG 1911 STX, it’s essential to keep in mind the broader picture. This firearm is an impressive piece, showcasing high performance and precision. 

However, it does have a single feeding issue when it comes to hard-cast ammo. Yet, this problem, while inconvenient, is easily solvable with a switch to the Wilson Combat magazine. 

With this straightforward fix, the exceptional quality of the firearm shines through undisturbed. Hence, despite the minor bump, the SIG 1911 STX remains a reliable and excellent choice for firearm enthusiasts.


Is the SIG 1911 any good?

The SIG 1911 exhibits excellent build quality and has proven reliable in my testing.

What is a Sig Sauer STX?

The Sig Sauer STX is a single-action, semi-automatic, metal frame pistol, offering a full size .45 ACP with adjustable night sights.

Is Kimber or Sig better?

Based on my experience and observed performance, I lean towards Sig due to its higher construction quality.

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Because Sharing Is Caring..

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