4 Common Glock 23 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Glock 23, but I faced a series of problems while testing it. 

Firstly, I  encountered issues with the magazine, a fundamental part of any firearm. Then, I experienced ‘Failure to Feed’ issues on more than one occasion. And, let me tell you, when it doesn’t eject after a shot, also the RSA problems I faced.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not all doom and gloom. This article will delve into these problems, sharing my firsthand experiences and offering you practical solutions. I want to ensure you’re ready to tackle these Glock 23 Problems head-on. So, hang on tight. 

Top 4 Glock 23 Problems & Solutions

1. RSA Problem

Now let’s turn to the Glock’s recoil spring assembly (RSA). You see, the RSA of this pistol is a bit like a rebellious teen. Upon disassembly for cleaning, I noticed the circular seat protruding when it should’ve been humbly nestled in the barrel’s half-moon cut. 

Instead, it stuck out like a sore thumb, messing up my orderly disassembly. Seeing it just sitting there, smug and unmoving, was like finding an unexpected guest at a private party.


I quickly realised the RSA demanded special attention during reassembly. Ensuring the RSA’s rim is snugly seated back into its designated half-moon notch is vital.  

If it’s not seated correctly, it could catch on another component when the slide is mounted to the frame, causing chaos. And believe me, that’s a headache you don’t want to deal with.

2. FTF Issue

Oh boy, this one was a hoot. Picture this: you’re firing a few rounds, then the slide locks, but the chamber’s empty, and you still have rounds in the magazine. You’re left standing there like a deer caught in headlights. 

It was like the firearm decided to take a coffee break during my testing.


I recommend trying different ammunition types, like Winchester 185 gr or White Box ammo, which seemed to get along with the Glock 23 a lot better. 

Changing the RSA and magazines could also be beneficial if the gun is one of the older models.

3. Magazine Problems

Remember how I mentioned issues with the magazine? Let me dive a little deeper. You’d think popping in a magazine should be a walk in the park, right? But this Glock gave me a run for my money. 

I would shove in the magazine, and instead of a smooth slide and click, it felt like fighting back.

It took repeated effort and don’t even get me started on the tightness of the spring.


So, what did I do? I  found the most practical solution was to give the gun a bit of a workout. I used it consistently, allowing the spring to loosen up a bit. Extreme cases might call for a change of mag springs, though I ‘re partial to the OEM ones.

4. Failure to Eject

Suddenly, the Glock starts acting strange around the 200th or 300th round. The darned thing decides it’s done with ejecting! The trigger just lounges there, showing no sign of resetting. 

This puzzle left me rubbing my temples in confusion, a sharp contrast to the otherwise smooth flow of my testing session.


After an exhausting round of troubleshooting, I found some potential solutions. A change in ammunition seemed to help. Those Winchester rounds seemed to get along pretty I’ll. 

Moreover, swapping the extractor or ejector could be the secret sauce. Several aftermarket companies have developed versions of extractors, and I found those worth a try.


When it comes to the Glock 23, it’s a bit of a wild ride. Its promise of reliability and versatility initially captivated us, but testing this beast in the field revealed a few pesky problems. 

Magazine issues, Failure to Feed, Failure to Eject, and RSA anomalies posed a unique challenge. Aren’t challenges what make me grow? I devised practical solutions for each problem, proving this firearm is not a lost cause.

Yes, it has its quirks, but what doesn’t? With its strengths and newfound understanding of its I aknesses, the Glock 23 still holds its place as a versatile and reliable sidearm.


Is it worth it to buy a Glock 23?

Its slightly smaller dimensions and equal accuracy and recoil offer excellent concealability, making it a great carry and sport-shooting gun.

Why is the Glock 23 so popular?

Its adaptability positions the G23 as Glock’s most popular .40 caliber handgun among civilians, bolstered by Glock’s reputation for quality and accuracy.

What was wrong with Glocks?

The Glocks faced issues primarily due to changes in frame and grip dimensions, with the heavier trigger pull being a notable concern among early adopters.

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