4 Most Common Glock 27 Problems And How To Fix Them

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I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Glock 27, and boy, did I! But let me tell you, things didn’t go as smoothly as I thought they would. I were on cloud nine to field test it. However, my glee was short-lived as unexpected issues popped up. 

The temperamental rounds refusing to fire, the slide grating like a rusty gate, recoil spring playing the villain, and, to top it all, the feeding failure.

In this article, I’ll navigate you through these Glock 27 Problems I encountered and toss out some handy solutions to keep your Glock 27 running smoothly. 

Top 4 Glock 27 Problems & Solutions for the

1. Rounds not Firing

Well, it started so well. I were happily pumping 150 rounds into targets with no issue. The gun felt great in my hands, its recoil manageable. 

But then, things took a strange turn. Upon revisiting the range, my Glock 27 started acting up. Now, whenever I squeezed the trigger, the rounds just wouldn’t fire. There’d be a quiet ‘pop’ as if the primer was getting ignited, but the round stubbornly stayed put. 


I tried giving different types of ammo a whirl, and it worked! I’d suggest PMC or Blazer ammunition. Swapping out your ammo could help resolve the issue, and you’ll be back to popping off rounds in no time!

2. Recoil Spring Causing Damage

Talk about adding insult to injury, right? When I thought my troubles were sorted, up pops the recoil spring. And it was hell-bent on making a mess inside the Glock 27. A few rounds in, the insides looked like a war zone. Not what you want from a day out at the range!


Don’t despair, folks; I’ve got a fix. You need to ensure that pesky spring is seated in the bottom notch of the barrel. A firm push with your thumb should do the trick. Ensure it’s fully seated and centered; you should see the end of your woes.

3. Difficulty in Racking the Slide

Now, here’s a problem that almost seemed impossible to solve. Racking the slide to chamber a round was a nightmare. Even with factory mags, it felt like it was grinding against the next round. Not a great feeling, let me tell you!


my solution? Consider trying another recoil spring assembly. A different setup might just be the antidote to your slide-racking troubles. It helped me with the slide a lot.

4. Failure to Feed

Imagine You’re outside, letting off some steam with your Glock 27. Forty rounds go by without a hitch, but the dreaded failure to feed strikes. 

I loaded my 9-round mags to 8, firing off three rounds perfectly, but the fourth refused to feed. Don’t I all hate the old FTF problem? 


Fear not; I found a workaround. Most feed problems are magazine-related, so give the slide a good pushback. 

You’ve caught your culprit if you’re using the same ammo and a different mag solves the issue. If all else fails, get in touch with Glock. Ship them your pistol and the factory mags with a detailed account of the problem; they should be able to help you!


As I wrapped up my hands-on experience with the Glock 27, it was evident that this compact firearm was an enticing proposition despite the hurdles. 

It may not have been all smooth sailing, but the solutions I encountered were straightforward enough, turning potential pitfalls into learning experiences. 

my rigorous field-testing session was an eye-opener, highlighting that even a celebrated firearm like the Glock 27 has room for improvement. 


Are Glock 27 reliable?

Indeed, the Glock 27 is an extremely dependable and sturdy striker-fired pistol with a polymer frame.

What are the weaknesses of a Glock?

While Glocks are generally reliable, they can face issues such as rounds not firing, recoil spring damage, difficulty racking the slide, and failure to feed.

How many rounds will a Glock 27 last?

Glock 27 can house 10 rounds of 40 S&W caliber, compact enough for a pocket or ankle holster.

Will a Glock 27 stop a bear?

Yes, a Glock 27 can potentially stop a bear. However, hard cast or bonded ammo is recommended for penetration. Regular ammunition may only cause a flesh wound.

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