Top 5 Most Common Walther PPQ 45 Problems + How To Fix

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I recently got my hands on the Walther PPQ 45 and took it out for field testing. While I found a lot to like about this handgun—its ergonomics, accuracy, and build quality, to name a few—a handful of issues caught my attention.

Among the issues I’ve noticed are a sticky slide lock, the gun jamming, a trigger reset problem, issues with the extractor, and a magazine release that could be better. 

But hey, we’re all about solutions here, right? So, in this article, I’m going to dive deep into each problem and offer some fixes to help you get your Walther PPQ 45 running smoothly.

Overview of Walther PPQ 45 & their Solutions

Sticky slide lockClean thoroughly; replace slide lock spring if needed.
Jamming and failure to feedUse high-quality ammo and clean the gun and magazines.
Trigger reset problemFollow proper disassembly and reassembly; consult a gunsmith.
Issues with the extractorDeep clean the extractor and replace it if worn out.
Magazine release issuesClean the release area; consider replacing the spring.

Top 5 Walther PPQ 45 Problems & Solutions

1. Problem with the Slide Lock

So, let’s talk about that pesky slide lock. During my time with the Walther PPQ 45, I found the slide lock a bit tricky. After firing off a few rounds at the range, I noticed the lock felt stiff. 

For a moment, I thought maybe it was just my gun, but then I talked to a couple of other folks at the range who had the same issue. The common denominator? A stiff or worn-out slide lock spring. Dirt and grime build-up around the slide lock didn’t help either. 

This was especially true for guns that have been through a lot of rounds.


So, what did I do? First, I made sure to give the slide lock area a thorough cleaning. Trust me, you’d be surprised how much smoother it feels when it’s squeaky clean. But despite the deep clean, the stiffness was still there. 

That’s when I decided to get the slide lock spring replaced. It’s always a good idea to have a pro handle that. So, I took it to a certified gunsmith. 

After the replacement, the slide lock was new, smooth as butter. Long story short? Regular cleaning is your friend; if the problem sticks around, don’t hesitate to swap out the slide lock spring. 

Just make sure you consult a professional for that last part. Safety first, folks!

2. Jamming Issue

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re out there, target in sight, and boom—or more like no boom. Your Walther PPQ 45 jams. I’ve had this happen to me, and it’s frustrating. 

The bullet doesn’t align properly, or maybe there’s dirt in the magazine, and before you know it, you’ve got a failure to feed. The bottom line, is if your ammo’s subpar or your magazine’s not in its best shape, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.


Alright, solutions. You’d think it’s common sense, but I went ahead and switched to high-quality, properly-sized ammo. It made a difference—a big one. 

My gun fired more reliably, and those pesky jams? They became a rarity. Step two was giving my firearm and magazines a thorough clean-up. This seemed to take care of any lingering issues tied to dirt and debris. 

But I didn’t stop there. Because, you know, better safe than sorry. I took my Walther PPQ 45 to a gunsmith for a professional once-over. 

If you’ve done the basics and still run into trouble, that’s the route I’d recommend. So remember, quality ammo and cleanliness are your best friends here.

3. Trigger Reset Problem

Ah, the trigger reset. I noticed something odd while enjoying some time at the shooting range with my Walther PPQ 45. 

The trigger just wasn’t resetting like it should. The first thought that popped into my head was, “Did I mess up during cleaning?” Improper disassembly and reassembly can goof up the reset mechanism, you know. 

Dirt and grime lodged in the trigger assembly could also be a culprit. The trigger reset issue was definitely a curveball, especially when you’re in the groove and focused on your target. This is a problem you don’t want hanging around, trust me.


So, how did I get this sorted? Maintenance, folks, maintenance. I revisited the manufacturer’s instructions and ensured I was disassembling and reassembling the gun as they recommended. 

Cleaning the trigger assembly was next. Just a little attention there can go a long way. But let’s say you’ve done all that, and it’s still acting up. 

In that case, it’s time for a trip to a professional gunsmith. I did that, and they got my trigger assembly tuned up nicely. 

No more reset issues for me! So, to sum up, stay diligent with your cleaning, and if you need to, get a pro involved. It’s as simple as that.

4. Extractor Problem

Alright, let’s chat about something that’s a real buzzkill: extractor failure. While at the range with my Walther PPQ 45, I had a few instances where the firearm just wouldn’t eject the spent cartridges. 

Yeah, it was frustrating. When a casing decides to overstay its welcome in the chamber, that’s a clear sign of extractor issues. 

A worn-out or broken extractor can easily be the culprit. Plus, let’s not forget the role that dirt and grime play in all this. Prolonged use and poor maintenance can mess with the extractor, causing it to fail when you need it the most.


Here’s how I tackled the issue. First stop: a deep clean. I focused on the extractor and its surrounding areas, and trust me, you’ll want to get all the grime off that part. 

But even after a detailed cleaning, if the issue persists, it’s time to escalate. In my case, the extractor looked a bit worse for wear. 

So, I had it replaced. But let me be clear: If you’re considering replacing the extractor, let a professional handle it. 

I took mine to a certified gunsmith. After that, my Walther PPQ 45 was back to ejecting casings like a champ. So, clean diligently and don’t shy away from professional help if needed.

5. Magazine Release Issue

Okay, let’s dive into another real mood-breaker issue: magazine release concerns. I’ve been using my Walther PPQ 45 quite a bit, and it didn’t take long to notice that the magazine release button was acting funny. 

At times, it felt stiff as a board; other times, it was just plain unresponsive. That’s the last thing you want, especially when timing is crucial. 

So what’s causing it? Dirt and grime could be the culprits or even a faulty magazine release spring.


Now, let’s talk fixes. Step one: Get in there and clean, clean, clean. I paid special attention to the magazine release area and removed any hanging gunk. 

Believe it or not, that alone made a noticeable difference. But say you’ve done your due diligence, and it’s still not up to snuff. That’s when you might consider replacing the magazine release in spring. I opted to go that route. 

A quick tip: if you’re gonna swap out parts, get professional guidance. I had a gunsmith handle it to avoid any rookie mistakes. 

After the fix, my magazine release was back in top form. Regular upkeep and professional help when needed are the way to go, folks.

Final Verdict

Alright, folks, that wraps up my field review of the Walther PPQ 45. Sure, every gun has its downsides, but let’s not overlook the upsides here. 

The PPQ 45 stands strong when it comes to ergonomics, accuracy, and build quality. Most issues I encountered—be it the slide lock, jamming, or trigger reset—are largely manageable with regular cleaning and maintenance. 

And for those stubborn issues? A trip to a certified gunsmith did the trick. The bottom line is this: If you’re willing to invest a little time and care into this firearm, it can serve you well. 

The Walther PPQ 45 may have its challenges, but with the right attention to detail, it can be a reliable companion for range time and personal defense.


Is the PPQ 45 discontinued? 

Yes, Walther discontinued the PPQ 45 in favor of the new Walther PDP.

Is the PPQ reliable? 

Generally yes, but it may require regular maintenance.

Can a Walther PPQ 45 shoot +P ammo? 

Yes, but frequent use may require more frequent service.

Is the Walther PPQ +P rated?

Yes, but using +P ammo may result in the need for more frequent service.

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