4 Most Common Sig P320 Problems And How To Fix Them

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Sig P320 Problems

I got my hands on the Sig P320, and, boy, did I put it through its paces. I ran this piece through all kinds of tests in the field, and my experiences led me to some unexpected findings.

I came face-to-face with some Sig P320 Problems that make you sit up and take notice. Lever problems, failures to fire and extract, even a few cases of the gun going off when I didn’t want it to. Yikes, right?

But don’t worry; I am not just here to rain on your parade. This article’s got a purpose, a mission if you will. I will dive into each of these problems, dissect what’s going on, and offer solutions to get your Sig P320 running well again.

Here’s a quick table with the problems and their Quick solution.

Lever IssueCheck the guide rod alignment and straighten it before actuating the lever.
Failure to Fire (FTF)Use the slide lock during reassembly for proper internal clearance.
Failure to ExtractFully disassemble the firearm and reposition the spring correctly.
Unintentional FiringContact Sig Sauer for the voluntary upgrade program to fix the issue.

Top 4 Sig P320 Problems & Solutions

1. Lever Issue

Sig P320 Lever Issue

First up, I gotta talk about the lever issue I encountered with the Sig P320. The takedown lever just wouldn’t play nice.

Trust me, that’s not what you want when you’re trying to maintain your weapon in the field. I quickly realized this was due to interference with the guide rod.


My fix was surprisingly simple. When locking the slide back, I checked if the rod was canted and nudged it into a straight position parallel to the slide. 

With a satisfying click, it aligned, and I could actuate the takedown lever properly. Phew!

Sig P320 Lever Issue solution

2. Failure to Fire (FTF)

Next on my list of issues was Failure to Fire (FTF). This pesky problem cropped up after reassembling the firearm.

Sig P320 Failure to Fire

I’d seen the trick of pushing the slide back to the right spot and flipping the takedown lever on other Sig P-series pistols, but trying it on the P320 caused a misalignment.


The solution here was to stick to the book. When reassembling, always use the slide lock to ensure internal clearance. It might not be the quick shortcut i am used to, but it stops these parts from hanging up.

Sig P320 Failure to Fire solution

3. Failure to Extract

In the course of my thorough testing of the Sig P320, I experienced several instances where the firearm failed to extract the spent shell. Notably, this problem arose when I was using TulAmmo ammunition. 

Sig P320 Failure to

The most severe case I encountered was when an empty shell lodged within the firearm, stubbornly refusing to budge.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t manually rack the slide to remove the obstruction. I had to resort to tapping the top of the barrel using a non-marring plastic hammer while concurrently applying force to the slide in the rearward direction.


To mitigate this issue, I disassembled the firearm completely, ensuring the spring was correctly repositioned before attempting to fire again.

Sig P320 Failure to Extract solution

This approach generally resolved the extraction issue. However, if the problem persists, my recommendation would be to contact Sig Sauer customer service for a potential replacement of the extractor.

4. Unintentional Firing

A particularly critical concern among consumers was that the Sig P320 demonstrated a propensity to discharge unintentionally. 

Although I did not encounter this issue, it is worth mentioning here. Unfortunately, it created a significant safety risk.


Thankfully, Sig Sauer acknowledged this issue, initiating a recall on the P320s to address the unintentional discharge problem. 

They offered a fix for all affected units free of charge. Furthermore, all P320s manufactured and shipped after the recall have been updated with this critical safety enhancement. Safety, after all, is paramount when handling firearms.


I encountered some unexpected problems, such as a takedown lever that was difficult to operate and occasional issues with firing and extracting.

However, I discovered that the majority of issues had practical solutions. These solutions included making minor manual adjustments, following the correct assembly protocol, or reaching out to Sig Sauer’s exceptional customer service for a replacement part.


Does Sig P320 still have problems?

The Sig P320 has previously experienced malfunctioning due to accidental discharges. Sig Sauer implemented a voluntary upgrade program in an effort to rectify these issues; however, persistent reports of incidents endure. It is critical that proprietors remain informed of any recalls or new developments pertaining to the P320.

What is the flaw in the SIG P320?

The SIG P320 can discharge unintentionally if dropped or hit at certain angles. A voluntary trigger system upgrading program by SIG Sauer rectified this issue and improved safety.

Did SIG Sauer fix the P320? 

Yes, SIG Sauer initiated a “Voluntary Upgrade” program for the P320.

Is the P320 safe now?

The SIG P320 is considered safe after the voluntary upgrade program initiated by SIG Sauer.

Why was the P320 discontinued?

The SIG P320 has not been discontinued, but some specific models and calibers may have limited production or be discontinued

Can a SIG P320 fire by itself?

When it comes to the SIG P320, it’s important to note that, with proper handling and maintenance, the firearm should not fire on its own.

What year did SIG fix the P320?

SIG Sauer addressed issues with the P320 in 2017

Is the Sig P320 as reliable as Glock? 

Both Sig Sauer P320 and Glock 19 have a proven track record of reliability.

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  1. I would suggest an edit to issue number 4 on your list. What it sounds like you are referring to is the “drop firing” issue, which is what the “voluntary upgrade”, as they put it, is supposed to fix. The Sig P320 has a separate unintentional discharge issue related to the firing pin that has hospitalized many law enforcement officers, firearms instructors, as well as civilians. I unfortunately fall into one of those categories, as well as many others. My Sig discharged with nothing near the trigger, causing a round to go through my leg, shattering my femur and permanently maiming me. There is a law firm in PA that is spear heading a law suit against the manufacturer because of the amount of people injured. I just want your article to be as informative as possible so people know what they are getting into when they purchase one of these firearms. I carried mine every day for 5 1/2 years, did the “voluntary upgrade”, had 1000’s of rounds through it, and one day it misfired and changed my life forever.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and insight. I’m truly sorry to hear about the incident you’ve gone through; it sounds incredibly tough. Your feedback is invaluable, and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

      You’re absolutely right, and I should clarify that in my article. The issue you mentioned is a serious one, and it’s important for readers to be fully aware of the potential risks involved with the Sig P320. I’ll make sure to add your comment in my article.

  2. Yesterday I accidently dropped my P320 Xten. And it DID NOT FIRE. Thankfully. My heart dropped to my ankles, plus it landed facing the opposite direction away from me.

    • I’m so relieved to hear that your P320 Xten didn’t fire when you dropped it – that must have been quite a heart-stopping moment! It’s always a good reminder of how important it is to handle firearms with care.


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