5 Most Common Glock 17 Problems And How To Fix Them

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I embarked on a mission to put the renowned Glock 17 to the test. During My extensive use, I came across some niggling issues. 

I noticed Glock 17 Problems with the MOS system, occasional cycling and ejection hitches, magazine snags, trigger difficulties, and even concerns with the RSA/guide rod.

In this article, I’re diving deep into my experiences, my challenges, and, more importantly, the solutions I’ve found to these issues. I aim to offer practical insights, hoping to turn your Glock 17 from good to great. So strap in, and let’s get to it!

5 Glock 17 Problems You Must Be aware of

1. Ejection Issue

The first issue I ran into was with the Glock 17’s cycling and ejection. There were instances where the slide would halt, refusing to eject the live round. This usually required re-chambering. The round getting stuck on the extractor was another frequent hitch.


my field-tested solution? Rack the slide with more force when you want to eject a live round. Simulating the speed of the ejector and extractor operations as they’d happen during firing also helped, especially during hand cycling.

2. MOS Problems

It’s been a common grievance for me that the Glock 17 has its red dot sighted too high over the bore. It’s often been a game of hide and seek to locate that elusive dot. 

Additionally, I noticed the stock plate tends to bend when used with optics like the Trijicon RMR. This might be due to the plate surface not being level or issues with the plate’s integrity. One theory is that plate bending arises from tightening too much onto the slide.


What worked for me was using a caliper to check if the MOS surface was level. For those struggling with the high MOS, you might consider a specially milled slide for the optic from suppliers like Brownells or Lonewolf. 

But remember, this comes with its own set of trade-offs. The good old practice also improved my dot control.

3. Magazine Issues

I encountered a persistent issue with the 10-round magazines while testing the Glock 17. As I navigated through target practices and field tests, I noticed that these magazines were somewhat rebellious. 

They jammed on me more often than I would like. my hypothesis pointed toward the use of incorrect springs as the potential culprit. The 17-round magazines had an annoying tendency to rattle; I suspect this was due to the peculiar anatomy of the 9mm rounds.


my quest for solutions led me to an interesting discovery. Magazines with a “2” inscribed next to the Glock logo seemed less problematic. The stronger springs in these magazines significantly reduced jamming. So, if your magazines are missing this ‘lucky number 2’, i’d recommend getting your hands on some that do.

4. Trigger Problem

I’ve all been there – immersed in the rhythm of target practice, and bam, after around 300 shots, the trigger decides to take a break. It just wouldn’t reset. 

More often than not, I noticed this stubbornness when the slide was fully forward with a round cozy in the chamber. It’s like the trigger wanted a moment of silent contemplation before getting back to work.


Here’s the thing – a good clean-up job often works wonders, and this case was no exception. I found that a thorough cleaning and diligent lubrication of the gun brought the trigger back to life. 

Another helpful trick was ensuring that the connector had enough outboard angle. And, of course, when I identified a faulty firing spring, a quick replacement fixed things up nicely.

5. RSA/Guide Rod Issue

Now, this one was tricky. During press checks or when I were returning the slide on an empty magazine, the guide rod would get a little too attached to the slide. 

There were even instances when the guide rod decided to pop out of its home in the barrel lug every time I removed the slide. It’s as if the rod wanted a little adventure of its own.


It turns out, just like most things in life, being in the right place matters for the RSA and the guide rod too. Ensuring these components were properly seated made a world of difference. So, if you’re having a rough day with your Glock, maybe it’s time to give your RSA and guide rod a little check-up.


I’ve gone through quite a journey with the Glock 17, Its robustness, simplicity of use, and precision continue to win hearts. However, as i’ve highlighted, even the mighty Glock 17 can have its off days. 

From magazine issues to stubborn triggers, and even the odd RSA/guide rod hiccup, i’ve seen them all. But the beauty lies in overcoming these obstacles. 

And with the solutions I’ve discovered, your Glock 17 can be restored from good to great. Remember, no firearm is without its quirks, but in my view, the Glock 17 continues to be a solid choice for those seeking reliability and performance.


Are Glock 17s reliable?

Based on my 2023 review, I found the Glock 17 to be absolutely dependable. Glock’s reputation for reliability remains unchallenged.

Does the Glock 17 jam a lot?

As per my findings, a Glock 17 very rarely jams, especially if you adhere to proper maintenance procedures and use the correct ammunition.

How much damage does a Glock 17 do?

The Glock 17 can deliver significant damage. On average, it takes 3-4 body shots or 1 headshot to neutralize a threat, making it effective up to a range of 75 meters.

Why is Glock 17 famous?

The Glock 17 gained fame due to its large capacity and light body. These features made it easy to use and helped increase marksmanship accuracy, especially among law enforcement officers.

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  1. I was at the range and had three mags. I had fired two without problem. When I fired the last shot in mag. two and went to insert mag. 3 it would not stay in the gun. I tried it three times and it kept falling out. I checked and re racked the gun several times but no luck.

    • check if mag 3 is damaged or the magazine catch on your Glock is worn out. A good cleaning might also help if there’s any dirt causing trouble. If these don’t fix it, a gunsmith or contacting Glock could be your next step.

      • I will do that but everything is new. This was the first time I had fired my New Glock N17 Gen 4. When I came home I cleaned the gun from being on the range and checked all three magazines and they worked fine. I wonder if this happened because I put two magazines through this gun very fast and it got hot and worked after it cooled down. I am going back to the range this weekend and will shoot at a slower pace and see what happens. Thanks for your help and getting back to me.


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