5 Glock 26 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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Out in the field, I tested the Glock 26. My field experience was marred by Glock 26 Problems such as failure to feed, chambering problems, difficulty racking the slide, target pressure-induced jamming, and failure to return to the battery. 

These were minor hiccups and considerable obstacles that hampered my otherwise smooth operation. In this article, I dissect these issues and offer solutions.

By sharing my experiences and providing comprehensive solutions, I hope to empower you to make the most of your Glock 26 and solve these common problems. 

Top 5 Glock 26 Problems & Solutions

1. Chambering Issue 

I stumbled upon a chambering issue. What a head-scratcher! The rounds were simply not chambering. It was like an invisible force field prevented them from taking their rightful place!

I figured that the reason for this might be feeding the Glock 19 with a weaker ammo.


The issue was stubborn, but running more Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammo through the Glock could coax it to behave. 

I also concluded that reaming the barrel and case ammunition could greatly help. After employing these tactics, the stubborn force field seemed to dissipate, and the rounds started chambering as they should!

2. Failure to Feed

I had the irritating problem of “Failure to Feed” during the initial rounds with the Glock 26. Oh boy, was it a bummer! 

The issue appeared as my rounds, instead of smoothly entering the chamber, got snagged, and stuck at an angle between the slide and the chamber’s top. 


After some fiddling and digging, I found it was likely due to using cheaper ammo brands. Replacing these with higher quality ones, such as the Winchester White Box, and transitioning to 115gr +P and 147gr ammo made all the difference. 

Also, after firing about 500 rounds, the Glock 26  started behaving well.

3. Slide Hard to Rack 

I encountered a surprisingly stubborn hurdle with the Glock 26: the “Slide Hard to Rack” problem. It was as if the slide had turned into a rock, rigid and unyielding! 

Every effort to lock it back on the last round was akin to wrestling with a determined heavyweight. It was downright exhausting, leaving my hands sore and my spirits deflated.


First, I adjusted the cartridge and magazine. I loaded the magazine fully and let it sit for a bit. Next, I inserted a round and started shooting until the gun was empty. I did it at least 100 times.

And kept doing that until the issue was resolved. 

4. Failure to Return to Battery 

The slide simply refused to return to its home after a slingshot, adding an extra layer of frustration to my trials.


I checked the slide stop lever, ensuring it was free to move. It needed a bit of nudging. Once done, I lubricated the gun, adding a touch of fluidity to its stiff movement. 

And I replaced the feeble recoil spring, and the slide returned to the battery, smooth and effortless!

5. Jams due to Target Pressure 

Talk about performance anxiety! The Glock 26 started to jam under target pressure, mirroring a nervous performer on the big stage. It was a teeth-gritting moment as I watched the reliable Glock falter under pressure!


I used a solid two-handed grip, leaned into the pistol, and guided it to perform its best. my firm grip offered the Glock some confidence boost, allowing it to work flawlessly under the mounting pressure and voila, the problem was solved.


Reflecting on my time with the Glock 26, it was quite the journey. Like every piece of engineering, it had its strengths and peculiar quirks, but none I couldn’t handle. 

Despite its initial teething problems – failure to feed, chambering issues, a hard-to-rack slide, and jams under target pressure – the Glock 26  proved itself.

My trials with the pistol led me to hands-on solutions, turning obstacles into opportunities for learning. By the end of my time, it performed reliably.


Why is my Glock 26 jamming?

Your Glock 26 might be jamming due to a weak or limp grip. Strengthen your grip to resolve this issue.

What is Glock 26 best for?

The Glock 26 is best suited for concealed carry and as a backup gun for law enforcement.

Is it hard to shoot a Glock 26?

Shooting a Glock 26 might be slightly difficult due to its not-so-ergonomic grip.

Is a Glock 26 better than a Glock 19?

For maximum concealability, the Glock 26 might be a better choice. However, for a balance of capacity, comfort, and concealment, you might prefer the Glock 19.

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