5 Glock 19 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve had the pleasure and challenge of testing the Glock 19 in the field. From its sleek aesthetics to its steady grip, the experience was a bit of a rollercoaster ride!

When I first held the Glock 19, I discovered that it has its own set of quirks. Yes, my friends, there were problems. Unexpected? Absolutely. Disappointing? A tad. Educational? Undoubtedly.

Slide issues, ejection malfunctions, the infamous MOS problem, trigger glitches, barrel troubles – oh boy, it seems I saw it all! But fear not. 

I didn’t just find these Glock 19 Problems; I dug deep, explored, experimented, and found potential solutions. In this article, I’ll share the problems and their solutions. Stick with us; it’s going to be an insightful ride.

5 Glock 19 Problems & Solutions

1. MOS Problem

Embarking on my quest to pair the Glock 19 with optics was like setting sail on choppy waters. Specifically, the Trijicon (RMR-type optics) threw me for a loop. 

The usually straightforward task of locating the red dot became a hide-and-seek game I didn’t sign up for! This hiccup was largely attributed to the MOS model. 

The depth of milling and the dimensions of the plate and screw sizes seemed to be the misfits causing the disturbance in my otherwise smooth journey.


So, how did I tame this unruly beast? I custom-milled the standard Glock 19 to fit my optic of choice, a precise operation that promised a snug fit. 

But, for those less inclined to tread that path, Holosun was a reliable ally. It slid into place with the MOS without fuss, restoring peace in my optics world.

2. Slide Problems

Boy, did I stumble upon a stubborn one! The Glock 19 didn’t always play nice, especially regarding its slide. It would refuse to lock back on empty, a real pain in the field. Racking it back wasn’t a breeze either – it would often jam just about 0.1-0.25 inches back. 

I scratched my head, peered into the gun with flashlights, and found possible culprits: the trigger housing’s top, the slide release, and even the trigger bar. The safety plunger? It could be the issue too.


So, what did I do? I sent it to the pros, either a gunsmith or straight to Glock. my hunch? The trigger bar likely needs replacement, the trigger housing may need an adjustment, and the slide release and connector alignment have to be fixed.

3. Barrel Issues

Then came the barrel, my supposed stalwart ally that proved to be less steadfast than I’d hoped. It seemed to have a wear-and-tear threshold far lower than I were comfortable with. 

I learned that this rapid wearing out of the barrel, especially its black finish, was a characteristic flaw in the Marksman barrels. The good news? The barrel remained intact beneath its rapidly disappearing finish.


my answer to this issue? A touch of the classics – oil. Applying a bit of oil to the barrel’s exterior significantly slowed down the wear. 

As for the idea of swapping the barrels, I gave that a firm no. my journey with the Glock 19 was all about working with what I had, after all!

4. Ejection Issue

Next up is the ejection. Weak was an understatement! The rounds would consistently hit my shoulders, forearms, and even my heads! Stuck casings weren’t a rare sight either. The ejector? 

Yeah, it didn’t pack a punch. That, and the new cut to the breech face for the guns, seemed to play a part.


Off to Glock, it went again! Post-fix, upgrading the gun might help. The Glock 19 ejector and the Apex Failure Resistant Extractor seemed promising.

5. Trigger Problem

The trigger on my Glock 19 started playing tricks on me after some time in the field. It began to display a troubling indifference, becoming unresponsive at its own whim. 

Upon a thorough investigation, the culprit appeared to be the S clip attached to the front of the sear on the housing spring. This little offender had a nasty habit of falling off.


my solution to this baffling predicament? A simple maneuver. I took care to move the slide before racking the slide lock. 

However, if this stubborn problem still insisted on making its presence felt, I packed it off for a trip back to Glock. 


And there you have it, a thorough examination of my experience with the Glock 19. Yes, there 

were bumps along the road – the fussy MOS, the tricky slide, the flaky barrel, the erratic ejection, and of course, the temperamental trigger.

Yet, every one of these challenges gave me an opportunity to explore, innovate, and overcome. The solutions I discovered made the journey with the Glock 19 a tale of resilience and adaptation.

So yes, it had its quirks, but my time with the Glock 19 was a testament to the idea that even within imperfections, there’s room for improvement, growth, and a darn good shooting experience!


Is Glock 19 good or bad?

Glock 19 is good; its reliability, lightweight design, and 15+1 capacity make it a solid choice for a carry gun.

What Gen Glock 19 is the most reliable?

The Gen 5 Glock 19 strikes the best balance between concealability, handling, and reliability.

Is a Glock 19 expensive?

At an average cost of $500, the Glock 19 is priced reasonably, considering its features and performance.

Is the Glock 19 a good beginner gun?

Yes, the Glock 19 is a great beginner gun, offering an excellent balance between range use, home defense, and concealed carry.

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