7 Most Common SIG SP2022 Problems And How To Fix Them

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I’ve had some time in the field with the SIG SP2022. The opportunity to test this model extensively brought me face-to-face with some pesky challenges. 

While testing the SIG SP2022, I bumped into a variety of problems. I’ve seen it all: failure to lock, ammunition issues, failure to eject, accuracy, trigger troubles, hammer glitches, recoil and jamming issues. 

But fret not; I Am here to shed light on these challenges. I will guide you through these issues, offering clear and straightforward solutions. 

Table of SIG SP2022 Problems & Solutions

Failure To LockCheck slide clearance, replace broken rail, get professional servicing.
Ammo IssuesSwitch to compatible ammo, increase recoil spring cycles, avoid problematic ammo.
Failure To EjectRack the slide, switch ammo if needed, possibly polish the disconnector.
Trigger ProblemsCleanse lock-work, add more lube, check for trigger return spring problems.
Hammer IssuesRegular cleaning and lubrication, replacing worn-out components.
Recoil IssuesImprove grip technique, use lightweight ammo, consider aftermarket parts.
Jamming IssuesThorough cleanup, replacing aged parts, using approved ammunition, and maintaining magazines.

Top 7 SIG SP2022 Problems & Solutions

1. Failure To Lock

Ah, the dreaded ‘Failure To Lock.’ It’s a real stick in the mud, isn’t it? This issue crops up when the slide doesn’t want to return to its forward position after you’ve fired a round. Annoying, right? 

And guess what? It also meddles with the barrel alignment with the sights. Each time you take a shot, the accuracy takes a hit. 

Talk about a sour experience! And if you think this issue is model-specific, brace yourself. It’s been noticed in the .375 caliber ones too. 


So, what’s the fix? Well, start by taking a closer look – get that slide off. Make sure the Slide Catch Lever tab is snuggling up close to the projectiles. 

The rounds in the magazine may just be swaying a little, creating a frustratingly intermittent issue. Aim for about 020 clearance from the side of the cartridge. 

That said, if it’s a broken rail – like the one shown in the pic – your best bet is getting a replacement from SIG. And when in doubt, always turn to the pros. 

Get the weapon system inspected and serviced by qualified professionals. They’ll pinpoint any existing problems and carry out the necessary repairs or adjustments to enhance the accuracy performance. Sounds like a plan, right?

2. Issues with the Ammo

Let’s move on to another little headache I stumbled upon – ammo issues. You see, the SIG SP2022 seems to be a picky eater. Some ammo just doesn’t sit well with this model. 

To add to the inconvenience, it’s also quite the ammo hog and prefers thicker lubricant. All this, despite its considerable size. You’d think a large pistol would hold a good deal of ammo, right? Not so much, it seems. 

Our field tests with various ammo types confirmed this. Take the Winchester 124gr – it was like the SIG’s favorite meal. But when I tried feeding it, HPR JHP 9mm 124 jacketed hollow point rounds? Oh boy, it just wasn’t having it.


Now that I know the problem, let’s talk about solutions. First off, if your SIG is behaving as mine did, try looking up HPR 9mm loads on the internet. It appears that they might just be loaded weakly. 

Another possible solution – work on applying additional cycles to the recoil spring. This could make your pistol accept the HPR. 

But here’s a straightforward suggestion: if the HPR is the only ammo giving you grief, ditch it. There are other fish in the sea, after all. 

In my experience, 115 FMJs at the range and 124 JHP for carry worked like a charm. Remember, the key is to keep it simple and efficient.

3. Failure To Eject

I now turn my attention to a third challenge I encountered – the pesky ‘Failure To Eject.’ I noticed this issue, especially with the Federal Champion 115 gr. 

Annoying, isn’t it? This failure to eject or FTF slows down your shooting pace and gets under your skin. And, to make matters worse, troubleshooting this issue can really put a dent in your ammo stash.


So, how do you navigate this troublesome terrain? First, give the slide a good racking. You might want to switch ammo if the problem persists even after a couple of smooth shots. 

I had a pretty decent run with the Winchester Ranger 124grain. If the FTE and FTF happen only in the last few rounds, it’s likely a magazine issue. 

Don’t hesitate to get on the phone with SIG and get your gun fixed. Sometimes, a little polishing of the disconnector does the trick. 

If you’re not up for that task, a gunsmith will be happy to help. And remember, don’t skimp on lubrication. I recommend Hoppe’s 9 lubricant. Trust me, your SIG SP2022 will thank you!

4. Problems with the Trigger

Next up on my list of challenges is the trigger. Oh, the trigger! This is where things can get really frustrating. During my field tests, I noticed an issue with the trigger not resetting. 

You can imagine how much of a buzzkill that is, right? For every 15rd mag, this happened about twice. The kicker is you have to push the trigger manually forward to get it to reset. 


So, how did I tackle this trigger issue? Well, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I realized this problem often arises due to a manufacturing bur or a pesky metal chip hiding in the lock-work. 

A good hosing with a gun scrubber or an air compressor might just blow it out. If that doesn’t do the trick, more lube and a little break-in time may just solve the problem. 

I also suggest checking for a trigger return spring problem, especially if the trigger resets manually. Just give it a visual check while pulling the trigger with it broken down. You might spot if the spring tangs are seated properly or broken. 

5. Hammer Issues

So, let’s get to the hammer, shall we? my field tests revealed an issue that left me scratching my heads a bit. There’s a slight wobble in the hammer when it’s not cocked. 


Now let’s get down to the fix. As responsible gun owners, I all know the drill. Even semi-automatic pistols need regular cleaning and maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. 

First and foremost, you’ve got to keep your firearm clean. I am talking about wiping down both its exterior and interior components with a soft cloth drenched in gun oil or another approved cleaner/lubricant. 

Secondly, don’t forget about lubrication. Areas like the slide rails need proper lubrication to avoid unnecessary friction and premature wear and tear. 

Lastly, if you think a component has given up the ghost due to age or wear, replace it pronto. 

6. Recoil Issues

Let’s chat about recoil. It’s that kickback you feel when you discharge a firearm, and the Sig Sauer SP2022 is no exception. 

The slide moving backward post-shot applies pressure to your hand, enhancing the recoil sensation. 

Also, it’s not just the slide to blame. An improper grip or unsuitable ammo can add to the recoil problem. All in all, an unnecessary and uncomfortable jolt with each shot.


Alright, let’s move on to the solutions I tried out. First up, grip technique. Yes, it’s not just about wrapping your hands around the gun; there’s an art to it. 

A high thumbs forward hold, with the web of your dominant hand comfortably resting above the backstrap of the firearm, provides optimum control and decreases felt recoil. 

Secondly, you can consider lightweight loads or reduced-power ammunition. Less pressure generated when firing equals less recoil. 

And finally, think about investing in quality aftermarket parts like heavier buffers or slides. Slowing down the energy created when firing can decrease felt recoil considerably. 

7. Jamming Issues

Let’s chat about the jamming issue. Jamming could be due to several reasons. A firearm hoarding all the dirt and grime might literally refuse to slide into action. 

Weak or aged springs could be another culprit. During its cycle, the slide requires a specific locking force, and worn-out springs might just fall short. 

Even improper feeding or issues with the magazine due to damage could contribute to the jamming saga. 


Firstly, a thorough cleanup – say bye to the grime and hello to smooth action. If you spot weak or aged parts, get them replaced pronto, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Next, remember to use approved ammunition types – no need to add extra stress to your gun’s life. 

Lastly, if you’re using magazines, keep them clean and damage-free. 


In conclusion, the SIG SP2022 is indeed an impressive piece of machinery. I stumbled upon a few speed bumps during my in-depth field analysis. However, every problem faced had a corresponding solution, a testament to the firearm’s adaptability.

Whether it was the tricky ‘Failure to Lock’ scenario, the somewhat choosy ammo preference, or the sporadic jamming, I successfully maneuvered through each snag. While these issues did test my mettle slightly, it’s essential to remember the firearm’s strong points.

Despite its minor missteps, the SIG SP2022 certainly holds its own. A robust firearm offers a fair share of reliability and power, even amidst occasional challenges.


Is the SP2022 a good gun?

The SP2022 is indeed a good gun, proving to be a reliable, accurate, and affordable option for various user profiles.

Is SIG SAUER SP2022 discontinued?

The SIG SAUER SP2022 was previously discontinued but it is now back in production, mainly for the 9mm and .40 S&W models.

How is SIG SAUER SP2022?

The SIG SAUER SP2022 has earned an enviable reputation for its reliable performance in the hands of military and law enforcement professionals worldwide.

What type of rail is the SIG SP2022?

The SIG SP2022 features a classic SIG rail.

Is SIG SP2022 double action?

Yes, the SIG SP2022 is a double action/single action polymer frame pistol with decocking controls.

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