2 Common SIG P320 XTen Problems And How To Fix Them

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I recently had a go with the SIG P320 XTen, eager to try out its much-hyped features. My collective experience came with unexpected issues that rattled my expectations a bit. 

During my hands-on test, I encountered a couple of glaring issues: Magazine Issues and Slide Racking troubles. 

I’ll go through these problems, breaking them down for you. I’ll provide insights and possible solutions to these pesky issues.

Table of SIG P320 XTen Problems

Magazine IssuesPress the top round of a full magazine against a table.
Slide Racking ProblemsLoad with 14 rounds instead; or fire rounds to loosen spring.

Top 2 SIG P320 XTen Problems & Solutions

1. Magazine Issues

So, first up on my list is the pesky issue with the magazine. What’s the deal, you ask? While testing the SIG P320 XTen with a box of Sellier and Bellot JHP, I noticed the magazine’s follower getting stuck after releasing the first or second round. 

Quite a bummer, right? It messed up my shooting rhythm and threw me off my game. It felt like I was wrestling with the magazine more than I was shooting. 

Not exactly the experience I was hoping for.


On the bright side, I found a workaround for this issue. 

It turns out that pressing the top round of the fully loaded magazine against a table (think of it as pushing the round in, with the magazine upside down) helps seat all the rounds properly. 

According to the instructions I received, this should help with feeding and prevent the follower from getting stuck.

2. Slide Racking Issue

Next up is the slide-racking issue. While testing, I noticed that the slide doesn’t rack when loaded with 15 rounds of ammo. 

Can you imagine my surprise? It’s an issue that tests your patience, especially when you’re in the zone and ready to fire.


So, what’s the fix for this? First, you could try loading the gun with less ammo, say 14 rounds instead of 15. 

This seemed to make racking the slide easier. Second, after some time of firing rounds, the spring will eventually loosen up, easing the racking issue. Yes, it might take some time and a bit of patience, but it’s worth a try.


Well, there you have it, folks. my hands-on experience with the SIG P320 XTen. Yes, I ran into some unexpected obstacles, specifically the magazine issues and slide-racking troubles. 

However, it’s important to remember that no firearm is without its share of minor issues. The true test lies in how I navigate these challenges. 

With a little patience and by employing the solutions I’ve shared, you’ll find these issues manageable. Beyond these hiccups, the SIG P320 XTen offers robust features that will cater to your shooting needs. It’s an overall reliable firearm once you get the hang of it.


How much does a P320-XTen cost?

The P320-XTen costs $799.99.

When was the Sig P320-XTen released?

The Sig P320-XTen was released on May 26, 2022.

Is Sig P320 good or bad?

The Sig P320 is overall a solid and reliable handgun with nice features aimed at the defensive shooting market. It performs well for just about any type of shooting.

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