5 Most Common Taurus PT92 Problems And How To Fix Them

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I have been able to test the Taurus PT92 in various field conditions. My hands-on experience has allowed me to understand the firearm better and revealed several common problems that users might encounter.

During my  time with the Taurus PT92, I came across some significant issues that can affect performance. These include jamming problems, issues with the extractor, cycling problems, problems with the locking block, and stovepiping issues.

I want to share my  real-world experience with the Taurus PT92 and offer practical solutions to the common problems I’ve encountered. So, if you own this firearm or consider purchasing one, you’ll find this information relevant and highly useful.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Stovepiping IssuesReplace old springs, examine ejector and extractor ports, hold the pistol firmly, clean extractor.
Jamming ProblemsClean rails, polish rough areas, straighten the guiding rod, use quality gun oil.
Issues with the ExtractorLet spring slam the slide shut, clean chambers, clear grease and debris.
Cycling IssuesPull the extractor out, clean deeply.
Problems with the Locking BlockContact Taurus for a replacement part, snap the new part into position.

Top 5 Taurus PT92 Problems & Solutions

1. Jamming Problems

While testing the Taurus PT92 in the field, one problem that repeatedly caught my  attention was unexpected jamming. It became evident that this wasn’t just a one-time occurrence.

 At first, I considered switching magazines, thinking that might be the source of the problem. But as I dug deeper and fired over 100 rounds, I discovered that the real culprits were a dirty locking block, rails, feed ramp, and a potential bend in the guiding rod.


Upon facing these jamming issues, I decided to take a hands-on approach to fix them. I meticulously cleaned the gun’s rails, ensuring that any rough areas were polished smoothly. 

The locking block was thoroughly cleaned, and the guiding rod was straightened if bent. Finally, using high-quality gun oil to lubricate the gun did the trick. 

These solutions were theoretical and tested by us, confirming their effectiveness. 

If you are a Taurus PT92 user facing similar issues, rest assured that these tried and true solutions can help your firearm perform at its best again.

2. Issues with the Extractor

In my  hands-on testing of the Taurus PT92, I encountered issues related to manual cycling. This was a concern, especially when I inserted a loaded magazine and allowed the slide to shut too easily. The failure of the extractor to engage the round in the chamber presented me with unexpected challenges. 

Additionally, I noticed that dirt within the chamber might exacerbate this issue. It was a frustrating experience that needed attention and careful examination.


My in-field solutions to this problem were both practical and effective. The key was letting the spring slam the slide shut after releasing it. 

I pulled the slide back as far as possible before letting it go. Additionally, thoroughly cleaning the chambers proved crucial. 

By simply clearing the shipping grease and debris, I overcame this problem. It’s a simple yet effective solution that I tested and found to work, and I believe it can be beneficial for other Taurus PT92 users facing the same issues.

3. Cycling Issues

One of the problems I stumbled upon during my  extensive field testing of the Taurus PT92 was a consistent failure of the gun to cycle or eject with every shot. 

This was not just a minor inconvenience but a significant hindrance that affected my  overall experience with the firearm. 

It’s one of those issues that can take you by surprise, and without the right knowledge, it might leave you puzzled and frustrated.


My team found a surprisingly simple solution to this complex problem. The fix involved pulling the extractor out completely and then cleaning it deeply. I realized that sometimes, the most effective solution can be the simplest one. 

This hands-on approach solved the problem and gave me a better understanding of the firearm’s mechanics.

 My experience with this issue and its solution proves that even the most vexing problems can be resolved with a bit of effort and understanding.

4. Problems with the Locking Block

During my  rigorous testing with the Taurus PT92, I encountered an unexpected and concerning problem: the locking block assembly broke. 

Specifically, the ear of the locking block broke off under heavy pressure. This was no minor glitch, as the firearm could not lock properly and shoot rounds. 

When I took the slide off the Taurus PT92, I could see that the locking block was out of position and, in some cases, had fallen off entirely. It was clear that a fix was needed and fast.


My solution to this serious problem was both effective and easy to implement. By simply contacting Taurus, they sent me a new piece to replace the broken block. 

What surprised me was how easy it was to install the new part; it snapped into position without any trouble. This hands-on fix solved my  issue and reassured me that, with the right approach, even significant problems can be overcome. 

This practical, tested solution could be highly valuable for anyone dealing with similar problems with the Taurus PT92.

5. Stovepiping Issues

Stovepiping is another issue I came across during my  hands-on testing with the Taurus PT92. This problem occurs when the ejection port isn’t cleared, causing a jam that looks like a stovepipe. 

I discovered that it might be related to the extractor, old springs, or even the grip if it’s not held tightly enough. Limp wristing as a result of not holding the firearm properly could cause this annoying problem. 

It’s one of those things that can throw you off in the middle of a session, and I knew it needed to be addressed.


I found a series of practical fixes that significantly improved the situation. I made substantial progress by replacing the old springs with new ones and examining the ejector and extractor ports. 

If required, swapping them out helped too. Holding the pistol firmly and aiming directly at the target became part of my  revised technique. 

I also made sure to clean the back of the extractor thoroughly. This set of solutions, tested in the field, managed to resolve the stovepiping problem efficiently. 


The Taurus PT92 is a fascinating firearm that offers a mix of robustness and precision. During my  extensive testing in the field, I unearthed some problems, like stovepiping, jamming, and issues with the extractor and locking block. 

Yet, the experience I gained from addressing these issues revealed that the Taurus PT92 is highly maintainable. 

The strengths of this gun, such as its accuracy and durability, along with its manageable weaknesses, create a balanced view that makes it appealing to enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Is the Taurus PT92 a good gun? 

Yes, the Taurus PT92 is a good gun; it’s reliable, accurate, has a large magazine capacity, and is durable.

Is the Taurus PT92 better than the Beretta 92? 

The Taurus PT92 and Beretta 92 differ mainly in safety placement, with Taurus’s offering a more versatile option, enabling carrying cocked and locked.

How far can a Taurus PT92 shoot? 

The Taurus PT92 can effectively tear the center out of a five-inch target at combat distances (7-21 feet).

Is the Taurus PT92 all metal? 

Yes, the Taurus PT92’s entire body is made of metal, contributing to its realism.

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