6 Most Common Taurus G2C Problems And How To Fix Them

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I set out to test the Taurus G2C in the field. My hands-on experience with this firearm was both enlightening and challenging. 

Throughout my testing, I discovered various issues that might be common for users of this particular gun.

During my time with the Taurus G2C, I encountered several specific problems, such as slide jamming, failure to feed, jamming issues, extraction issues, problems with the trigger, and safety problems. It was not only an eye-opener but also a learning curve for us.

This article aims to provide clear insights into these common problems and offer practical solutions to overcome them. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Slide Jamming ProblemsPress the slide harder or send it to customer support for modification.
Failure to FeedRemove magazine, clean gun, or tap the bottom of the slide if the round is stuck.
Jamming IssuesRegular cleaning and proper handling to minimize jamming.
Extraction IssuesMaintain proper posture, ensure solid grip, and remove bad rounds if failure occurs.
Problems with the TriggerPress the trigger instead of pulling or modifying with an SAO Short Stroke Trigger.
Safety ProblemsExtensive training and understanding how the safety works; invest in a quality holster.

Top 6 Taurus G2C Problems & Solutions

1. Slide Jamming Problems

During my hands-on testing of the Taurus G2C, I often noticed that the slide locks on some used models would get stuck. 

It was a noticeable issue that made handling the firearm less intuitive. Sometimes, I had to attempt the slide-lock a few times before it would engage, while disengagement seemed much simpler. 

It was a problem that puzzled me because there appeared to be no obvious reason for this defect to exist other than something in the gun’s construction.


The solution to this problem was fairly straightforward. By pressing the slide a little bit farther back or harder than usual; the slide lock would activate. It took some getting used to, but it worked. 

Alternatively, I realized that the issue could be addressed by returning it to customer support for modification. 

This approach may provide a more long-term fix and ensure that the firearm operates as it should. Either way, it’s good to know there are solutions, and I was able to continue my testing without any major roadblocks.

2. Failure To Feed

While testing the Taurus G2C with various types of ammunition, I encountered an issue specifically with hollow-point ammunition. 

The nearly vertical-looking built-in feed ramp in the barrel seemed to cause the first two or three rounds from the magazine to occasionally become stuck between the slide breech face and the feed ramp. 

I observed that the truncated cone or flat nose profile of hollow-point defense ammunition might be contributing to this problem. I also considered that damaged recoil springs might be involved.


The solution I found required some patience and care. If this problem occurred, I would remove the magazine from the gun, empty the chamber, and try again. 

Sometimes cleaning the gun would make a difference. I also checked if the magazine was properly placed and whether the cartridge was faulty. 

In some cases, tapping the bottom of the slide forced the round to feed, though I understood this could be dangerous in a defensive scenario. 

These solutions helped me navigate this issue, but it did highlight the importance of proper maintenance and understanding the specifics of the firearm.

3. Jamming Issues

During my field testing of the Taurus G2C, I experienced jamming issues, where a bullet occasionally became stuck in the barrel. 

This problem was concerning, as it posed a real risk of explosion if another round was fired without clearing the obstacle. 

The gun’s workmanship, irregular cleaning, and lack of maintenance appeared to be contributing factors. 

Although improper handling and a lack of experience could be the primary causes, I found that such incidents happened now and then, adding an extra layer of concern to my testing.


The solution to this problem revolved around regular cleaning and proper handling. By frequently cleaning the gun to remove powder and other residues, I managed to minimize this issue. 

For those not expert enough, checking for a lodged bullet in the barrel was a basic but essential step. Furthermore, I found that consistent practice with the handgun reduced the likelihood of mishaps. 

Overall, regular maintenance and careful handling emerged as key solutions, emphasizing the importance of these practices for any gun owner.

4. Extraction Issues

In my practical field assessment of the Taurus G2C, I found a concerning problem related to extraction. 

The gun sometimes failed to remove the spent round from the chamber, leading to the erroneous feeding of a fresh round from the magazine. 

Additionally, I observed that the round could get stuck when entering the chamber, possibly due to delayed or incomplete extraction. 


The solutions I discovered were grounded in caution and proper handling. If the trigger was pulled and nothing occurred, I learned to keep the pistol pointed away from me downrange for around 30 seconds without peering down the barrel. 

I removed the bad round after 30 seconds, if the gun hadn’t fired. Ensuring a solid grip on the pistol and maintaining proper posture was also crucial. 

Regular practice helped alleviate the issue, emphasizing that familiarity with the firearm and attention to safety can significantly reduce such problems.

5. Problems with the Trigger

During my hands-on testing of the Taurus G2C, I was immediately drawn to an issue with the trigger. While it’s not the worst I’ve encountered, I found it overly drawn out, a bit rough, and perhaps slightly mushy. 

More concerning was the occasional non-responsiveness of the trigger. Pulling it with the safety off sometimes resulted in a “dead trigger,” and pulling it again would cause the gun to fire. 

This unpredictability marked a significant reliability issue, especially when thinking of potential defensive scenarios. 


To deal with this challenge, I explored different approaches. As far as I could ascertain, the solution involved pressing the trigger instead of pulling it, though this was not ideal. 

Despite these efforts, the trigger issue remained a significant concern, casting a shadow over the gun’s overall reliability and desirability. It was a lesson in how even a seemingly minor flaw could substantially impact my confidence in the firearm.

6. Safety Problems

While testing the Taurus G2C, I encountered an unsettling issue concerning manual safety. When attempting to engage the safety, I noticed that there was a small margin of error where the safety appeared engaged but was not actually secure. 

This meant that pulling the trigger could still fire the gun. The potential hazard was particularly worrying, considering the risk of accidental discharge, especially when combined with low-quality holster options for the G2C.


My experience led me to conclude that the best solution to this problem lies in extensive training and understanding of how safety works in this specific model. 

Spending time to practice engaging the safety, and being mindful of its nuances, greatly minimized the risk. The training process was a clear reminder that knowing your firearm and its quirks is crucial for safe handling and operation. 

The issue reinforced my belief in the importance of quality accessories, such as the proper holster, to complement the firearm’s design and ensure optimal safety.


The Taurus G2C, despite its affordable price, is a firearm that poses certain challenges. My in-field testing and reviewing brought to light problems related to slide jamming, feeding failures, jamming, extraction, trigger, and safety. 

These issues were not insurmountable, as I was able to find practical solutions through understanding, training, and careful handling. 

Evidently, the Taurus G2C requires attention to maintenance and may demand some adaptability on the user’s part. 


How reliable is the Taurus G2c?

The Taurus G2C is an excellent choice for concealed carry, known for being accurate and reliable, easy to use, and hide.

What are the cons of the G2c?

The major downside of the Taurus G2c is its standard three-dot style plastic sights, and the lack of competitive options for adding aftermarket sights.

Is it bad to dry fire a Taurus G2c?

Yes, except for the .22 caliber pistols; dry firing can be harmful to certain models, but not the TaurusTX™ 22, as it is designed to be dry fire safe.

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