4 Most Common Taurus Curve Problems And How To Fix Them

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I had the opportunity to test the Taurus Curve in the field. My hands-on experience revealed some aspects that stood out and others that fell short of my expectations.

I came across some common Taurus Curve Problems that seemed to occur more frequently. These issues were related to extraction, slide, accuracy, and loading. But don’t worry; I’ve also managed to find solutions to these problems. 

My experience and collective knowledge will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties faced and effective ways to rectify them.

This article aims to enlighten those interested in the Taurus Curve or who may be experiencing these problems and to provide practical solutions. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Ejection IssuesHold tight and steady; try different bullet brands.
Slide IssuesMaintain, lubricate, replace worn parts if needed.
Accuracy ProblemsCheck alignment, clean, replace malfunctioning parts.
Loading ProblemsInspect magazine, sand rough parts, polish feed ramp.

Problems & Solutions for the Taurus Curve

1. Ejection Issues

Oh boy, did I run into an issue here! When I took the Taurus Curve out to the field, I immediately noticed something was off. As the early adapters pointed out, the gun wouldn’t eject spent shells properly, making it a real hassle to shoot the second round smoothly. 

Some of me thought it was due to the size of the gun. You know, the smaller size requires a tighter grip, and you’ve got to keep your arm steady while shooting. 

If not, the backward motion messes up the ejection process. It’s frustrating, but I put my heads together to figure it out.


After some trial and error, I realized what needed to be done. Hold tight, be steady, and don’t let the gun push backward too much. Sounds simple, right? But it made a world of difference. 

Also, switching up the bullets and trying different brands made the gun more cooperative. I worked with various combinations until I found what works best.

It’s about getting to know your gun and adapting to it; these adjustments proved the key to smooth operation. Trust us; these fixes take the Taurus Curve from a source of frustration to a more reliable piece of equipment.

2. Slide Issues

During my testing of the Taurus Curve, I noticed something quite peculiar with the slide mechanism. 

Some of me felt like I was stretching out a shock absorber when racking the slide of the gun. It’s a feeling that’s not common to all users, but it can be a bit unsettling when it happens. 

And if you’ve seen online reviews, you might think it’s a breeze, with reviewers easily pulling back the slide with just two fingers. But that wasn’t my universal experience. So I dug deep to find a fix.


Here’s where I rolled up my sleeves. I tried polishing the feed ramp, cleaning, lubing, checking the condition of the springs, and even disassembling the gun. Some of these steps worked, others not so much. 

But by keeping the gun well-maintained and properly lubricated, I could see an improvement in slide function. If parts were worn or damaged, replacing them made a difference. 

And, if all else failed, contacting Taurus was an option, although a time-consuming one. So if you’re facing these slide issues, know that with patience and proper care, you can get your Taurus Curve working smoothly again. I did, and I believe you can too.

3. Accuracy Problems

While in the field with the Taurus Curve, some of me noticed accuracy problems. 

Yes, despite being known as a reliable model, I was seeing shots that weren’t quite hitting the mark. It was baffling. 

Was it something mechanical? Or was I just having an off day? Accuracy is key for any firearm, and this inconsistency had me scratching my heads.


I took a systematic approach to solving this. First, I examined ourselves – were my grip, stance, or trigger pull to blame? After some practice and adjustments, I realized these were fine. 

Finally, I looked inside the gun. That’s when I found it: a combination of mechanical issues. Proper cleaning, alignment checks, and replacing any malfunctioning parts did the trick. 

Regular maintenance was my answer. Once I took these steps, the Taurus Curve’s accuracy improved. So, dear readers, if you find yourself in my shoes, know that with some detective work and TLC, you can get back on target!

4. Loading Problems

During my time testing the Taurus Curve, I stumbled upon a rather frustrating problem related to ammo loading. Imagine my surprise when, with one round in the chamber and six in the magazine, I couldn’t even drop the magazine! 

It was an unexpected obstacle and one that needed careful examination. 

I began to suspect the magazine itself, but further analysis led me to realize that the ammunition brand and even the rough metal parts in the loading mechanism might be involved.


The first step in my journey to fixing this issue was a thorough inspection. I checked the lips of the magazine and looked for irregularities. 

Smoothing them out helped. I then inspected and sanded the part where the slide meets the round, ensuring zero roughness. 

Polishing the feed ramp was the real winner here; that solved the problem for us. I also considered replacing the magazine and trying different bullet brands. 

It was a process, but my persistence paid off, and the loading issues were resolved. So, if you ever encounter this problem, now you know the way forward!


The Taurus Curve is a unique and innovative firearm designed for concealed carry. It carries the promise of enhanced concealment and easy portability owing to its distinctive curved design.

 However, during my thorough testing, I encountered some challenges in the areas of ejection, slide mechanism, accuracy, and loading. Despite these issues, with a bit of patience and the right techniques, I found solutions that brought the firearm back to its optimal performance. 

Overall, the Taurus Curve may require a bit of getting used to, but its distinctive features can be appreciated once understood. It’s a piece of equipment that demands understanding and care but can serve its purpose admirably.


Is the Taurus Curve any good? 

Yes, the Taurus Curve fits excellently into the concealed carry matrix, offering size and concealability advantages.

What is a Taurus Curve? 

The Taurus Curve is a uniquely designed firearm with a curved structure, made explicitly for concealed carry.

Does the Taurus Curve have safety? 

Yes, the Taurus Curve does have a magazine safety, and additional features like the belt clip help to stabilize it.

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