6 Most Common Springfield XDE Problems And How To Fix Them

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I’ve spent much time in the field, testing the Springfield XDE. It’s true, I’ve had some fun, but I’ve also hit some rough patches. 

While putting this firearm through its paces, I’ve bumped into a few common Springfield XDE Problems that just might give a gun enthusiast pause.

I found myself grappling with extractor problems, feeding issues, and, let’s not forget, those pesky magazine complications. Safety? Oh, I’ve had some concerns there too. And don’t even get me started on the slide and trigger issues.

I’ll dive head-first into these problems. I’ll lay them out, dissect them, and, most importantly, present effective solutions. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Extractor ProblemsIdentify worn-out parts and replace, clean thoroughly, adjust ammo, and ensure regular maintenance.
Failure to FeedInspect and replace damaged magazines, clean chamber, swap weak springs for stronger ones.
Problems with the MagazineModify 9-round mag, adjust sleeve, and avoid forcing mags in during reloads.
Safety ProblemTry repositioning your thumb for safety disengagement, follow manufacturer’s guidelines, and consult a professional if needed.
Issues with the SlideEnsure correct slide stop placement, adjust magazine spring tension, consult a professional if unsure.
Trigger IssuesImprove grip strength to manage the trigger’s forward position and sharp curve.

Top 6 Springfield XDE Problems & Solutions

1. Extractor Problems 

Well, folks, let’s talk about the extractor. It’s crucial in tossing out spent cartridges, yet it gave me a tough time on my Springfield XDE. 

I wondered if I were dealing with softer metals in manufacturing. 

A worn-out extractor? Then there was that darn ammo compatibility to worry about. 

Add to that the issue of a weak extractor spring and the battle with improper maintenance. What a pain.


Solving this, I knew I had to go back to basics. It was all about identifying the culprits. That meant eyeballing the spring and extractor like Sherlock Holmes.

Out went the worn-out parts, replaced with shiny new ones. And don’t forget the cleanup! I were scrubbing and oiling that XDE like it was a treasured antique.

As for the ammo, I tried waxing the casings and even adjusted the rounds. Voila! The extraction force was back on track. And cleaning and lubricating the interior chamber? 

That did wonders too. It was like a spa day for my Springfield XDE! I’ve tested it and know this will work for you too. After all, I’m all in this together.

2. Failure to Feed

So, I was out there in the field, right? i’ve got my Springfield XDE primed and ready, but then – oh no! It’s like the thing’s on a diet, refusing to feed the ammunition.

This isn’t just annoying; it’s worrying when you think about safety. And what’s causing it? It could be a bunch of things.

I noticed my magazine looking a little worse for wear. Dents, cracks, the works. It’s not a pretty sight, and it sure doesn’t help with feeding ammo into the chamber. 

Then there’s the dirty chamber. It’s like wading through a swamp full of debris. And don’t even mention the weak magazine spring or the lack of recoil spring tension. Not enough force and no consistent feeding. Simple as that.


So, how’d I fix it? First up, I gave the magazine a good once-over. Found a problem? Swap it out. Simple. Then came the deep clean. No more muddy chambers or components. 

Next up was dealing with those weak springs. Swapping them out for stronger ones was a game changer. But remember, folks, you’ve got to know your stuff before changing parts. 

Do your research, and ask a pro if you’re unsure. I can tell you with these fixes, my Springfield XDE is back in business. Feeding issues? What feeding issues?

3. Problems with the Magazine

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room – that darn 9-round magazine. Now, I love the Springfield XDE, but when your mag doesn’t lock back after the last round, the frustration kicks in.  

But that’s not all. The sleeve? It would scoot up, making it a pain to latch the mag in during reloads. And did I mention the odd twist I had to do with my hand to drop the sleeve? 


How’d I fix it? Well, the 9-round mag needed a little modification. Out came the sanding block, and off came some of the filler piece material. It’s amazing what a little trimming can do.

Next, I checked the sleeve. Pushing it down, taking it off – I tried it all. And here’s a pro tip: don’t try to force the mags in. Take it slow and steady. With these adjustments, Springfield XDE’s magazine issues are a thing of the past.

4. Safety Problem

Safety that’s one thing I never compromise on, especially when it comes to firearms. However, with the Springfield XDE, I had a couple of issues. 

Firstly, the safety lever on the right side of the gun didn’t protrude as much as the one on the left. 

This made it harder for left-handed users to de-cock without changing their grip. Another issue I faced was with the hammer; it remained cocked after the final round. Manually de-cocking the hammer each time was a bit unsettling.


So, what did I do? My solution was a bit unconventional. I found that I could flick off the safety by positioning my thumb knuckle just right. It took a bit of trial and error, but it worked for us. 

I do recommend that before you try this, test it out to see if it works for your hand. Remember, safety should always be a priority. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and if in doubt, consult a professional.

5. Issues with the Slide

In the world of firearms, slide issues can throw off your entire shooting experience. The Springfield XDE does a fine job in most aspects, but I found that the mag slide stop catch wasn’t sized adequately. 

This minor oversight caused the mag to pop up past the slide consistently, eventually causing the stop to fail. 

Then there was the issue with the magazine not ejecting properly if the slide was closed and the hammer decocked. Even if I managed to engage the magazine with some effort, it just wouldn’t eject!


Here’s what I did to fix the issue. I noticed that when the magazine was installed, the slide stop should be on a cutout at the front right corner of the magazine. I experimented and lifted the slide stop after inserting the magazine just to see where it sat.

Apparently, the follower wasn’t getting enough upward pressure from the spring. So, I removed the base plate, gently pulled the spring to expand it, and then put it all back together. Voila! The slide stop was back in business. 

It’s a bit of a fiddly solution but it works wonders. Always remember, if you’re not comfortable doing this, it’s best to consult a professional.

6. Trigger Issues

Oh, the trigger! So far forward and with such a sharp curve, it felt like your finger was constantly on its leading edge. 

Not only was it uncomfortable, but it was also affecting accuracy. It was evident that a change was needed.


I found a surprisingly simple solution to this issue: a firmer grip. This may seem a bit obvious, but the change in accuracy was noticeable. With a tighter grasp, the trigger’s forward position and sharp curve became less of a nuisance, allowing for much better shooting accuracy. Just like that, the problem was solved!


Alright, wrapping things up, the Springfield XDE is undeniably a firearm with potential. Yes, I faced challenges – the slide, the extractor, the trigger, and that pesky magazine! But then again, what firearm doesn’t have its own share of headaches?

Each snag I hit, I tackled head-on, finding solutions that were often simpler than I’d initially feared. 

Whether it was a firmer grip to deal with the trigger’s sharp curve, a thorough cleanup for the extractor, or a little sanding to fix the magazine, each fix has led to a more satisfying experience with this firearm.

In essence, the Springfield XDE is not without its flaws. But with a bit of patience and some handy troubleshooting, it stands its ground as a dependable choice for gun enthusiasts. I’ve been on this journey, dissecting the issues and finding the fixes. 


Is the XDE a good carry gun?

Indeed, the XDE is a commendable carry gun with a small decocker and safety features that prevent accidental disengagement.

Are Springfield pistols reliable?

Absolutely, Springfield pistols have proven to be reliable, showcasing great performance and accuracy even after extensive use.

Where is the Springfield XDE made?

The Springfield XDE is manufactured in Karlovac, Croatia.

What is the difference between XDE and XD-S?

The XD-S is smaller and more concealable than the XD-E, but it’s a bit tougher to control, especially during long training sessions. Additionally, the XD-S has a 7+1 capacity compared to the XD-E’s 8+1.

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