4 Most Common Springfield Emissary Problems And How To Fix Them

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I’ve been playing around with the Springfield Emissary problems. A fantastic firearm, no doubt, but nothing’s perfect, right? During my hands-on time, I stumbled upon a few common problems. 

Well, wouldn’t you know it? From the failure to feed, the slide lock issue, and the slightly discomforting square trigger to the slide and frame fit issue,I’ve encountered them all. Yep, all of them! 

I aim to break down these issues one by one, provide you with clear, straightforward explanations, and, most importantly, help you troubleshoot them effectively. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Failure To FeedYank the extractor halfway out and apply pressure away from you. If not effective, consider replacing the extractor with a Wilson extractor.
Slide Lock issueRemove the slide, take out the barrel, and drop a round into the chamber to check if it falls freely. If not, consult Springfield Armory for barrel and chamber examination.
Square triggerGet a holster specifically made for this firearm.
Slide and Frame Fit ProblemClean and oil the gun thoroughly to improve the fit between the slide and the frame.

Top 4 Springfield Emissary Problems & Solutions

1. Failure To Feed 

So here’s what happened. As I’m testing the firearm, sending round after round down range, the ejector keeps snagging the brass. It’s like it’s got a mind of its own, stubbornly holding on when it should be letting go. 

I first chalked it up to the feed ramp, not being up to scratch. But, the more I kept at it, mag by mag, I realized the true culprit – the pesky ejector.

Talk about an unexpected twist, huh?


Now, you’re probably wondering, how did I sort this mess? Well, I decided to tackle the issue head-on. I yanked the extractor halfway out and applied pressure away from me. It helped loosen up the extractor. 

But if you’re still not satisfied, there’s another fix I tried. I chucked a Wilson extractor in there. Just like that, everything worked fine. 

It’s as simple as that. No need for any fancy tricks or expensive replacements. Just a simple tweak, and your Springfield Emissary is good to go!

2. Slide Lock issue

Right then, onto the next one – the slide lock issue. Here’s the scoop. When I’m trying to get a fresh mag from a locked slide, releasing the slide lock isn’t as smooth as it should be.

The bullet jams into the feed ramp or only partially makes its way into the chamber, leaving half of the round in full view. 


But don’t worry; I’ve got a quick fix for that! Here’s what I did. I removed the slide, took out the barrel, and dropped a round (or a snap cap) into the chamber. 

Did it fall freely? If not, and you’re still getting the same failure from slide lock release, you might just need to get Springfield Armory to check out the barrel and chamber. Also, a deep dive into feed ramp angles might be in order. 

Trust Me, this works! I’ve been through it and are confident it’ll sort you out too.

3. Square trigger

Alright, let’s tackle this next concern, the square trigger. Yeah, you heard it right. As I’m holstering the firearm, I’m hitting a wall. The square trigger, though unique, isn’t exactly making friends with my holsters. 


. All you gotta do is get a holster specifically made for this firearm. Yeah, it’s that easy. The right holster can make a world of difference. 

It eliminates the issue and ensures your firearm fits snugly and securely. 

4. Slide and Frame Fit Problem

Let’s move on to my final hurdle, the slide and frame fit problem. I know it’s a bit of a mouthful. The issue? Well, the slide and frame aren’t exactly getting along. 

I’’ve got a stubborn slide that’s ridiculously difficult to rack. Not the seamless operation I were hoping for.


Okay, so you’re probably scratching your head, wondering how I got around this one. But hold onto your hats because the answer is pretty simple. Cleaning and oiling the gun. Yeah, you read that right. 

A thorough scrub not only improved the fit between the slide and the frame but also made racking the slide a whole lot easier. 


The Springfield Emissary. It’s a pretty solid firearm, to say the least. But it’s not without its share of issues. 

I’ve all faced them. The failure to feed, the slide lock problem, the square trigger dilemma, and the slide and frame fit concern. 

But hey, aren’t challenges what make life interesting? What’s important is that i’ve found solutions and worked them out. Simple, effective fixes that make all the difference. 

So, while the Emissary has its shortcomings, none are insurmountable. With a dash of patience and a few tweaks here and there, you’ve got a trusty sidekick that won’t let you down. 


Where is the Springfield Emissary made?

The Springfield Emissary is made in Geneseo, Illinois, USA.

How much does a Springfield 1911 Emissary cost?

The Springfield 1911 Emissary costs around $1,179.99.

What sights are on the Springfield Emissary?

The Springfield Emissary comes with a tritium & luminescent front sight paired with a Tactical Rack U-Dot™ rear sight.

Is the Springfield Emissary reliable?

Yes, the Springfield Emissary is reliable, offering custom style and reliable performance in a defensive pistol.

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