SIG P320 X Carry Problems You Should Know

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My time with SIG P320 X Carry was more enlightening than I had expected. I didn’t take long to notice a few issues that persisted throughout my testing period. 

Through this article, I aim to dive into these common SIG P320 X Carry Problems that I, and perhaps many others, have faced with the SIG P320 X Carry. 

RecoilImprove grip, use lower velocity ammo, replace recoil spring and guide rod, strengthen grip.
GripAdjust grip technique, change grip size, apply grip tape, use grip-enhancing products.
EjectionUse high-quality ammo, clean and inspect ejector and extractor, adjust recoil spring tension.
Slide StruckReplace worn recoil spring, inspect and replace damaged extractor, clean and lubricate firearm.
TriggerClean and lubricate trigger group, replace any worn parts, consult a gunsmith if issues persist.
StovepipingImprove grip to prevent limpwristing, clean and inspect the extractor, maintain regular firearm cleaning.

Top 6 SIG P320 X Carry Issues & Their Solutions

1. Recoil Problem

During my time with the SIG P320 X Carry, the recoil was one of the first things that stood out. It felt more pronounced than expected, making the shooting experience challenging. 

This wasn’t just about the discomfort; it affected my accuracy and overall control of the firearm. I noticed that the way I gripped the gun and the type of ammunition I used played significant roles in this issue.

Furthermore, a quick inspection revealed that the recoil spring and guide rod’s condition could also be contributing factors. It was clear that several elements were at play, impacting the gun’s handling and performance.


To tackle the recoil problem, I started with the basics: improving my grip. By adjusting my hold, ensuring it was both firm and correct, I immediately noticed a reduction in recoil.

I also switched to ammunition with lower velocity and weight, which further eased the gun’s kickback. Realizing the importance of maintenance, I inspected the recoil spring and guide rod. Replacing these parts was straightforward and significantly improved the firearm’s recoil management. 

2. Issue with the Grip

The grip issue was another hurdle that caught my attention early on. Holding the P320 X Carry, I sometimes found my grip slipping or feeling unstable, especially during extended shooting sessions. 

This instability was not ideal, as it directly impacted my shooting precision and comfort. The problems seemed to stem from a combination of factors, including my gripping technique, the gun’s grip size relative to my hand, and the surface traction of the grip.

It was a multifaceted issue that required a nuanced approach to resolve.


The first step in addressing the grip issue was to revisit and refine my gripping technique, ensuring a balanced and firm hold without over-tightening. 

I experimented with different grip modules to find the perfect fit for my hand, which made a noticeable difference in control and comfort. To improve traction, I applied grip tape, which provided the additional stability needed to maintain a consistent grip throughout shooting. 

3. Problems with the Ejection

While using the SIG P320 X Carry, I encountered a frustrating ejection issue. The problem manifested as the firearm failing to properly eject spent casings, disrupting the shooting experience. I identified that this issue could arise from several factors. 

Using ammunition that was too weak resulted in insufficient slide velocity, preventing the full extraction and ejection of casings. 


To address the ejection issues, my first step was to switch to higher-quality ammunition that matched the firearm’s caliber and grain requirements, which significantly improved the ejection process. 

I also took the time to thoroughly clean the SIG P320 X Carry, paying special attention to the ejector and extractor. Upon inspection, I found signs of wear and immediately consulted a qualified gunsmith for replacement parts. 

In cases where the ejector and extractor were in good condition, adjusting the recoil spring’s tension provided an additional fix, ensuring the slide moved correctly for effective ejection. 

4. Slide Struck Issue

Another challenge I faced with the SIG P320 X Carry was the slide getting stuck in the open position. This issue, known as “Slide Struck,” prevented the firearm from cycling the next round, effectively stopping me in my tracks. 

The malfunction could be attributed to several causes, including a dirty or worn-out recoil spring, damage to the extractor, or insufficient lubrication. These problems not only hindered the firearm’s functionality but also posed a significant inconvenience during shooting sessions.


To tackle the slide-struck issue, I began by disassembling the firearm for a thorough inspection. The recoil spring was the first component I checked, looking for any signs of damage or unusual wear. 

Finding it to be in a less-than-ideal state, I replaced it with a new one. Next, I examined the extractor for damage and found it necessary to replace it as well. 

Regular cleaning and proper lubrication of the firearm became a part of my routine maintenance, preventing further occurrences of the slide getting stuck.

5. Trigger Issue

During my time with the SIG P320 X Carry, I noticed a significant trigger issue that impacted my shooting accuracy and experience. 

The trigger felt gritty and rough, making consistent pulls challenging. In some instances, the reset was unreliable, and there were moments when the trigger failed to fire altogether.

These problems seemed to stem from a lack of proper maintenance, with accumulated dirt and debris gumming up the trigger mechanism. 


To address the trigger issue, I embarked on a thorough cleaning process. After safely removing the slide and disassembling the trigger group, I used a quality cleaning solution and lubricant to meticulously clean each component of the trigger mechanism. 

Special attention was paid to areas with visible fouling. Once everything was clean and properly lubricated, I reassembled the trigger group and tested the trigger’s functionality. 

6. Stovepiping Issue

While testing the SIG P320 X Carry, I encountered a recurring issue with stovepiping, especially noticeable in a few magazines. 

Stovepiping, where a spent casing gets caught in the ejection port, significantly disrupted my shooting sessions. This malfunction was primarily attributed to limp wristing, which affects the firearm’s ability to cycle properly. 


To resolve the stovepiping issue, I first focused on improving my grip to prevent limpwristing. Ensuring a firm and stable grip on the firearm made a noticeable difference in reducing stovepipes. 

I also took the firearm apart to inspect and clean the extractor thoroughly. After removing accumulated dirt and debris from the extractor, its functionality improved, significantly reducing the occurrence of stovepiping.

Alternatives to the SIG P320 X Carry

1. Glock 19

The Glock 19 is a versatile, reliable compact handgun ideal for both concealed carry and duty use. Its exceptional durability and simplicity make it a favorite among shooters worldwide.

2. CZ P-10C

The CZ P-10C offers excellent ergonomics, a crisp trigger, and superior accuracy. This striker-fired pistol is designed for the modern shooter, providing a high level of performance and reliability.

3. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 2.0

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9 2.0 features an enhanced trigger, improved ergonomics, and a robust design, making it a strong competitor in the striker-fired market for both law enforcement and personal defense.

4. HK VP9

The HK VP9 is known for its excellent ergonomics, innovative trigger system, and superior build quality. It’s a top choice for shooters looking for a high-performance handgun with a focus on user comfort and shooting precision.

Final Verdict

After extensive testing and evaluation of the SIG P320 X Carry, I’ve concluded that while this firearm indeed has its challenges, it is undeniably reliable once these issues are addressed. 

Each problem I encountered, from recoil and grip issues to ejection, slide, trigger, and stovepiping issues, could be effectively resolved with specific, practical solutions. 

By focusing on proper maintenance, using the correct ammunition, and making necessary adjustments and replacements, the SIG P320 X Carry demonstrates excellent performance and reliability. 


Is the Sig P320 X carry safe?

Yes, the SIG P320 X Carry is safe when handled correctly and with the recommended fixes to known issues.

Is the Sig P320 X carry a good gun?

Yes, the Sig P320 X Carry is an excellent firearm, balancing duty and concealed carry needs effectively.

Is Sig P320 better than Glock?

Choosing between the Sig P320 and Glock depends on personal preference, as both have their advantages.

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