5 Most Common CZ P10C Problems And How To Fix Them

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As someone who’s tested the CZ P10C in the field, I can tell you firsthand about the experience. In the heat of the action, I began to notice a series of issues with this firearm. 

While with the CZ P10C, I encountered several common problems. These included feeding problems, issues with the firing pin, slide issues, striker rotation problems, ejection problems, and even trigger issues. 

These were not isolated incidents but recurring themes that needed addressing.

Overview of CZ P10C Problems and Their Solutions 

Feeding ProblemUse 15-rounders with +2 extended baseplate, consider CZ service
Firing Pin ProblemSend gun to CZ for troubleshooting and repair
Slide IssueThorough cleaning, proper lubrication, reassembly
Striker Rotation IssueUpdate to non-ambi mag release from newer models
Ejection ProblemInspect and replace extractor, use compatible ammo
Trigger IssueReplace the trigger for better ergonomics

Top 5 CZ P10C Problems & Solutions

1. Feeding Problem

I remember dealing with the feeding problem in the CZ P10C. When I was out in the field, the nose of the rounds often got stuck on the feed ramp. 

I quickly realized this wasn’t a one-off problem; it was particularly common when using magazines with 17 or more rounds. It seemed like a design flaw, and it certainly impacted the usability of the firearm.


To overcome this challenge, I started using the 15-rounders with a +2 extended baseplate, which proved effective for a short time.

But the problem persisted; I knew I could always send the gun to CZ, who’d figure out what was wrong with the feed ramp. The fix was not overly complicated, but it made a big difference in the field.

2. Problem with the Firing Pin

In my testing of the CZ P10C, I, too, came across the problem with the firing pins. It was quite a shock to pull the trigger and experience a failure to fire. 

Sometimes, the firing pins were in poor condition, or the firing pin safety would interfere, causing a frustrating experience. I realized this was an issue originating from the early manufacture of these guns and not a mere coincidence.


The solution to this vexing problem was straightforward. I sent the gun to CZ, where they took care of troubleshooting. 

Their expertise and prompt attention ensured the firing issue was resolved, giving me peace of mind in the field.

3. Slide Issue 

During my time testing the CZ P10C, I experienced a perplexing issue with the slide. The slide would lock back even with rounds still left in the magazine, a confusing and concerning phenomenon. 

Additionally, I faced an out-of-battery problem where the slide would not return to its original position after firing. I could feel that the recoil system was malfunctioning. Investigating further, I found that dirt in the gun and insufficient lubrication were the likely culprits. 

But I also noticed that improper reassembling of the gun after cleaning could lead to such issues. This wasn’t just my personal observation; others reported similar experiences.


To tackle this slide issue, I got down to cleaning the gun thoroughly. I also made sure it was well-oiled, preventing parts from becoming harsh. 

When these measures weren’t enough, I disassembled and reassembled the gun, placing all parts in their correct positions. 

These simple actions corrected the problem, again turning a malfunctioning firearm into a reliable tool. It’s amazing what a bit of care and attention to detail can do!

4. Striker Rotation Issue

While testing the early models of the CZ P10C, I ran into a rather unusual problem with the Ambi mag release. Operating was a struggle, far more difficult than any other guns I’d handled before. 

This wasn’t just a minor inconvenience; it hindered my field performance. The ambi mag release was simply not up to par with what I expected from such a firearm. 


Fortunately, the solution to this particular problem came directly from the factory. The newer models had been designed with a non-ambi mag release, effectively addressing the issue. 

The change was subtle, but it made a world of difference in the functionality of the firearm. It was a clear reminder that a slight modification can sometimes turn a bothersome issue into a non-problem. The update certainly got my nod of approval.

5. Ejection Problem

While I was in the field, testing the CZ P10C, I encountered a peculiar problem where the firearm began to stovepipe instead of properly ejecting the cartridge. It wasn’t just a single occurrence but a repeating issue. 

Upon examination, I found that a worn extractor or a worn cartridge case might be causing this malfunction. Further investigation led me to realize that inappropriate ammo, inadequate lubrication, or poor maintenance could also be contributing to this issue. 


To resolve this, I carefully inspected the extractor and replaced it when I found it was damaged. I also made sure to use only compatible ammo and even switched ammunition types frequently. 

Proper cleaning and lubrication before firing proved essential as well. Following these steps turned the frustrating stovepiping problem into a distant memory, making the firearm reliable and efficient once again. 

6. Trigger Issue

When I took the CZ P10C out for a testing run, I joined the chorus of users complaining about the trigger. 

This wasn’t a minor inconvenience; it became a significant concern after just a few rounds. My shooting finger started to feel sore, something I didn’t usually experience. On careful examination, I found the trigger shoe was the culprit. 

It felt awkward and rough, and my index finger kept contacting the trigger guard. It’s one of those problems that might not seem like a big deal at first but grows more pronounced the more you use the firearm.


The solution here was quite clear: the trigger needed to be changed. So that’s exactly what I did; the difference was like night and day. 

It was a relatively simple fix but made a substantial difference in the overall experience of using the P-10 C. Sometimes, even a minor adjustment can lead to a major improvement, which was one of those times.


In conclusion, the CZ P10C, while not without its share of problems, is a firearm that showcases both strengths and weaknesses. 

These problems, though recurring, come with practical solutions that can make a significant difference in the firearm’s performance.

While the CZ P10C may have its quirks, addressing these issues enhances its reliability and showcases the potential this firearm holds. 

With careful maintenance and attention to detail, users can mitigate these problems and enjoy a more consistent and enjoyable shooting experience. 

It’s clear that the CZ P10C, despite its imperfections, has the potential to be a dependable and effective tool in the hands of those willing to invest time and effort into its care.


Is the CZ P-10 C discontinued?

CZ P-10 C — Discontinued in 2018 by CZ-USA.

Is the CZ P-10 M reliable?

The CZ P-10 M is known for its reliability, with good shooting performance and wide ammunition compatibility.

Is CZ P-10 C worth it?

The CZ P-10 C offers a valuable choice, challenging the Glock 19 with quality and potential for concealed carry or duty use.

Which is better, CZ P-10 C or Glock 19?

The choice between CZ P-10 C and Glock 19 depends on preferences – Glock 19 offers optics compatibility, while CZ P-10 C excels in ergonomics and capacity options.

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