7 Most Common Sig P210 Problems And How To Fix Them

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Hello there! I’ve tested SIG P210, and throughout this process, I’ve encountered some common hiccups among P210 users. 

This article will highlight these issues – Failure To Feed, Slide Pin Issues, Loose Slide, Spring & Guide Rod Problems, Magazine Issues, Sights Problems, and Failure to Fire.

However, this article isn’t just a list of problems; I am here to offer solutions. I hope to transform these challenges into easily navigable situations, making your experience with the SIG P210 smooth and hassle-free. So, let’s dive in and tackle these issues head-on.

Overview of the SIG P210 Problems

Failure To FeedClean gun thoroughly and replace worn-out magazine springs
Issues with the Slide PinLine up holes correctly during assembly
Loose SlideCheck with a professional or tighten screws/replace parts
Spring & Guide Rod ProblemsContact SIG for replacements, try DPMS substitute
Magazine IssuesPolish underside of slide where round rubs during cycling
Sights ProblemUse bore sight tool for alignment, test, and adjust
Failure to FireClean the gun thoroughly and replace worn-out components

Top 7 SIG P210 Problems & Solutions

1. Failure To Feed 

So, I’m out in the field, running rounds through my SIG P210s, and what’s that? A failure to feed? Yeah, I ran into that too. 

It’s a common enough issue where those pesky cartridges just don’t make it into the chamber, throwing a wrench in the firing process. 

It’s like you’re all set, your finger’s on the trigger, anticipation buzzing, and then… nothing. That round didn’t make the journey it was supposed to, a sad state of affairs for any shooter. 

I noticed this problem could be due to a weak action spring, dirt or grime gumming up the works, or magazine springs that have seen better days.


Now, onto the fix! After encountering this problem,I got to some serious elbow grease action and cleaned it. 

Using the right solvents and lubricants, as the manufacturer recommends, is crucial here. I can’t stress this enough.

Then, if you stumble upon any stubborn obstructions during this cleaning process, removing them before you put your gun back together is essential.And don’t forget about those worn-out magazine springs. 

It’s worth investing in new ones from trustworthy sources to keep your SIG P210 running like a well-oiled machine. I’ve been there, and these fixes did the trick!

2. Issues with the Slide Pin

Let’s dive into another problem I encountered during my field tests – the slide pin. When you’re reassembling your P210, the slide pin just refuses to go all the way in. And yes, I’ve been there and know how it feels. 

Then there’s the slide lock spring, that little troublemaker. Even when you pull the slide back to the 5mm indentation mark, the Slide Release pin just won’t play nice and fit through all the holes. 


But hang on! I’ve got a solution. Start with the barrel. Slide it into place first and ensure all holes are lined up just right before you even think about the return spring. Patience is key here, friends.

Once you’ve got that in place, it’s time for the slide assembly to join the lower half of your gun. Check that the magazine is out and the hammer is fully cocked. With the pistol sideways, you can see if the slide release pinhole is aligned.

And then, the moment of truth! Push that slide release spring as far as it can go. When you pull the slide assembly back 5 mm and push the slide release spring in, you’ll hear that sweet click – music to my ears! Trust me; this fix works wonders.

3. Loose Slide

I’ll let you in on the loose slide, another challenge I had with the SIG P210. Oh boy, it’s as disturbing as it is distracting.

The causes can range from worn-out parts to not having put it together right. Whatever the reason, it’s a problem that needs fixing, pronto!


But fear not, for every problem, there’s a solution, and I found one for this too. Now, I’ not saying you should dive right into fixing it. No, sir, safety first! It’s best to have a pro give your firearm a once-over before you attempt any repairs.

That said, if you’re up for a bit of DIY, there are plenty of tools available online for the job. It might be as simple as tightening a few screws or, at times, replacing some parts.

Just remember to be patient, and your P210 will be back to hitting bullseyes in no time.

4. Spring & Guide Rod Problems

Now let’s talk about something that gave me a bit of a shock in the field – springs and 

guide rods that seem to have a mind of their own. 

The moment I tried to remove the guide rod and spring, off they went, zipping through the air. Startling, right?

And then there’s the issue of the recoil spring in the P210 Carry. Imagine my surprise when Ifound out this wasn’t just me – about a quarter of all owners have faced this hiccup! It’s kind of like ordering a brand-new gadget only to find out it doesn’t work as it should.


So, what’s the solution? I’ve got it figured out. The end of the rod, which is a screw with two flats, often goes missing, making disassembly a bit of a puzzle. 

Now, the good news here is that SIG is more than willing to send you new ones if you give them a call.

Regarding the recoil spring issue in the P210 Carry, I discovered that the DPMS substitute significantly outperforms the original. 

5. Magazine Issues

The top round of the magazine decides to take a solo flight upon release. I’ve found this to be particularly true for the top two rounds.

Yes, I’m talking about a loaded magazine here. It’s almost as if these rounds have a case of wanderlust! They just seem to want to get away from the rest of the pack. And honestly, it’s pretty bewildering, not to mention frustrating!


After a bit of tinkering and experimenting, I’ve found the trick. The secret lies in polishing the underside of the slide, especially where the round in the magazine rubs against it during cycling.

Just a bit of polish, and voila, your rounds will stay put! Always remember, folks, sometimes the most effective solutions are also the simplest!

6. Sights Problem

If the sights are misaligned, your shooting becomes inconsistent, and your target tends to play hide and seek with your bullets.

This can be especially frustrating if you’re shooting for accuracy or participating in a competition. It’s like trying to win a game of darts with a crooked dartboard. You aim right, and the shot goes left, aim left, and whoops, there it goes right!


So, how do you bring everything back into focus? It’s all about alignment. Think of it as adjusting your car mirrors. You need to get your sights and barrel singing the same tune. Using a bore sight tool, adjust the iron sights until they are in sync with the barrel.

Next, test out your adjustments. Take shots at different distances and see how your bullets land. 

Tweak as necessary until everything is hitting right where you want it to. If this seems too daunting, remember there’s no shame in asking a professional gunsmith for help. 

After all, the devil is in the details, and small adjustments like these can take your shooting from average to top-notch. So, give it a shot!

7. Failure to Fire

Imagine the frustration when you’re all set for some shooting practice, but when you pull the trigger, nothing happens. 

This “Failure to Fire” situation is a bit like trying to start a car with a dead battery. It’s one of those moments when you realize your trusty P210 isn’t quite as invincible as you thought.

This problem could come from various causes, and it’s like solving a puzzle to pinpoint the issue. 


Dealing with this is a mix of detective work and some TLC for your firearm. Firstly, you might want to roll up your sleeves and get cleaning. A firearm-specific brush can be your best friend, scrubbing away the stubborn dirt and grime that could be causing the issue.

If the problem is a spring that’s lost its springiness, it might be time for a trip to the online parts store or an authorized dealer. 

Replacing worn-out components like firing pins or magazine catch springs can bring your gun back to life.


Over the course of my testing and evaluation, I’ve developed a balanced understanding of the SIG P210. Like any piece of precision machinery, it’s not without its share of issues. From failure to feed and slide pin issues to magazine issues and failure to fire – I’ve run into them all.

However, I’ve also found that with every challenge comes a solution. Be it cleaning and maintenance, swapping out worn-out parts, or a bit of patience during assembly, there’s always a way to get the P210 back in shape.

Despite these issues, the SIG P210 stands as a highly accurate firearm with a rich history and a following of devoted enthusiasts. It’s a fine piece of engineering that, with a little care and understanding, can be a reliable and precision tool in any marksman’s arsenal.


Is the SIG P210 the most accurate?

Yes, the SIG P210 is considered the most accurate service pistol globally.

What is the most accurate Sig Sauer?

The SIG P210 holds the title as the most accurate Sig Sauer.

What is the range of Sig Sauer P210?

The SIG P210’s range extends up to 25 yards.

What replaced the SIG P210?

The SIG P210 was replaced by the SIG Sauer P220 in the Swiss Army.

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