4 Common Mossberg MC2SC Problems And How To Fix Them

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I will share my hands-on experience with the Mossberg MC2SC. I’ve been testing it extensively in various conditions, and let me tell you, it has a lot to offer. But, you know, no firearm is perfect.

Before you get discouraged, remember that every machine can have problems. What really matters is figuring out how to fix them, right? 

I’ll dive into some of the common Mossberg MC2SC Problems I’ve encountered with the Mossberg MC2SC, such as issues with the slide, feeding, not returning to battery, and trigger sear problems.

I want to help you understand these issues better and provide you with practical solutions. Stick around, and let’s get these glitches sorted out together.

Overview of Mossberg MC2SC Problems & their Solutions

Mossberg MC2SC Problems Solutions
Slide hanging upClean and lightly lubricate the slide and slide rails.
Feeding issuesReplace magazine spring, clean chamber, and consult a gunsmith.
Not returning to batteryThoroughly clean under the extractor and switch to quality ammo.
Inconsistent trigger searConsult a certified gunsmith for sear servicing.

Mossberg MC2SC Problems & Solutions

1. Slide Problem 

So, first up on my list is the slide issue. You know how crucial a smooth slide operation is for any semi-automatic, right? While running drills and practicing quick reloads, I noticed that the slide on the Mossberg MC2SC would sometimes hang up. 

It wasn’t a one-time thing; it happened enough to make me pay attention. Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s something you want to sort out to make your shooting experience smoother.


Here’s the good news: I managed to resolve this hiccup—err, I mean, issue. What worked for me was giving the slide and slide rails a good cleaning and then lightly lubricating them. 

Yep, sometimes the solution is as straightforward as proper maintenance. After doing this, I went back to the range, and voila! The slide was functioning as smoothly as you’d hoped. 

If you find that the issue persists even after a thorough cleaning, consider getting it looked at by a qualified gunsmith. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Feeding Issue

Okay, moving on, let’s talk about the feeding issue. Now, anyone who’s used semi-automatic firearms knows that a smooth feed is the backbone of reliable shooting. 

I did experience a few feeding hiccups with the Mossberg MC2SC. During my test rounds, it wasn’t uncommon for the rounds to jam while being fed into the chamber. 

This happened mostly when I was using older magazines, but still, it was something that I didn’t expect to see, especially given the gun’s reputation for reliability. It became pretty clear that something needed to be done.


So, I did a bit of detective work to figure out the root of the issue. Turns out, it wasn’t that complicated. My first step was to replace the magazine’s spring, which made a noticeable difference. 

Next, I had the extractor checked by a qualified gunsmith, and it did need replacement. Finally, a good old-fashioned cleaning around the chamber removed some gunk that was affecting the feed. 

I also made a conscious effort to grip the firearm more firmly, as a loose grip can contribute to feeding issues. After all these adjustments, the problem was pretty much history. I tested it out extensively, and the feeding issues were gone for good.

3. Not Returning To Battery

Alright, let’s tackle another issue: not returning to battery. This can be a major concern, especially in situations where you need your firearm to perform without a hitch. 

During my testing, I found that the slide wouldn’t fully return to its forward position on occasion after firing. This effectively means the gun’s not ready to fire another round until you manually correct it.

 Quite a headache, isn’t it? It’s the kind of problem that you don’t want to face, particularly when you need quick, successive shots.


Now, let’s get this sorted. The first thing I did was pull the pin from the slide to give it a good 

cleaning. It’s amazing how much gunk can accumulate under the extractor and around the extractor pin. 

This thorough cleaning helped quite a bit. Another thing I found useful was switching to quality ammunition; sometimes, cheap rounds can contribute to this issue. If you’re in a situation where you need a quick fix, a firm bump at the back of the slide can move it all the way forward. 

After taking these steps, I found that the issue was mostly resolved. The slide returned to battery much more consistently, making for a much-improved shooting experience. 

4. Problem with the Trigger Sear 

Last but not least, let’s talk about an issue with the trigger sear. Now, for those who may not be familiar, the trigger sear is what holds the hammer or striker back until you pull the trigger. 

During my time with the Mossberg MC2SC, I noticed that the trigger felt a bit inconsistent. 

Sometimes, it was smooth, but other times, there was a noticeable “hitch” before the shot was fired. It didn’t make for a reliable shooting experience, and I questioned the quality of this otherwise solid firearm.


The first thing I did was consult the manual. It didn’t have a solution for this specific issue, so I went to a certified gunsmith. 

After an inspection, they advised that the sear needed some attention. I had it professionally serviced, which involved cleaning, repositioning, and sometimes filing down some of its surfaces for a smoother operation. 

After this treatment, the trigger felt much more consistent. I did multiple test runs to ensure it wasn’t a fluke, and I can confidently say the issue is resolved.

Final Verdict

Alright, let’s bring it all together. Look, the Mossberg MC2SC is undoubtedly a sturdy piece of hardware, especially considering its relatively modest price tag. 

Issues like the slide hanging up or not returning to battery might be annoying, but they’re fixable. The trigger sear issue took more effort, but the outcome was worthwhile. 

When you weigh the pros and cons, the pros still outdo the cons, provided you’re willing to spend the maintenance time.

For those searching for a reliable, everyday-carry weapon that won’t break the bank, the Mossberg MC2SC is still a solid choice. 


Is the MC2sc accurate?

Absolutely, the MC2sc is a highly accurate micro-compact pistol, delivering both reliability and precision.

Is the Mossberg MC2sc good?

Yes, the Mossberg MC2sc is a strong performer in its class, making it a worthy option for everyday carry.

What is the difference between the MC2c and the MC2sc?

The MC2c has a longer barrel, handle, and holds two additional rounds in its flush magazine. It also features a cross-slot in its rail, which the MC2sc lacks.

Does the Mossberg MC2sc have a safety?

Yes, the MC2sc features an innovative cross-bolt safety, adding an extra layer of security to the firearm.

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