5 Most Common CZ P-01 Omega Problems And How To Fix Them

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As someone who has tested the CZ P-01 Omega in the field, let me tell you about my personal experience with this firearm. 

During my time with the CZ P-01 Omega, I faced certain CZ P-01 Omega Problems that needed a closer look.

The common problems I’ve come across while using the P-01 Omega were feeding and ejection issues problems with the decocker, trigger, and slide. 

In this article, I’ll discuss these problems in detail and provide some simple and practical solutions. 

Overview of CZ P-01 Problems & their Solutions

Feeding IssueReplace missing washer on sear pin, arrange magazines, polish feed ramp.
Ejection IssueReplace the recoil spring with a new one.
Problem with the DecockerInspect spring, contact CZ for replacement parts or swap with standard components.
Trigger IssueSwap the single-sided trigger bar with a two-sided one in the traditional system.
Problem with the SlideReplace the slide with one that fits the pistol accurately.

Top 5 CZ P-01 Problems & Solutions

1. Feeding Issue

While using the CZ P-01 Omega, I encountered an annoying feeding issue that bothered me more than once. It seems like a somewhat common occurrence. What was happening? The sear pin was leaving, causing shaving that could even burn or hit the arm. 

It seemed like this shaving was coming from the brass casings, and sometimes, I noticed a small area on the feed ramp where bullets would stick. 

This problem halted the slide from moving forward. It’s a real concern, affecting the performance, safety, and comfort while using the firearm. 


Addressing the feeding issue wasn’t an easy task, but with some attention and careful adjustments, I found the fix. I checked the sear pin region, which showed that a missing washer on the right side was causing the sear pins to walk out. 

I cleared the chamber, removed the magazine, and made sure to clean the pistol. It’s a simple process but essential. Arranging the magazines in the proper direction was another step that helped. 

Polishing the feed ramp to a mirror-like finish became the final touch, and guess what? No more feed failures! 

2. Ejection Issue

During my field tests with the CZ P-01 Omega, another issue that required my attention cropped up. This time, it was a failure to eject where the round would get stuck. This isn’t just a minor annoyance; it can be quite disruptive to the shooting experience. 

A stuck round means an interruption, and in a situation where reliability is key, that can be more than just inconvenient. 

Understanding the underlying cause was crucial. The problem seemed related to the recoil spring, but figuring out exactly what to do about it was the real challenge.


The solution to this problem was surprisingly straightforward once I delved into it. I realized that the recoil spring was the culprit and needed a change. 

The ejection issue was resolved entirely by replacing the existing recoil spring with a new one. The process was simple and didn’t require any specialized tools or knowledge. Sometimes, the answer to a complex problem can be as simple as identifying a single part and making a change. 

3. Problem with the Decocker

During my hands-on experience with the CZ P-01 Omega, I ran into a recurring issue related to both the ejector and the decocker. Pressing the ejector repeatedly while locking the slide would cause the decocker to fail, not moving as it should. 

The decocker would walk out of the frame every few rounds and push upward, hindering the trigger pull. The transition from working fine to sticking out would happen abruptly, creating an unpredictable and troubling scenario. 

It was an issue that not only puzzled me but also affected the overall usability of the firearm.


To solve this problem, I started by inspecting the spring in the ejector area. The design of the CZ P-01 Omega’s decocker relies on a specific downward pressure from this spring. If it’s bent or damaged, the problem manifests. 

The ultimate fix involved contacting CZ to either replace specific Omega parts or swap them with standard components. In some instances, totally switching the pistol with a non-Omega model might be advised. 

4. Trigger Issue

While using the CZ P-01 Omega, I encountered an uncomfortable and concerning issue: a nasty trigger slap during double-action firing. After just about five double-action shots, the problem became quite noticeable. 

This issue severely limited the number of rounds I could fire at the range, making it a significant hindrance to the overall experience. The recoils generated when pulling the trigger would pass back through, potentially causing harm to the fingertip or any part of the finger on the trigger.

It became clear that this wasn’t just an inconvenience but a genuine flaw in the firearm’s design.


I found that the solution to the trigger slap problem required a close examination of the trigger bar. The single-sided trigger bar in the CZ P-01 Omega was less suitable for a smooth pull, and I realized that swapping it out with a new one was necessary. 

Opting for a two-sided trigger bar in the traditional system made a substantial difference. By pulling the trigger in double action, I could see the bar pressed up against the inside of the frame, but now it began to move without causing the painful slap. 

The action became smoother, and the painful issue was no longer a concern. This fix improved the overall usability of the firearm and made the shooting experience more enjoyable.

5. Problem with the Slide

My time with the CZ P-01 Omega pistol was mostly positive, but I did encounter a problem with the slide. It’s relatively small and comes with serrations that don’t extend more than three-eighths of an inch, which turned out to be a significant drawback. 

Though aggressive in appearance, these serrations failed to provide sufficient traction, especially since getting the hand close enough to benefit from the traction was a challenge. 

The size and design of the slide were certainly obstacles, impacting both the functionality and aesthetics of the firearm.


In addressing the slide issue, I carefully examined the slide region of the CZ P-01 Omega. I noticed that corrosion could cause the serrations to fall short, but the real issue was the slide’s design, which prevented the serrations from extending properly. 

My solution involved replacing the slide with one that fits the pistol accurately. This required careful selection to ensure that the new slide would work with the CZ’s internal slide rails. After the replacement, the problem was resolved, and I found the pistol’s slide more accessible and user-friendly.


The CZ P-01 Omega pistol offers an intriguing blend of strengths and challenges. Through my thorough testing and hands-on experience, I’ve come across various issues ranging from feeding and ejection to slide problems. 

While these weaknesses are noteworthy and must not be overlooked, the solutions to these problems were mostly straightforward and did not require special expertise. 

What’s more, the firearm’s overall performance and the solutions to its issues have provided valuable insights into its mechanics and user-friendliness.

It’s worth noting that a proper understanding of these issues and their solutions can indeed make the CZ P-01 Omega a reliable and enjoyable firearm. 


Is CZ P01 Omega discontinued?

Yes, the CZ P-01 Ω Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready (Omega) was discontinued in 2022.

Is the CZ Omega trigger better?

Overall, the Omega trigger is considered good and serviceable, and the flatter shoe is preferred by many over the standard CZ P-01’s curved trigger shoe.

What is the overall length of a CZ P01 Omega?

The overall length of a CZ P01 Omega is 184 mm.

Is the CZ P 01 Omega CA compliant?

Yes, the CZ 75 P-01 9mm Luger is California compliant.

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