7 Most Common Beretta APX Problems And How To Fix Them

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With the Beretta APX in hand, I quickly found that things wasn’t quite lining up. 

From slide stop issues to frustrating aiming challenges, the sleek design concealed several problems. But it’s not all bad news; I’ve tackled the problems and found some answers.

The purpose here is straightforward: to help others who might stumble upon the same Beretta APX Problems with the Beretta APX. I’ve encountered a range of difficulties and sorted through them to provide practical solutions. 

I’m here to shed light on these problems and offer ways to make your experience smoother. Let’s dive in!

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Slide Stop ProblemEquip with the Oversized Slide Stop for the APX.
Repairing IssuePlan ahead, search diligently for parts, prepare for more expensive maintenance.
Problems with the ExtractorTighten the extractor or replace springs; contact Beretta support if needed.
Tendency for the Case to RuptureSend back to Beretta for repair; possibly need new version or aftermarket barrels.
Ejection IssueUse high-pressure ammo initially, then gradually switch to other rounds.
Firing Pin IssueStop using the gun, document the problem, contact Beretta for a new slide.
Accuracy IssuesAdjust aiming method, invest in a tactical light, or consider Beretta Fiber Optic Sight Kit.

Top 7 Beretta APX Problems & Solutions

1. Slide Stop Problem

During my field testing of the Beretta APX, the slide stop problem really caught my attention. my fingers fumbled and struggled to reach that shorter slide stop. 

It seemed off, a tad uncomfortable, making me question whether the design had been thoroughly thought through. 

It wasn’t just one of us; the problem surfaced among my team, regardless of hand size. The feeling was unanimous; something needed to be done about it.


Luckily, Beretta took notice and came up with a solution that I tested: the Oversized Slide Stop for the APX. 

Once I equipped my firearms with this handy accessory, the difference was night and day. The frustration vanished, replaced by a sense of ease and control. 

I could feel the improvement, and it’s something I wholeheartedly recommend if you’ve faced the same problem. Simple to install and effective, it’s a win-win solution!

2. Repairing Issue

During my extensive field use of the Beretta APX, the repairing issue reared its ugly head. Now, I all know that maintenance is part and parcel of gun ownership, but the Beretta APX seemed to make it harder than it should be. 

The hunt for spare parts felt like a never-ending game, with the pieces elusive and sometimes outrageously expensive. 

The scarcity was noticeable, and it wasn’t just the major parts; even finding accessories like holsters was a headache. 

The inconvenience was palpable, and the time spent searching was time I’d rather have spent shooting.


Unfortunately, as of my testing, there’s no silver bullet solution for this issue. It’s a reality that APX owners must grapple with. 

My best advice is to plan ahead, be diligent in your search for parts, and be prepared for a possibly more expensive and time-consuming maintenance journey. The situation might change in the future, but until then, patience and persistence are your best allies.

3. Problems with the Extractor

In my hands-on experience with the Beretta APX, I couldn’t ignore the extractor issues that surfaced. 

Whether it was a new gun or one that had seen some action, the problem persisted. At times, I found the magazine projectile-ejecting, and in other instances, I saw the extractor blowing off the pistol entirely. 

It was unsettling, to say the least, and something that could not be brushed aside. my trust in the firearm wavered as I grappled with these surprising and inconsistent malfunctions.


Fortunately, I found that the solution to this issue is often a simple and inexpensive one. Tightening the extractor or replacing the springs can fix the problem in most cases. 

I reached out to Beretta’s support, and they was more than willing to guide me through the process. The fix restored my confidence, and I was back to enjoying the firearm without the nagging worry of an unexpected mishap. 

It’s a fix I recommend, and it’s reassuring to know that Beretta stands behind their product in this way.

4. Tendency for the Case to Rupture

One of the more alarming issues I stumbled upon during my field testing of the Beretta APX was the tendency for the case to rupture. 

I initially thought it was due to poor quality ammunition, but it became evident that the chamber design on the APX contributed to the problem. 

When a rupture occurred, I was taken aback by the flying hot, sharp metal shrapnel. This wasn’t just an inconvenience but a safety hazard needing immediate attention.


In my experience, sending the gun back to Beretta seemed to be the most common fix. The company would return it “fixed,” though without a clear explanation. 

I speculated that a stronger recoil spring might be the solution, but the underlying issue likely lies in the chamber’s geometry. 

The best long-term solution is a new version of the gun or aftermarket barrels. Until then, I’d advise caution and close communication with Beretta’s support team to address this serious concern.

5. Ejection Issue

During my hands-on testing of the Beretta APX, I encountered an unsettling ejection problem that was almost universal among users. 

The bullet shells would often fly directly back at my faces, sometimes even going left, though the ejection hole was to the right. 

It was not just a minor annoyance but something that needed immediate attention. Even the sight of ejectors shorn off and blown out was alarming, underlining the dangerous nature of this problem.


I found that the issue seemed to stem from the stout spring and unique internal design of the Beretta APX. 

A consistent pattern emerged when I used high-pressure ammo; the issue ceased to exist. 

With several hundred rounds of this high-pressure ammo, the springs eventually broke in, improving the ejection process with other types of rounds as well. It’s an intricate solution but one that has proven effective in my experience. 

Always keep your eye protection on, and stay vigilant.

6. Firing Pin Issue

When I was testing the Beretta ATX, I noticed an unnerving problem that could potentially lead to a catastrophic failure. 

The firing pin seemed to become stuck in a forward position, protruding more than it should. I saw that this could cause an out-of-battery detonation, leading to the terrifying issue of case ruptures. 

In extreme scenarios, this could end in serious injury to the shooter. Needless to say, I stopped testing immediately.


The solution here wasn’t something I could fix in the field. I documented the problem with pictures and contacted Beretta right away. 

They was responsive and, ideally, would send a new slide, asking for the old one back for testing. It’s critical to halt gun use if this occurs and get professional assistance. It’s a straightforward response, but the problem itself reminds me of the importance of careful handling and observation.

7. Accuracy Issues

During my hands-on experience with the Beretta APX, I couldn’t help but notice the accuracy problems. It seemed like I was always off to the left of the center, even at a mere 15 feet. 

The group size was abnormally large, and the bullets was shooting lower. I soon realized that the Combat Sighting System used in the APX was the culprit, differing from traditional sighting systems.


I found two ways to tackle this problem. First, I had to adjust my aiming method by placing the white dot on the target. 

This helped a lot, but investing in aftermarket accessories like a tactical light can make a difference if that doesn’t feel right. 

I also considered the Beretta Fiber Optic Adjustable Sight Kit, which improved the accuracy quite a bit. The solutions was simple yet effective in enhancing my shooting experience.


The Beretta APX, though sleek in design and holding a certain allure for gun enthusiasts, is not without its challenges. 

From the initial frustrations with slide stop problems to more alarming issues such as case ruptures, my hands-on testing revealed a landscape filled with both hurdles and solutions. 

While not perfect, the APX represents a solid option for those looking to invest in a firearm that comes with a good blend of aesthetics, function, and a support system ready to assist when needed. 

It is a complex piece, with strengths and weaknesses both carefully considered and dealt with in my extensive field review.


Is Beretta APX reliable?

Yes, the Beretta APX A1 Full Size pistol is reliable, boasting good ergonomics, slide serrations, grip texture, accuracy, and more.

Which is better Beretta APX or Glock 19?

Both are excellent, but the Glock 19 is smaller and more compact, while the Beretta APX offers robust safety mechanisms and high capacity.

Who uses Beretta APX?

The Beretta APX A1 is used by law enforcement officers and praised for its reliability, durability, accuracy, and ease of operation.

How long will a Beretta APX last?

The Beretta APX will last over 20,000 rounds before the spring assembly needs replacement, according to extensive testing.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I purchased a Beretta AXP and almost right off the bat I had jamming/extraction problems. I saw in your post that you got around this problem by using a higher pressure load. I would like to know what grain/load did you use to fix this problem.

    Thank you.


    • I tackled that jamming issue with 124-grain +P ammo. It worked well for my Beretta APX. Give it a try, and it might just do the trick for you too!


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