7 Most Common Beretta 92X Problems And How To Fix Them

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I took the Beretta 92X out to the field to really put it through its paces. Testing a firearm in real-world conditions is no simple task, but it gave me firsthand experience with the weapon. 

My dedication and hands-on approach allowed me to uncover several common Beretta 92X Problems that might not be evident under normal circumstances.

I’ve encountered a range of problems, from accuracy to barrel issues, all of which I’ll discuss in this article. 

The insights I’ve gained will surely help you to be aware of these issues and understand how they can be resolved.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Accuracy ProblemsAdjust the dovetailed sights for improved accuracy.
Problems with Shell EjectionReplace the factory extractor spring with a Wilson Combat Extractor Spring.
Firing ProblemsReturn to Beretta for professional service.
Trigger ProblemsReplace the out-of-shape part in the trigger mechanism.
Hammer IssuesClean and lubricate properly; break in the new gun if necessary.
Problems with the Extractor PinStake the extractor pin to secure it.
Barrel ProblemsObtain a replacement barrel from Beretta.

Top 7 Beretta 92X Problems & Solutions

1. Accuracy Problems

When I first took the Beretta 92X out into the field, something felt off. It didn’t take me long to realize that the accuracy of the gun was not up to par, at least not straight out of the box. 

This was more than a minor inconvenience; it could be a critical problem, especially in a situation where precision is key. 

I considered the possibility thatmy aim was at fault, but the consistency of the problem across different team members led me to conclude that the gun was the issue.


My investigation led me to the dovetailed sights. Adjusting them left or right seemed like a potential fix, and sure enough, it helped to some extent. I kept in mind that the sights were set up for a combat hold, covering the target with the front sight. 

By understanding this setup and making careful adjustments, I were able to improve the accuracy of the Beretta 92X duringmy field tests. 

It was a valuable lesson in the importance of understanding your equipment and being ready to make necessary adjustments.

2. Problems with the Shell Ejection

My field testing of the Beretta 92X led me to another problem: shell ejection. 

This wasn’t just a one-time issue, but something that occurred repeatedly. Either the shells would stovepipe, or worse, get jammed entirely. 

These problems hinderedmy experience and slowed me down considerably. I knew something had to be done, and I began to investigate the magazine, ammo, and extractor spring as the potential culprits.


To tackle this, I initially tried different magazines, and also switched to Federal American Eagle 115 grain ammo. 

These changes helped a bit, but the problem still persisted at times. I then decided to replace the factory extractor spring with a Wilson Combat Extractor Spring. The improvement was immediate and significant. 

The ejection issues were largely resolved, makingmy experience with the firearm smoother and more satisfying. It just goes to show that sometimes a simple change can make a big difference!

3. Firing Problems

One of the more concerning issues I faced while testing the Beretta 92X was misfiring. The anticipation of a shot followed by nothing but a click was both frustrating and worrying. 

Examining the ammo, I found indentations that indicated the firing pin had struck the bullet, but seemingly without enough force to actually fire it. 

This problem persisted across four different brands of ammo, making me realize that the issue was clearly with the gun itself.


Knowing that this problem was beyondmy expertise to fix, I decided to send the gun back to Beretta. 

Their professional team addressed the issue and returned the firearm to me in perfect working order. 

While it’s disheartening to find such a significant issue in a product from a renowned manufacturer, I were satisfied with the resolution and the support I received.

4. Trigger Problems

Inmy thorough field testing of the Beretta 92X, I encountered an unexpected issue with the double action trigger pull. 

A slight amount of pressure on the trigger would pull the hammer just a bit before something would slip. 

This problem took me by surprise and gave me a moment of uncertainty. While it’s rare, it’s a tangible issue that needed addressing.


I decided to dive in and troubleshoot the issue Myself. 

By disassembling the gun and pulling the right grip, I were able to inspect how the trigger bar was functioning. After careful examination, I found the root cause: a part that was out of shape. 

Replacing the troublesome part with a new one, I fixed the issue. 

The experience was a great lesson in patience and attentiveness. It reaffirmedmy belief that understanding your equipment and being prepared to make adjustments is vital for responsible firearm usage.

5. Hammer Issues

I stumbled upon a peculiar issue with the Beretta 92X’s hammer duringmy testing. 

Specifically, when pulling the slide back slowly, the hammer wouldn’t reset. This was an unexpected hurdle inmy field tests. 

This kind of problem might not appear significant at first glance, but it can affect the overall performance and reliability of the gun.


Since this was a rare occurrence, I were initially puzzled. But soon, I realized that proper cleaning, lubrication, and if necessary, breaking in the new gun, might just be the solution. 

I cleaned the gun meticulously and applied the right lubrication, ensuring that the mechanisms would interact without obstructions. Formy new gun, I also ensured to break it in properly. 

These simple maintenance steps resolved the issue.my experience served as a reminder that regular maintenance and proper handling are key to enjoying a seamless experience with firearms.

6. Problems with the Extractor Pin

Duringmy in-depth review of the Beretta 92X, I noticed something rather concerning: the extraction pin slowly walking out with prolonged use. 

It might seem trivial, but if left unchecked, the pin could stick out and eventually fall out. In the field, this is more than an inconvenience; it could lead to serious issues, particularly if the firearm is being relied upon for safety or competitive shooting.


I decided to tackle this problem head-on by staking the extractor pin Myself. Though these pins are staked at the factory, it’s clear that quality control can sometimes miss a few. 

Using a small screwdriver, I carefully hit the edge of the hole in the slide, securing the pin. The solution required attention to detail but was achievable with patience. 

It reminded me that even small, seemingly minor issues requiremy vigilance and care to ensure the optimal performance of the firearm.

7. Barrel Problems

When I took the Beretta 92X for a thorough field test, one problem that stood out was related to the barrel. 

I discovered a crooked barrel in one instance, and in another, the barrel had no rifling at all. Both of these issues could seriously affect the firearm’s performance. Additionally, I noticed some instances where the muzzle was misaligned or where there were physical defects in the barrel construction. 

All of these issues were concerning as they might not only impact the gun’s performance but also its safety.


My first step was to contact Beretta directly about the problem. I found that the best solution was to obtain a replacement barrel, which resolved the problem efficiently. 

Though it’s an easy fix, it’s a reminder that every detail counts when it comes to firearms, and thorough inspection is key to ensure proper functionality. 

Even a seemingly minor issue with the barrel could lead to significant performance or safety concerns, and prompt action is essential.


The Beretta 92X is a remarkable firearm that embodies a blend of tradition and innovation. Inmy rigorous field testing, I did uncover a variety of issues ranging from accuracy and ejection problems to concerns with the barrel. 

However, each of these problems had practical solutions, many of which could be handled by the user. 

The Beretta’s strength lies in its robust design and enhanced features, and although there are weaknesses, none of them were insurmountable. 


Is Beretta 92X a good pistol?

Yes, it is a fine-looking pistol with great ergonomics, enhanced and improved for competitive pistol matches.

Is the Beretta 92X all steel?

Yes, it features a steel frame, a heavier Brigadier slide, and the new Extreme-S trigger mechanism.

Why the Beretta 92 is the best?

It offers a unique sense of poise and purpose that translates into effortless accuracy.

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