5 Most Common Beretta 92X Performance Problems And How To Fix

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I recently had the opportunity to test the Beretta 92X Performance firearm out in the field. 

Though mostly positive, my hands-on experience with this firearm revealed some shortcomings that I couldn’t ignore. The extractor pin not working, hammer and trigger issues, barrel problems, failure to eject or fire, and even accuracy problems were among the difficulties I encountered.

But don’t worry; in this article, I’ll break down each of these challenges and share the solutions I’ve found. It’s all part of ensuring this firearm works best for you.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Extractor Pin Not WorkingStake the extractor pin using a small chisel.
Hammer IssuesClean, lubricate, and break in properly if new.
Trigger IssuesDisassemble, check the trigger bar, and replace if needed.
Barrel ProblemsContact Beretta and replace the barrel if advised.
Failure To EjectReplace the factory extractor spring with a Wilson Combat spring.
Failure To FeedClean and lubricate the feed ramp or polish if necessary.
Accuracy ProblemsAdjust the dovetailed sights, understanding a combat hold setup.

Top 5 Beretta 92X Performance Problems & Solutions

1. Extractor Pin Not Working

Out in the field, I quickly noticed a concerning issue with the Beretta 92X Performance: the extractor pin started to walk out slowly with prolonged use. 

I could feel it sticking out, a distracting and worrisome sensation. Imagine being in a situation where you depend on this firearm, and then suddenly, the pin falls out! 

It’s not just a theoretical problem; this happened to us, and I realized that if the user does not keep pressing it down after it sticks out, it may end up falling out. It’s an oversight that seemed to vary from one gun to another.


To address this issue, I took matters into my hands by staking the extractor pin. While they are staked from the factory, not every gun receives the same amount of attention. 

So I grabbed a small chisel and hit the edge of the hole in the slide. The feel of the metal giving way and the pin settling into place was satisfying. 

This simple solution provided a tangible fix, ensuring that the pin stayed in place during my further tests. If you face this problem, don’t hesitate to stake the extractor pin; it’s a straightforward fix that significantly improves the firearm’s reliability.

2. Hammer Issues

When I was examining the Beretta 92X Performance, I stumbled upon a rather rare but notable issue. As I pulled the slide back slowly during my testing, the hammer wouldn’t reset. 

Instead, it required a trigger pull to release. It was an unexpected hitch in what was otherwise a smooth operation. 

This snag was peculiar, giving me the feeling that something wasn’t quite right in the gun’s inner workings. It disrupted my rhythm and left me puzzled for a moment.


The problem seemed complex at first, but the solution was much more straightforward than I expected. 

I started by properly cleaning and lubricating the gun. I could both hear and feel the feel of the freshly cleaned and lubricated mechanisms working seamlessly together. 

Additionally, I realized this could be an issue with a newer gun due to the lack of breaking it in properly. 

Our hands-on approach worked, and the hammer began to function as expected. If you face this issue, simply clean the gun and lube it; if it’s a new firearm, take the time to break it in properly. It’ll make all the difference!

3. Trigger Issues

While testing the Beretta 92X Performance, I faced an issue where the double action trigger pull seemed to fail in certain cases. 

As I delicately applied pressure to the trigger, it caught and pulled the hammer just slightly before something felt like it slipped. 

The sensation was unsettling and something I couldn’t ignore. I immediately knew this was a problem I had to address, as a trigger malfunction could lead to serious consequences in real-world situations.


I promptly began troubleshooting by disassembling the gun to pull the right grip and check how the trigger bar was functioning. 

The tactile feel of the mechanisms revealed what was wrong. Though rare, the double action notch on the hammer or the catch on the trigger bar can break; in my case, a part was out of shape. 

I gathered a replacement and replaced the troublesome part. The process was a bit challenging but ultimately successful. If you are in this situation, don’t hesitate to take the same steps. 

Hands-on work can restore your gun’s functionality and give you the confidence to rely on it again.

4. Barrel Problems

As I continued to test the Beretta 92X Performance, I encountered a somewhat baffling problem related to the barrel. 

Whether it was a crooked barrel, one without any rifling, or even a misaligned muzzle where the barrel protrudes from the slide, I found these issues both puzzling and concerning. 

Our firsthand experience revealed that this wasn’t just a cosmetic issue; the physical defects with the construction of the barrel had a tangible impact on the gun’s performance. 

I could see the misalignment and feel the irregularity as I handled the firearm, and it was clear this needed to be addressed.


Our first instinct was to contact Beretta about the problem, and that proved to be the right move. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, reaching out to the manufacturer should always be your initial step. In my case, I was guided to get a replacement barrel. Though it might seem daunting, replacing the barrel proved to be a straightforward solution that restored the gun to its optimal performance. 

By taking the time to identify the issue and pursuing the proper channels for replacement, I were able to enjoy a fully functional firearm once more.

5. Failure To Eject

While testing the Beretta 92X Performance, I encountered a concerning issue: the failure to eject bullet shells after shooting a round. 

It was an unexpected snag, as the shells would either stovepipe or become jammed. I was able to pinpoint the problem to three main areas: the magazine, the ammo, and the extractor spring. 

The feel of a jammed bullet shell in a high-performance firearm like this was disconcerting. This issue disrupted my shooting experience and could be a significant hindrance in a critical situation.


I began my approach by ruling out the magazine as the problem source. Firing the gun with a different magazine provided insight, but the issue persisted. 

Still, the replacement of the factory extractor spring with a Wilson Combat Extractor Spring made the difference. 

The sensation of the gun smoothly ejecting shells once more was a great relief. If you find yourself dealing with this problem, following these steps will guide you to a solution that restores the functionality and reliability of your firearm.

6. Failure To Feed

In my rigorous field testing of the Beretta 92X Performance, I came across a problem that caught my attention: the failure to fire due to issues with the feed ramp and chamber. 

It was unsettling to find that a dirty, rough, or improperly polished feed ramp led to the round getting caught or halted during feeding. 

The frustration and the tactile sensation of the round failing to feed smoothly were immediate concerns for us. It’s a problem that disrupts the flow of shooting and undermines the trust in the firearm’s reliability.


The solution I discovered required a diligent approach. 

Cleaning and lubricating the feed ramp and chamber regularly was the first step. I could feel the difference as the round fed more smoothly. 

However, in some cases, I found that polishing the feed ramp with a polishing compound was necessary. 

This step needed care and professional insight, as improper polishing can lead to other issues. Consulting the manufacturer or a professional gunsmith before attempting this was crucial. The satisfaction of resolving this issue and restoring the firearm’s performance was rewarding.

7. Accuracy Problems

Our extensive field tests with the Beretta 92X Performance revealed an issue that stood out: a noticeable inaccuracy straight out of the box. 

Initially, it was perplexing and a little disheartening, as a slight deviation in accuracy can translate to a significant miss at a distance. 

This problem seemed particularly pronounced in some of the firearms I tested, raising questions about consistency. The experience of missing the mark, even slightly, led me to consider that the issue might not just be related to the user’s aim.


Our investigation led me to realize that adjustments to the dovetailed sights could provide a solution. 

By shifting these sights to the left or right, I was able to rectify the low accuracy. Understanding that the sights are set up for a combat hold was critical; this meant covering the target with the front sight. 


Testing the Beretta 92X Performance in the field provided me with both thrills and challenges. 

Though presenting numerous issues, this gun showed me that solutions were within reach. 

On the other hand, inconsistencies in quality, such as extractor pin problems, hammer issues, and barrel alignment, were alarming. Yet, the hands-on approach to fixing these problems built my confidence in this firearm. 

Our testing revealed that, with proper attention to its peculiarities and effective fixes, the Beretta 92X Performance could indeed be a reliable firearm for both competition and defensive use.


Is the Beretta 92X a good gun? 

Yes, the Beretta 92X is a good gun with heavy all-steel construction that’s great for absorbing recoil, especially for competitive shooting.

What is the difference between 92X performance defensive and 92X performance? 

The difference is that the 92X Performance Defensive lacks an integral Picatinny rail, uses thin grips, and has a polymer guide rod instead of the steel guide rod found in the 92X Performance model.

What caliber is the Beretta 92X? 

The Beretta 92X is chambered in 9×19 (PARA) caliber.

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