5 Common CZ Reaper Magnum Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I recently got my hands on the CZ Reaper Magnum. It packs a punch and does many things right, but I also ran into some issues that I couldn’t ignore. That’s what real-life testing is all about, isn’t it?

Well, I faced a couple of CZ Reaper Magnum Problems first, there’s an ejection issue that’s hard to overlook. Then, we have the all-too-annoying jamming problem. Oh, and let’s not forget the occasional double firing and barrel issues. Plus, sometimes, It had firing issues.

I’m here to break down these issues one by one and give you some practical solutions. Let’s dive in!

Overview of CZ ReaperProblems & Solutions

Ejection IssueDeep-clean or replace the ejector.
Jamming ProblemUse high-quality ammo and keep the gun clean.
Double FiringReplace magazine spring, clean hop-up, use quality BBs.
Barrel IssueCheck for warping, clean thoroughly if not warped.
Firing IssueClean the firing pin channel or replace the pin.

Top 5 Problems & Solutions For CZ Reaper Magnum

1. Ejection Issue

While testing the CZ Reaper Magnum, I found that the shell casings sometimes just didn’t want to leave the chamber. Seriously, it’s like they got too cozy in there. 

This is a big deal because when the casing sticks around, it messes up the whole firing cycle. I had to stop, clear it out, and then resume. It’s more than annoying; it’s a significant reliability issue that can even be dangerous.


So, what did I do? The ejector was the culprit, all gummed up and grimy. A deep clean was the first step. Took out the ejector, wiped it down, and used gun cleaner to get all the gunk off. 

If your ejector looks worn, you might want to replace it altogether. After cleaning, mine worked like a charm—no more ejection issues. So, a lesson learned: Keep your ejector clean and keep an eye on its wear and tear.

2. Jamming Problem

Moving on to jamming another headache I encountered. Imagine pulling the trigger and nothing happens. 

You look and realize, yep, it’s a jam. This doesn’t just put a damper on your shooting; it could be a safety risk. The CZ Reaper Magnum isn’t immune to this, and trust me, jams often come at the worst possible moments.


Okay, so how do I fix it? First thing, let’s talk ammo. Low-quality ammo is a no-go; it’s often the root of the problem. Make sure you’re using high-grade cartridges that fit your gun’s specs. 

Next, cleanliness is key. A dirty gun is a jam-prone gun. Make it a habit to clean your firearm after each use, and don’t skimp on the lubrication. 

Since I took these steps, jamming has become a rare event. It’s simple but effective upkeep.

3. Double Firing Problem

Let’s talk about double firing, shall we? When I was out testing the CZ Reaper Magnum, it did something odd: it fired two BBs at once. Yeah, that messed up my aim and wasted ammo. This isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it’s a major accuracy issue. It makes you second-guess every shot. 

And in a situation where you need reliability, this simply won’t do. It could be the magazine spring, the hop-up unit, or even the quality of the BBs, but something’s got to give.


So, what’s the fix? I went through a little checklist. First, I checked the magazine spring. Replaced it with a stronger one, and that helped. 

Next, the hop-up unit needed some TLC. A quick clean and once-over, and it was back in action. And don’t even get me started on low-quality BBs; I switched to better ones. 

The result? The double firing stopped. So, in summary: strong magazine spring, clean hop-up unit, and quality BBs. Problem solved.

4. Barrel Issue

Now onto the barrel issue. During my time with the CZ Reaper Magnum, I noticed my shots weren’t as accurate as they should be. 

This got me looking at the barrel. A closer inspection revealed signs of warping and carbon fouling. Folks, barrels are like the steering wheels of firearms; if they’re off, everything’s off. Overheating and overuse can cause this, and it affects your aim big time.


The first step was to check for warping. I did, and sure enough, the barrel had some issues. If your barrel is warped, a trip to a gunsmith might be your best bet. Mine was okay, so I moved on to cleaning. 

I gave the barrel a thorough cleanse with a proper cleaning solution. Make sure to get all that carbon buildup out of there. And let me tell you, it made a world of difference. My shots were back on point. So, to sum it up, inspect, maybe replace, and clean that barrel.

5. Firing Issue

Let’s dive into the firing problems I encountered with the CZ Reaper Magnum. I’m firing away, and suddenly, nothing. A misfire. There’s nothing like the sinking feeling of pulling the trigger and hearing a faint click but no bang. 

It breaks your focus, and frankly, it’s irritating. Upon inspection, it became clear that the culprit was the firing pin. 

Either it was jammed with debris or just plain worn out. Misfires or failures to fire are no joke; they make an otherwise solid firearm unreliable.


So, how did I tackle this problem? First things first, I cleaned the firing pin channel. Got in there with a small brush and got all that debris and gunk out. Just like magic, that resolved some of the issues. 

But there were still occasional light strikes, which led me to suspect a worn firing pin. A quick replacement later, and I was back in action. 

So, in short, clean that firing pin channel and don’t hesitate to replace the firing pin if you’ve got to. It’ll make all the difference.


The CZ Reaper Magnum is a bit of a mixed bag, but don’t get me wrong, it has its merits. This firearm packs a punch and feels solid in your hands. However, it’s far from perfect, and my time testing it in the field made that abundantly clear. 

I faced ejection issues, jamming, double firing, barrel problems, and even firing glitches. Now, every gun has its downsides, but what sets a good gun apart is how manageable these problems are. 

And guess what? Most of the CZ Reaper Magnum’s issues are fixable with some basic maintenance and maybe a couple of replacements. 


What is the maximum capacity of the CZ Reaper Magnum?

The CZ Reaper Magnum has a maximum capacity of 4+1 shells.

What is the barrel length of the CZ Reaper Magnum?

The CZ Reaper Magnum has a barrel length of 28 inches.

Does the CZ Reaper Magnum come with interchangeable choke tubes?

Yes, the CZ Reaper Magnum comes with interchangeable choke tubes.

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