5 Common CZ Upland Ultralight Problems You Must Be Aware of

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Hey there, fellow enthusiasts! As someone who’s taken the CZ Upland Ultralight for a spin, I’ve encountered a series of common hurdles that might sound all too familiar. 

I’ve got the CZ Upland Ultralight Problems of shots not firing when expected, a problem with hitting targets accurately, an unexpected double firing glitch, managing recoil effectively, and ensuring consistent shot patterns. 

These are the challenges I’ll be delving into and resolving. Stay tuned as we navigate the problems and look for solutions for the CZ Upland Ultralight together.

Overview of CZ Upland Problems & their Solutions

Failure To FireClean and oil the gun, paying special attention to the chamber. Seek expert help if the issue persists.
Hitting IssueAdjust patterning and consider barrel alignment. Consult CZ experts if the problem persists.
Double Firing IssueLean into the gun, ensure smooth trigger pull and follow-through.
Recoil IssueReplace the factory butt plate with a slip-on recoil pad.
Problems with the PatternPattern the shotgun, analyze pellet counts and weight in target circles.

Top 5 CZ Upland Ultralight Problems & Solutions

1. Failure To Fire

You won’t believe the frustration when you’re all set to shoot, and the darn thing doesn’t fire! With the Upland Ultralight, I’ve encountered this hiccup where the second barrel refuses to go bang. 

The main troublemaker? Dirt. Yep, those tiny particles that can turn a good day into a bad one. But don’t sweat it; I’ve found that it works like a charm.


Take the gun apart, thoroughly clean it, and don’t be shy with the oil. Remember, no speck of dirt should be left untouched.

 Oh, and pay special attention to that chamber – it needs some love, too. Once you’ve done the cleanup, take it for a spin. 

If the issue is still tagging, it might be time to call in the experts or contact CZ for a hand.

Remember, it’s all about keeping things clean and lubed to ensure that Upland Ultralight fires up like a champ every time.

2. Hitting Issue

So, picture this – you’re out there, all geared up, aiming for that bullseye, and bam! Your shots seem to have a mind, missing the mark like they’re on vacation. 

Talk about frustrating! I’ve been in the same boat with the CZ Upland Ultralight, facing hitting issues that leave you scratching your head. You’re doing everything right, but those shots are playing hard to get.


Now, let’s talk solutions. The culprit might be twofold: patterning problems and barrel alignment. Your gun’s artistic side isn’t syncing up with your aim. 

The fix? Start by tackling the patterning issue head-on. You want your shots to group up like old friends at a reunion, not scatter like startled pigeons.

If the problem lingers after adjusting the pattern, it’s time to send the gun to the CZ experts. 

They’ve got the know-how to troubleshoot this riddle of a problem and get your Upland Ultralight back on target. Remember, it’s all about finding that sweet spot where your aim and the gun’s performance dance together in perfect harmony.

3. Double Firing Issue

Let’s talk about a head-scratcher that can really throw you off your game – the double firing issue with the Upland Ultralight. 

Now, imagine this: you’re all set, ready to take that shot, and boom – two shots when you were only expecting one. It’s like your gun’s decided to show off its wild side, and not in a good way. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of surprises with this one.

So, what’s the deal? Well, turns out the problem might not be entirely the gun’s fault. Sometimes it’s how you handle the weapon that’s causing the double trouble. 

If you’re not leaning into it and keeping it steady on your shoulder, it’s almost like the gun’s teasing you with that extra shot.


The fix? Give that gun some love and attention. Load it up, lean into it like you mean business, and see if that tames the beast. 

And hey, remember, a smooth trigger pull and a swift follow-through are your allies here. Don’t rush it; let that finger off the trigger like a pro. Trust me, these tweaks can make all the difference and put an end to those accidental double shots.

4. Recoil Issue

Now, let’s talk about something that can give your shoulder a bit of a workout – the recoil issue with the Upland Ultralight. 

This gun is tailor-made for upland shooting, where precision and speed matter most. But here’s the thing – that snappy recoil can catch you off guard.

I’ve had my fair share of moments where the recoil hit harder than expected. It’s like a firm handshake that lingers a bit too much. And let’s face it, nobody wants their shooting experience to feel like arm wrestling.

So, what’s the root of the issue? That soft rubber butt plate that comes with the CZ is a bit too eager to transfer that recoil energy. It’s like it’s saying, “Hey, feel this!”


Here’s the good news, though: the fix is simple. Swap out that factory butt plate for a slip-on recoil pad that’s designed to soak up a big chunk of that kickback. 

I’ve given this solution a shot; let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. That discomfort you feel? It’s like it’s been dialed down to a mere whisper. Your shoulder will thank you, and your shooting experience will be a whole lot smoother.

5. Problems with the Pattern

Let’s dive into a puzzle that can really mess with your aim – the pesky patterning problem that some Upland Ultralight users have faced. 

Now, imagine this scenario: you’re taking your shot at twenty yards, but the bottom barrel decides to send your shot low. And if you think that’s odd, wait till you hit forty yards – it’s like the bottom barrel’s got a one-way ticket to the ground floor. 

Meanwhile, the top barrel’s pattern is playing it safe, right in the middle.

I’ve been right there on the field, scratching my head over these shifting patterns. It’s like the barrels are having their little dance party, but it’s throwing off your aim. And the culprit? Regulation issues. 


So, here’s the solution that’s got your back: pattern your shotgun. It might sound like a chore, but it’s worth it. Set up your targets, shoot, and draw 30-inch circles around the densest parts of the patterns. 

Count the pellet holes, calculate the weight, and do the math. It might sound a bit technical, but trust me, once you’ve got those patterns in check, hitting your target will be a whole lot smoother.


Wrapping up the journey with the CZ Upland Ultralight, it’s clear that this firearm comes with its fair share of challenges. 

From misfires to pattern puzzles, it’s been a rollercoaster of experiences. However, as I’ve delved into these problems, I’ve also uncovered some effective solutions. 

It’s all about balancing technique, maintenance, and adjustments.


How much does a CZ Upland Ultralight All Terrain weight?

The CZ Upland Ultralight All Terrain weighs six pounds.

What is the length of pull on the CZ Upland Ultralight?

The length of pull on the CZ Upland Ultralight is 14.5 inches.

Are CZ shotguns any good?

CZ shotguns offer affordability and quality, with some quirks.

What is the lightest over and under shotgun?

The Beretta Ultraleggero is one of the lightest over-and-under shotguns, weighing 2.8 kg.

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