4 Taurus Tracker 627 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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In my thorough examination of the Taurus Tracker 627, I’ve discovered firsthand the nuances and challenges that come with this firearm. 

Among the Tracker 627 Problems I’ve found are difficulty lifting up the hammer, jamming issues, problems with shells, and cylinder issues. I’ve seen how these challenges can affect performance and safety, and so I’ve decided to address them head-on.

This article aims to provide an overview of these common problems and offer practical solutions.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Difficulty Cocking the HammerGentle handling and patience; avoid forcing the mechanism.
Jamming IssuesClean and lube, break-in with 100-150 rounds, try different ammo.
Cylinder IssuesSend to Taurus for professional fixing or request replacement through dealer.
Problem with Shells (Norma .357 bullets)Clean the bore, switch ammo brands, inspect cylinder smoothness, remove residue.

Top 4 Taurus Tracker 627 Problems & Solutions

1. Difficulty Cocking the Hammer

While testing the Taurus Tracker 627, I stumbled upon a consistent issue with the hammer. 

During the first few cylinders, everything seemed normal. But as I continued, sometimes the hammer wouldn’t allow me to cocked it in single action. 

I found ourselves opening and closing the cylinder repeatedly to get it working again. A few cylinders later, the same problem occurred, and it became a recurring theme that caught my attention.


After putting the firearm through various scenarios, I advise gently breaking it in. Forcing the trigger to rotate the cylinder when it’s not cooperating is a mistake I learned to avoid. 

Doing so only scars the ratchet on the rear of the cylinder. The key is patience and gentle handling, allowing the mechanism to work naturally without forcing it. 

It took some time, but this approach significantly impacted the gun’s reliability.

2. Jamming Issues

During my hands-on testing of the Taurus Tracker 627, I encountered a consistent jamming problem that was frustrating, to say the least. 

It seemed to happen more during the initial use of the gun. I would try to shoot in single action, and then the dreaded jam would occur, preventing me from cocking the hammer. 

Even though opening and closing the cylinder provided a temporary fix, it wasn’t a permanent solution. This wasn’t just a one-off; I found that the issue occurred in single and double actions.


After some experimentation, I figured out a few steps to mitigate this issue. I cleaned and lubricated the gun right out of the box, being careful not to lube the cylinder, and then shot 100 to 150 rounds to break it in. 

Trying different brands of ammunition also made a noticeable difference. In severe cases, I concluded that the gun might need to be sent to Taurus for professional fixing. 

Our experiences showed that understanding the nature of this issue and addressing it methodically can lead to a reliable firearm experience.

3. Cylinder Issues

In my field testing of the Taurus Tracker 627, I came across a group of problems related to the cylinder. These weren’t minor annoyances; these were significant manufacturing issues that impacted the firearm’s performance. 

From bent cylinder ejection rods to gritty cylinder spins, wobbly cylinders, and even an unusually narrow gap between the barrel and cylinder, I found these problems were more common than I’d have liked. 

I realized that most of the time, these issues originate at the factories.


Our first instinct might have been to try and fix these ourselves or hire a gunsmith, but I quickly learned that’s not the best course of action. The optimal solution is to send the gun back to Taurus for fixing.

Even though it might take longer and cost more, it’s the safest route. I also found that talking to the gun dealer for a replacement and letting them handle the warranty claim efficiently managed these problems. It’s a clear case where professional intervention is necessary.

4. Problem With Shells

My time with the Taurus Tracker 627 revealed another unexpected hiccup.

After firing a few rounds, I noticed that these bullets would get stuck in the cylinder. Even using the extractor rod didn’t seem to resolve the problem. 

I were puzzled at first, thinking it might be just the ammo brand. However, a closer inspection revealed that it could also be related to residue buildup and a rough cylinder interior.


My hands-on approach to solving this issue involved several strategies. First, I tried cleaning the bore and switching to other ammo brands like PMC, which seemed to alleviate the problem. 

But the most crucial part was disassembling the gun to inspect the cylinder’s smoothness and ensure no residue was left inside. 

I found that sometimes, new users forget to clean the packing grease inside the cylinder before shipping, leading to bullet shell binding. 

A thorough cleaning and inspection turned out to be the successful remedy for this frustrating issue.


The Taurus Tracker 627, while showing impressive build and features, indeed has its share of problems, ranging from difficulty in cocking the hammer to significant cylinder issues. 

Our extensive field testing and hands-on approach have allowed me to thoroughly understand the limitations of this firearm and provide real-world solutions for its various challenges. 

Despite its weaknesses, my systematic exploration and implementation of solutions make it clear that most issues are manageable and can be addressed with the proper care, patience, and professional support. 


What is the capacity of the Taurus 627 tracker? 

The capacity of the Taurus 627 Tracker is 7 rounds of .357 Magnum.

What frame is the Taurus 627? 

The frame of the Taurus 627 is a medium-sized, matte stainless steel.

What frame is a Taurus tracker? 

A Taurus tracker has a medium frame, matte stainless steel finish.

Is the Taurus 627 double action? 

Yes, the Taurus 627 is a double action revolver.

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  1. You got a lemon…or I got lucky. My trigger, both SA and DA, are perfect, and timing spot on. Accuracy noticeably better, even at only 10 yds(30 feet), than my 686 & SP101. Comfort and shootability, not even close. With its, porting and or weight distribution, my Tracker goes shooting, my Pretty Boys do just that…stay pretty:) Sorry you got hit with so many issues in one gun. I think you got a stinker.

    • It’s great to hear your Tracker is performing exceptionally well. Your experience really highlights how varied individual experiences can be with the same model. Glad yours is a winner and hope it continues to serve you well.


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