6 Taurus 905 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I had the opportunity to put the Taurus 905 to the test in a real-field scenario. Through rigorous testing and precise observation, I found ourselves confronted by many issues that many users commonly encounter. 

I encountered several common problems, including recoil issues, grip problems, jamming, hammer complications, difficulties with the Stellar Clips, and light primer strikes. 

I want to provide a clear, concise understanding of the common problems associated with the Taurus 905 and offer practical solutions. 

By sharing my knowledge, I hope to enhance your experience with this firearm, making it safer and more enjoyable to use.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Recoil IssuesAdjust the grip or add weights to the revolver to reduce recoil.
Grip IssuesReplace the uncomfortable grip with one made of rubber, aluminum, or wood.
Jamming ProblemsThorough cleaning or contacting the company if the problem persists.
Hammer ProblemsClean the hammer channel and replace worn parts if necessary.
Problems with Stellar ClipsCustomize the right-sized clips for the Taurus 905 to prevent loose clips.
Light Primer StrikesUse new springs or return to Taurus for repairs if the issue persists.

Top 6 Taurus 905 Problem & Solutions

1. Recoil Issues

During my field tests with the Taurus 905, the heavy recoil quickly caught my attention. I noticed that it’s particularly inconvenient for beginners, often making it harder for them to practice and aim accurately. 

In my experience, the recoil’s intensity seemed to affect the overall comfort and control, especially for those who were just getting started with shooting.


I experimented with ways to minimize the inconvenience caused by the recoil. Making the revolver heavier is one of the solutions I tried, though adding weights wasn’t always practical or desirable. 

So I focused on grip adjustments. A perfect and firm grip did wonders in distributing the recoil over the hand, significantly improving control. 

By modifying the grip and ensuring it correctly fit my hands, I found that accuracy improved and the discomfort lessened. Trust us, a firmer grip might just be your best bet with this one!

2. Grip Issues

The grip issue with the Taurus 905 was something I couldn’t overlook. During my field tests, I found the stiff rubber grips to be rather bothersome.

Unlike the supple rubber usually associated with the company’s grips, these were made of a rigid material that provided no relief from rebound. 

I all agreed that the grip just didn’t feel right, and it was evident that this was an area needing improvement.


Our hands-on approach led me to explore various solutions. Removing the uncomfortable grip became my priority. I tried swapping it out with different materials like rubber, aluminum, or wooden grips, and guess what? It worked wonders! 

Removing the pin and installing a new grip wasn’t difficult at all. 

By switching the grip to one that fit my hands better, I enhanced my comfort and improved my control over the firearm. It’s a simple fix that can make a significant difference!

3. Jamming Problems

In my hands-on experience with the Taurus 905, I encountered a rather concerning issue: the cylinder jamming. 

This problem emerged more than once and quickly became a significant concern for all of us. When the trigger failed to release the first time, I had to pull it hard a second time, only to find the cylinder jamming at least once per full cylinder. 

It was a frustrating experience that needed immediate attention.


To address the jamming issue, I started with a comprehensive cleaning of the gun, paying close attention to the interior and barrel.

After removing excess oil and using lubricant to thoroughly clean it, I tested it again, only to find that the cleaning had resolved the issue for the most part. However, I also noted that if the problem persisted, contacting the company would be the next step, even though sending it back for repairs could take a while. 

This trial-and-error approach led me to conclude that proper maintenance and cleaning can be a major step toward solving this problem, but manufacturer support may be needed if the issue continues.

4. Hammer Problems

Among the concerns that I faced with the Taurus 905 was the problem with the hammer. While testing the firearm, I noticed that the hammer was sticking and not functioning as it should. 

It seemed like a minor issue at first, but as I dived deeper, I found that it could cause a significant hindrance to the proper operation of the revolver.


Our exploration led me to discover a buildup of debris in the hammer channel. I carefully ensured that the gun was unloaded and removed the grips to get a good look at the hammer channel. 

A gentle cleaning with a soft-bristled brush and solvent did the trick. Furthermore, I examined the hammer, sear, and trigger components for wear or damage and were prepared to replace parts if necessary. 

I also realized that improper maintenance could weaken the hammer spring.

5. Problems with the Stellar Clips

As I continued to explore the Taurus 905, I discovered an issue that initially seemed minor but quickly revealed its potential danger: loose stellar clips. 

This problem seemed more common among those who purchased the revolver online. While the Taurus 905 is meant for backup and concealed carry, having a thin, unreliable clip is far from ideal. 

I could clearly see how this issue might lead to an unwanted mishap if left unaddressed.


In tackling this problem, I started by carefully examining the stellar clips to ensure their strength and reliability. 

I found that the key was customizing the right-sized clips for the Taurus 905. By doing this, I were able to eliminate the issue of loose clips entirely, thus enhancing the safety and usability of the revolver. 

In my experience, this simple adjustment made a world of difference, proving that sometimes, the most straightforward solutions can be the most effective.

6. Light Primer Strikes

During my field testing of the Taurus 905, I encountered an issue that immediately caught my attention: light primer strikes.

This problem occurs when the round isn’t struck properly, causing a miss while firing. It quickly became clear that this issue could make the revolver unreliable for defense purposes. 

I all understood that this was something needing to be addressed quickly, as it directly affected the functionality of the firearm.


To overcome this obstacle, I experimented with using 12lb Smith & Wesson Model 36 main springs. The process of resetting the spring turned out to be surprisingly simple, and the springs themselves were easy to find online. 

While this solution made the revolver slightly heavier, it completely resolved the problem. my testing confirmed that the firearm’s reliability was restored. I also noted that if the issue persisted, returning it to Taurus for repairs was an option. 

This experience reaffirmed my belief that understanding the mechanics of a firearm,


The Taurus 905, while proving to be an attractive option for many firearm enthusiasts, does not come without its challenges. Through my rigorous field testing and reviewing, I encountered a spectrum of issues, from grip problems to light primer strikes. 

What’s remarkable, however, is that each of these problems had a practical solution. Be it a simple adjustment of grip or a more complex replacement of parts, I found ways to overcome the weaknesses of this firearm.


Are Taurus revolvers reliable? 

They’ve had past issues but are improving and are more affordable.

Does the Taurus 905 require moon clips?

Yes, it includes 4-5 moon clips.

What is the difference between a Taurus 85 and a 905? 

The only difference is the slight width addition for the 905’s 9mm cylinder.

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