6 Taurus 608 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve spent extensive time in the field, testing the Taurus 608. My hands-on experience with this firearm has been quite an enlightening journey. From the get-go, it was evident that while there were certain appealing aspects to the Taurus 608, some problems were lurking beneath the surface.

The Taurus 608 problems ranged from accuracy concerns to failure to eject, cylinder locking issues, grip-related difficulties, problems with the ammo, and slide complications.

I aim to share my findings with you, laying out the problems I’ve faced and offering practical solutions. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Accuracy ProblemsAdjust the front and rear sights, maintain regularly, use quality ammunition.
Failure To EjectUse proper ammunition, replace faulty cylinder, clean and lubricate properly.
Cylinder Locking IssueFile the interior of the locking lug where it attaches to the pin.
Issues with the GripInstall aftermarket grips, adjust trigger pull, add rubberized coatings.
Problems with the AmmoCheck and align bullets, clean regularly, experiment with different brands.
Slide ProblemsClean components, use high-quality lubricant, replace worn-out or broken parts.

Top 6 Taurus 608 Problems & Solutions

1. Accuracy Problems

When testing the Taurus 608, one of the first issues I noticed was the accuracy. Bullets seemed to consistently hit the target lower than where I was aiming. 

After close examination, I realized that the problem was linked to adjusting the sights, which sometimes seemed to drift away. 

For a firearm designed to be reliable, this drift in accuracy was a disappointing and recurring problem.


The fix I found to be effective was making necessary adjustments to both the front and rear sights. By moving the rear sight in the direction the bullet drifts, I managed to get the point of impact precise. 

I also realized that regular maintenance and the usage of quality ammunition helped improve the gun’s accuracy. 

Additionally, consulting a qualified firearm technician if unsure about how to properly adjust the sights could be beneficial. 

By taking these measures, I was able to make significant improvements to the accuracy of the Taurus 608.

2. Failure To Eject

In my time testing the Taurus 608 Pistol, a glaring issue that came up was the failure to eject rounds from the chamber. 

This snag wasn’t just an inconvenience but potentially alarming and hazardous. I investigated the root cause and identified that improper ammunition or a faulty chamber might be behind this.


I began my resolution process by ensuring that the ammunition being used met the specifications listed in the gun’s manual. I also examined my cylinder for wear or damage, replacing them as needed.

 The next step was a thorough cleaning of both the gun and its chamber using proper gun cleaning supplies. I was careful with the choice of lubricants, following the recommendations in the gun’s manual.

The issue was resolved after reassembling and test-firing in a controlled environment with suitable ammunition. 

This hands-on approach allowed me to confidently address the failure to eject problem, enhancing the firearm’s overall performance.

3. Cylinder Locking Issue

During my field trials with the Taurus 608, I faced an issue where the hammer on the back of the slide would occasionally get stuck. 

This was more than an annoyance, as the cylinder would stop rotating, rendering the firearm inoperable for a brief moment. 

Though it was possible to manually turn it or press hard enough to free the hammer, the problem was persistent.


My investigation led me to the main problem: the Taurus 608’s cylinder lock timing. The locking lug would become locked up before the cylinder could turn, causing the jam. 

The solution was to fill the interior of the locking lug, specifically where it attaches to the pin. 

This adjustment required precision but effectively stopped the locking lug from engaging too early. After implementing this fix, the cylinder functioned normally, and the issue did not reoccur, greatly improving the firearm’s reliability in my hands.

4. Issues with the Grip

While evaluating the Taurus 608, one common issue I stumbled upon was the discomfort with the firearm’s grip. With its double-stack and textured polymer grips, the handle felt large and bulky. Maintaining a firm hold was challenging, especially during extended use. Even as experienced shooters, I found this aspect impacting my accuracy.


I explored several ways to enhance the grip’s comfort and functionality. One successful solution was installing aftermarket grips that provided a more comfortable fit. 

I was able to find grips designed to reduce recoil and improve traction. Additionally, I experimented with trigger kits to tailor the gun’s trigger pull speed, and I installed rubberized coatings on certain parts of the pistol. 

Adding accessories like rail covers also improved comfort without losing precision. These adjustments led to a more comfortable and controlled shooting experience, and my accuracy improved greatly.

5. Problems with the Ammo

During my field test with the Taurus 608, I faced a nagging issue with shooting .38 caliber ammunition. 

The problem showed up in the form of misfires and jams, leading to a frustrating experience. On careful inspection, I found that the bullet and powder misaligned within each round was the main culprit.

Residue build-up within the cylinder also seemed to affect accuracy and performance.


To overcome this problem, I embarked on a precise process of checking and aligning the bullets and powder in each round before loading them. 

Regular cleaning of the revolver using specific solvents helped remove the residue and enhanced the accuracy. 

I also paid attention to inspecting cartridges after the shooting and experimented with different brands of ammunition to find the one that cycled most reliably. 

By adhering to these simple yet effective steps, I managed to resolve the issues and enjoyed smooth shooting with the Taurus 608 chambered for .38 ammo.

6. Slide Problems

While testing the Taurus 608, I encountered a noticeable problem with the slide’s operation. Initially, I noticed that the slide was locking up and not cycling correctly. 

The gun seems sluggish and prone to jamming due to misfeeds. 

On closer inspection, I identified the underlying issues: the accumulation of dirt, grime, and carbon build-up, worn-out parts inside the frame, and possibly broken springs in the recoil assembly.

These problems made the weapon unreliable, affecting its smooth functionality.


To resolve these problems, I decided to go back to the basics. A thorough cleaning of all components removed the unwanted build-up, and I paid close attention to the lubrication using a high-quality lubricant designed explicitly for firearms.

 Moreover, I inspected for any worn-out or broken components that needed replacement. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for reassembling, I managed to restore the Taurus 608’s smooth slide operation. 

The process was not overly complex but required careful attention to detail, ensuring that the pistol was back in top form.


The Taurus 608, with its impressive 8-shot cylinder and rugged appearance, is a firearm that catches the eye. However, in my comprehensive testing, I came across several problems, ranging from issues with accuracy and grip comfort to more alarming concerns like failure to eject and cylinder locking. 

The good news is that each issue had a practical solution that was, for the most part, manageable by anyone with a basic understanding of firearms. Regular maintenance, adherence to specifications, and careful attention to detail were often the keys to resolving these problems. 

Despite the various challenges, the Taurus 608 still holds value, especially for those willing to invest time in fine-tuning its performance. 


Is Taurus a reliable revolver?

Though Taurus has faced quality control issues in the past, improvements seem to be evident, and it offers a more budget-friendly option compared to competitors like Ruger and Smith & Wesson, as of November 10, 2021.

Can Taurus 608 shoot 38 special?

Yes, the Taurus 608 can shoot both .357 Magnum and .38 Special +P ammo, with an 8-shot cylinder, as described on the Taurus USA website on July 25, 2023.

When did the Taurus 608 come out?

The Taurus 608 was launched in 1997 in response to the Smith & Wesson .357 Model 686.

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