Ruger SR-762 Problems You Must Know

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The Ruger SR-762, known for its robust design and versatility, promised to be a standout addition to my collection. 

But, as with any high-tech piece of equipment, real-world use can reveal a few surprises. 

Through numerous trips to the range and several hunting excursions, I’ve come to identify a couple of nagging issues that seem to pop up more often than not. T

I’ll dive deep into these common Ruger SR-762 Problems, sharing not just my own experiences but also the solutions that have worked for me and others in the shooting community. 

Accuracy IssueTighten all hardware, keep the bore clean, experiment with ammo weights.
Failure To FeedClean thoroughly before use, try different magazines (metal DPMS mag preferred), adjust gas block, use compatible ammo brands.

Ruger SR-762 Issues & Their Solutions

1. Accuracy Issue

In my time with the Ruger SR-762, I noticed that its accuracy wasn’t always hitting the mark, which was puzzling at first. 

The inconsistency in shot placement was a bit of a letdown, considering the rifle’s strong reputation. I scrutinized everything from my shooting stance to the ammunition, but the problem persisted. 

It became clear that the issue wasn’t with the basics of shooting but rather something more intrinsic to the firearm itself. 

The precision of the SR-762 seemed to fluctuate, making it hard to predict how well it would perform during any given session at the range.


After much trial and error, I found that the key to improving the Ruger SR-762’s accuracy lay in the meticulous maintenance and setup of the rifle. 

I started by double-checking all the screws and mounts that hold the action and scope in place. Ensuring everything was tight and secure made a noticeable difference. 

Additionally, I made it a point to keep the bore clean, free of any obstructions that could affect the bullet’s path.

Experimenting with different bullet weights also proved to be crucial. By switching between standard .308 loads of 165, 168, and 180 grains, I discovered the sweet spot in terms of the ammunition that worked best with my SR-762. 

This hands-on approach to troubleshooting helped me dial in the accuracy, making the rifle perform up to expectations on consistent basis.

2. Failure To Feed

With my new Ruger SR-762, I ran into a frustrating failure to feed issue right off the bat. 

No matter the approach, whether manually loading a round or firing, it just wouldn’t chamber the next round without jamming. 

More often than not, I couldn’t get more than a single shot off before encountering this problem. At times, the bolt would even stay halfway open, not loading a round into the chamber and seemingly hanging up on the magazines.

The allure of owning a .308 led me to take a chance on the SR-762, only to be met with this feeding issue.


Tackling the failure to feed problem required a multi-pronged approach. First, I ensured the rifle was thoroughly cleaned before use, removing any factory preservatives that could gum up the works. 

The issue seemed partially magazine-related, so switching to a different magazine, specifically a metal DPMS mag, made a significant difference. Adjusting the gas block to setting #3 also contributed to resolving the feeding issue, suggesting that proper gas flow was crucial. 

Initially, the rifle struggled to cycle correctly, but after alternating magazines and firing around 80 rounds, the cycling improved noticeably. It appeared the rifle needed a break-in period to function smoothly. 

Additionally, switching to a different brand of ammo that was compatible with the rifle’s specifications helped eliminate the problem. 

Through cleaning, adjusting the gas setting, and finding the right magazine and ammo combination, the SR-762 finally began to perform as expected.

This hands-on troubleshooting not only resolved the feeding issues but also enhanced my understanding and operation of the firearm.

Alternatives to Ruger SR-762

1. Smith & Wesson M&P10

The M&P10 is a versatile .308 Winchester semi-automatic rifle offering both power and precision. It’s known for its reliability and adaptability to various shooting disciplines, from hunting to tactical applications.

2. DPMS GII Series

The DPMS GII Series takes the AR-10 platform to new heights with its innovative design, reducing weight without compromising strength. Ideal for those seeking a modern, efficient .308 rifle that’s both durable and accurate.

3. Springfield Armory M1A

A timeless classic, the M1A is based on the legendary M14 rifle and offers unmatched craftsmanship and historical significance. It delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability, making it a favorite among enthusiasts and competitive shooters alike.

Final Verdict

Having put the Ruger SR-762 through its paces, I’ve encountered a mix of challenges and triumphs. Initially, accuracy issues and frequent failures to feed tested my patience, casting a shadow on the rifle’s reliability. 

However, through diligent troubleshooting; I’ve managed to not only overcome these hurdles but also to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for this firearm.

The SR-762, despite its early issues, has proven to be a capable and reliable companion in the field. 


How accurate is Ruger SR-762?

The Ruger SR-762 demonstrates 1.5-inch groups at 100 yards with Federal Tactical tipped loading, showcasing excellent accuracy for various tasks.

How much does an SR-762 weight?

Weighing at 8.6 pounds, the SR-762 is balanced for fast, natural handling, despite not being a lightweight.

Is Ruger a good brand for rifles?

Yes, Ruger & Co., Inc. is renowned for manufacturing rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market.

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