5 Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve spent some time in the field, putting the Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39 through its paces. While testing it, I bumped into several issues you should know about.

Specifically, I encountered Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39 Problems like double feeding, failure to feed, failure to eject, extraction issues, and some bolt-related problems. 

I will help you fix these problems to get the most out of your rifle. We’ll dive into the details, look at what causes these issues, and I’ll guide you through how to resolve them.

Overview of American Ranch 7.62X39 Problems

Double Feeding IssueCheck and replace the magazine, clean the feed ramp.
Failure To FeedUse manufacturer-recommended ammo and replace springs.
Failure To EjectReplace recoil spring.
Extraction ProblemCheck extractor claw, clean chamber, consider replacing extractor.
Bolt IssueClean and lightly oil the bolt, disassemble for a deep clean if necessary.

Top 5 American Ranch 7.62X39 Problems & Solutions

1. Double Feeding Issue

In the field, I quickly realized that the Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39 had a knack for double feeding. 

One round gets chambered, and before you know it, another is trying to jump the line, causing a whole mess. Yep, it can get pretty frustrating. 

Now, this doesn’t just interfere with your shooting; it could also be a safety concern. And let’s be honest, no one wants to deal with this sort of hassle when they’re focused on either practice or self-defense.


What worked for me might work for you, too. First, make sure your magazines are in tip-top shape. Worn-out or damaged mags are often the culprits. 

If your magazine checks out okay, it’s time to clean the feed ramp well. Sometimes, accumulated grime can cause feeding issues. 

After thorough cleaning and using a new magazine, the double feeding was drastically reduced in my tests. So, clean the ramp and, if needed, replace your magazine. Trust me, it’s worth the time and effort.

2. Failure To Feed

During my time out in the field, I noticed that failure to feed was another pain point with the 

Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39. You pull the trigger, and instead of a shot, you get this annoying click. No bullet in the chamber. 

It’s not exactly what you want to happen, especially when relying on your rifle; it can be frustrating and concerning, making you lose confidence in your gear. 

So, yeah, a failure to feed is a problem that needs full-blown attention.


So what did I do? Well, the first step was to check the ammo. Make sure you’re using rounds that the manufacturer recommends. In my case, switching to a different brand of ammo made a considerable difference.

Last but not least, inspect your magazine springs. If they’re weak or damaged, they may not be pushing the rounds properly. 

Replacing the springs sorted out the failure to feed for me. So, there you have it: the right ammo and a fresh magazine spring. Simple steps, big results.

3. Failure To Eject

Another snag I hit with the Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39 was the failure to eject spent casings. You fire a shot, and the empty shell sits in the chamber. 

Annoying, right? This problem turns an otherwise smooth shooting experience into a cycle of jam-clear fire, which isn’t fun or safe. 

And if you’re in a situation where you need to fire multiple rounds in quick succession, a failure to eject can be more than just an inconvenience; it can be downright dangerous.


So, how did I tackle this? First off, Look at your recoil spring. A worn-out spring can cause ejection issues. Replacing it is generally a straightforward process and can be a game-changer. 

Lastly, consider your shooting technique. 

Believe it or not, “limp wristing” can contribute to ejection problems. A firm grip helped me, and it might do the trick for you, too. So, clean those parts, maybe replace a spring, and hold that gun like you mean it. It worked for me!

4. Extraction Problem 

Alright, let’s talk about extraction issues. While testing the Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39, I noticed it sometimes struggled to pull the spent casing out of the chamber after a shot. 

This means you fire a round, and instead of ejecting cleanly, the spent casing sticks like it’s glued in place. 

It can be maddening and breaks up the rhythm of your shooting. More importantly, it creates a scenario where you’re fumbling to clear the jam instead of focusing on your aim.


Now, onto the fix. First thing I did? Checked the extractor claw. If it’s worn or chipped, you’ll have extraction problems, no doubt about it. A replacement is usually the way to go here. 

Another thing to look at is your chamber. If it’s dirty or has built-up residue, clean it well. You’d be surprised how much a dirty chamber can affect extraction. 

In my case, combining a new extractor and a clean chamber solved the issue. So, spend a little time on maintenance, and you might save yourself a lot of aggravation later.

5. Problem with the Bolt

Finally, let’s tackle the bolt issue. While working with the Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39, I experienced some stiffness and resistance when operating the bolt. This is not what you want, especially if you’re going for rapid, successive shots. 

It’s frustrating, and it takes away from the overall shooting experience. A bolt that doesn’t operate smoothly can become a significant liability, and let’s face it, it’s pretty annoying, too.


So, how did I fix this? First, a comprehensive cleaning was in order. Old grease and grime can make the bolt stickier than it should be. 

After cleaning, apply a light layer of high-quality gun oil to the bolt. If the issue persists, consider disassembling the bolt for a deeper cleaning and inspection. 

Sometimes, manufacturing residues or even slight imperfections might hinder movement. In my case, a thorough cleaning followed by light lubrication did the trick. It drastically improved the rifle’s performance. 

Final Verdict

So, there you have it, folks. I took the Ruger American Ranch 7.62X39 out for a spin and tested it. Let me be clear: This is a solid rifle with much to offer. It’s got good accuracy, comfortable to use, and a Ruger, so you know it’s built to last. 

But, it wasn’t without its setbacks. I had some issues with double feeding, failure to feed, and bolt stiffness, among other things. 

However, the good news is that most of these issues are fixable with regular maintenance, part replacements, or technique adjustments. 

So, if you own this rifle or plan on buying one, keep these potential pitfalls and their solutions in mind. 


What is the effective range of the Ruger American 7.62 x39?

Its effective combat range is up to 400 yards.

What magazine does the Ruger American 7.62 x39 use?

It uses Mini Thirty metal box magazines.

Will 7.62 x39 fit in a 5.56 magazine?

Yes, but only 3-4 rounds to prevent jamming.

Can you use 300 blackout mags for 7.62 x39?

No, the case diameters are different.

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