5 Common Ruger 77/357 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve spent quite some time testing the Ruger 77/357 out in the field. Let me tell you, it has good points, but it could be better. 

While I was out and about with this firearm, I encountered many Ruger 77/357 Problems that got me thinking. I’m talking about accuracy issues, the trigger getting stuck, magazine change problems, barrel issues, feeding problems, and, yes, even issues with the stock magazine. 

The aim is to guide you through these common problems and offer hands-on solutions. I’m about to make your life easier. So, let’s get started.

Overview of Ruger 77/357 Problems & their Solutions

ProblemsQuick Solutions
Accuracy IssueSwitch to longer barrel and use magnum primers.
Trigger StuckClean assembly and use firearm-specific lubricant.
Magazine Changing ProblemPractice the release maneuver repeatedly.
Barrel IssueClean frequently and consider changing gunpowder.
Feeding ProblemSwitch magazines and modulate bolt use.
Stock Magazine ProblemReplace the spring or the whole magazine.

Top 5 Ruger 77/357 Problems Problems & Solutions

1. Accuracy Issue

So, here’s the deal with accuracy. You’re out there trying to make those long-range shots, and your bullets are not exactly where you aimed. 

We’re talking a 4-6-inch pattern around the bullseye, and that’s not what you signed up for. This problem got more noticeable for me the longer I shot. Why? Well, the barrel starts heating up, and so do the bullets. 

Even a tiny shift in the barrel can mess up your aim big time. It’s a head-scratcher, especially when you’re aiming for precision.


Okay, now onto the good stuff, the fix! First off, I tried switching to a longer barrel. That improved my accuracy a bit. Worth it. 

Then, I tried using magnum primers with the H110 loads. Seems like that balanced out the inconsistent ignition. If you’re getting frustrated, give this a go. Finally, I used a paste cleaner to smooth down the barrel. 

Remember, you’ll have to clean it frequently to keep things precise. All these solutions helped and might just work for you, too. So go ahead, give ’em a try.

2. Trigger Stuck Problem

Let’s get into another issue I’ve had some personal experience with—the trigger getting stuck.

Trust me, it’s more than a little annoying. You’re out there, ready to take your shot and bam! The trigger doesn’t budge. I first noticed this problem during extended use; it’s not just a one-off thing. 

The trigger seems to jam more frequently than you’d expect and let’s face it, that’s not what you want when you’re in the field, trying to be as precise as possible. 

It’s a distracting issue that can break your focus.


Now, here’s how I tackled this nagging problem. I did a thorough cleaning of the trigger assembly first. Turns out gunk and residue can mess things up in there. After that, I used a high-quality lubricant designed for firearms to smooth things out. 

Do this regularly, and you might just dodge the whole stuck-trigger situation. I also tried adjusting the trigger pressure in a safe environment, ensuring it wasn’t too high or too low. 

All these steps improved the trigger performance noticeably. So, if you’re dealing with a stubborn trigger, give these fixes a shot.

3. Problem with the Magazine Changing 

So, the next thing we’ve got to chat about is the magazine-changing issue. I mean, there’s a dedicated button under the stock for ejecting the mag, but let me tell you, it doesn’t always work like a charm. 

I press the button, expecting a quick release, and sometimes the magazine gets caught on this little bump. Talk about frustrating, right? If you’re trying to reload quickly, this can really mess up your rhythm. 

I found that I had to use both hands to yank it out, which kind of defeats the purpose of a quick change.


Well, as much as I’d like to offer a magic fix, you have limited options. One thing you could do is try to smooth out that troublesome bump. But be warned, your magazine could fall straight out, risking damage. 

What I found most helpful was practicing the maneuver over and over again. As they say, practice makes perfect; in this case, it helps you get quicker at it. 

Trust me, the more you practice, the less this problem will bother you.

4. Barrel Issue

Let’s talk about another issue that kind of irked me: the barrel. It’s not just about accuracy; the cleanliness of the barrel is a big deal, too. I noticed that the more I fired, the dirtier the barrel got. This led to a couple of problems. 

For one, the accuracy of the gun went downhill. On top of that, I started to worry about the barrel itself getting eroded over time, which is definitely not a good sign. 

Copper and burnt powder just love building up in there, messing with the metal and the rifling.


Alright, so what can you do about this? Well, the first step is a no-brainer: clean your barrel and do it often. I found some helpful videos that walked me through the process. It’s not rocket science, and you can handle it at home with a little know-how. 

Another thing I did was switch up the gunpowder I was using. Turns out, some types can make your barrel dirty pretty quickly. 

So, changing your gunpowder might just solve the problem. These fixes worked for me, and they’re definitely worth trying if you’re having similar issues.

5. Feeding Problem

Now, let’s dive into something that got on my nerves: the feeding problem. Specifically, this issue popped up in the last few rounds when I was using the stock magazine. 

Frustrating, isn’t it? There are a bunch of factors that could be contributing to this mess. It could be poor maintenance or maybe something internal like a faulty extractor. 

But let’s not forget the stock magazine, which has a reputation for not feeding the rounds properly.


Alright, after some trial and error, I found a couple of things that helped. First, I decided to ditch the stock magazine. 

Switching to a different one made a big difference, and the feeding problem pretty much vanished. Also, pay attention to how you’re using the bolt. 

Too much or too little force can mess things up. Just use the right amount of muscle, and you should be good to go. Trust me, try these fixes, and this issue should clear up.

6. Stock Magazine Problem

Let’s get real about the stock magazine that comes with the Ruger 77/357. In my experience, it’s not up to snuff. Most of the feeding failures I encountered? Yep, you guessed it, it happened when I was using this stock magazine. 

The material it’s made of doesn’t feel robust, and honestly, it feels like Ruger cut some corners here. As far as I can tell, the main culprit is the spring in this magazine. Man, is that thing strong or what?


So here’s what I did to tackle this. I went ahead and replaced that super-strong spring in the magazine. And guess what? The feeding problems were noticeably reduced. 

Now, if you try this and it doesn’t work for you, don’t despair. Your next best move is to just replace the whole darn magazine. 

Once I did that, the rifle fed rounds like a champ with no issues. Take it from me: these fixes will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, the Ruger 77/357 is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, its compact size and powerful shooting capabilities make it a solid choice for hunting and various other shooting scenarios. 

But let’s not gloss over the issues. From accuracy and trigger sticking to magazine-related headaches, this gun demands a bit of TLC to perform at its peak. The silver lining? You can address most of these issues with a little know-how and a few fixes. 

So, while the Ruger 77/357 is not perfect straight out of the box, it can become a reliable tool in your arsenal with some attention and care.


What is Ruger 77 357 good for?

It’s great for hunting small to medium-sized game and various shooting scenarios.

Is the Ruger M77 reliable?

Yes, it’s rugged and performs well under demanding conditions.

Will the Ruger 77 357 shoot 38 special?

Yes, but watch for “rim lock” jams in the magazine.

Which has more stopping power 357 or 38 Special?

The 357 has significantly more stopping power than the 38 Special.

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