3 Common Ruger American 350 Legend Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve spent some time out in the field testing the Ruger American 350 Legend, and I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty decent firearm overall. However, nothings is perfect, right? Even good guns can have their downfalls. That’s why I wanted to share some common problems I’ve encountered while using this firearm.

While I was out and about, the Ruger American 350 Legend gave me a few headaches with issues like feeding, failure to fire, and jamming problems. I bet some of you have faced these issues, too.

The aim of this article is simple: I want to help you troubleshoot these common Ruger American 350 Legend Problems so you can have a more reliable experience with your Ruger American 350 Legend. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Ruger American 350 Legend Problems & Solutions

Feeding IssueClean the magazine and try different ammo.
Failure to FireCheck ammo quality and clean the firing pin.
Jamming ProblemKeep the firearm clean and use quality ammo.

Top 3 Ruger American 350 Legend Problems & Solutions

1. Feeding Issue

Alright, first on the list is the feeding issue. You know, you’re out there, ready to shoot, and then bam! The ammo just won’t feed properly. 

Trust me, it’s super frustrating. I’ve been there. This problem had me scratching my head, especially since you expect smoother operations from a brand like Ruger. 

The issue usually occurs when you’re trying to load a round into the chamber; it either gets stuck or doesn’t go in at all.


So, what did I do to fix it? First, make sure to give the magazine a good clean; dust and debris can sometimes be the culprits. Still not working? Try a different brand of ammo; sometimes, it’s just a compatibility issue. 

When I switched the ammo, the feeding issue mostly cleared up. You can also check the feed ramp for any visible damage and maybe give it a little polish with a soft cloth. 

That worked wonders for me. Remember, trial and error is your friend here; just make sure to do it safely.

2. Failure To Fire

Okay, let’s talk about another issue that caught me off guard: failure to fire. So you’re aiming, you pull the trigger, and then… nothing.

You feel a bit cheated, especially when you’re expecting that bang and recoil. Trust me, it’s more than a little annoying. This issue can stem from a variety of factors. It might be a defective primer, or maybe the firing pin isn’t doing its job.


So here’s the scoop on how I fixed it. First off, safety first. Always. Make sure the gun is pointed in a safe direction. 

Wait for a good 30 seconds before ejecting the round; sometimes, it’s a slow burn. Now, double-check the ammo. If it’s old or corroded, chuck it. I switched to fresh ammo, and the problem seemed to ease up.

If that’s not it, it could be the firing pin. A little cleaning and lubrication did the trick for me. It’s basic maintenance but makes a world of difference. So, take the time to clean and inspect your firearm regularly; you’re less likely to face this issue.

3. Jamming Problem

Let’s tackle the last issue I’ve encountered: the dreaded jamming problem. You’ve got your aim set; you’re about to fire, and suddenly, the gun jams. 

Seriously? In my experience, this usually happened right when I was getting into the groove of things. 

It interrupts your rhythm, messes with your focus, and it’s aggravating. Jamming usually occurs because of a round getting stuck during cycling or some mechanical hitch within the gun’s internal components.


So, how did I beat this jamming issue? First, I ensured the gun was pointed in a safe direction. Always keep safety in mind. 

Then, I removed the magazine and cleared any rounds from the chamber. After that, I inspected the firearm for any obstructions or loose parts. 

A bit of oil and cleaning helped greatly, especially focusing on the slide rails and the chamber area. Keep that firearm clean and lubricated, and you’ll reduce the risk of jams. Lastly, I made sure to use quality ammo. 

Bad ammo can lead to jamming, so splurging a little on better-quality rounds made a noticeable difference for me.

Final Verdict

So there you have it, folks. While the Ruger American 350 Legend is a solid gun, it does have its downsides. But hey, what doesn’t, right? My time out in the field with this firearm gave me a good sense of its strengths and weaknesses. 

Issues like feeding, failure to fire, and jamming can be a bummer, but the good news is they’re mostly fixable with some maintenance and TLC. Would I recommend this firearm? Absolutely. 

With a bit of upkeep and maybe a tweak or two, it’s a reliable companion for your shooting adventures. Just remember, every gun has its limitations. Know them, work around them, and you’ll get along just fine.


Are Ruger Americans accurate?

Yes, they’re accurate and shoot with less than one minute of angle error.

How accurate are Ruger rifles?

Out of the box, shots should be no further apart than 1 inch at 100 yards.

What is the twist rate on a Ruger American 350 Legend?

It has a 1:16-inch twist rate.

How long is the pull on a Ruger American Ranch 350 Legend?

The length of pull is 12.5 inches.

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