Top 4 Smith and Wesson R8 Problems And How To Fix Them

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I’ve had the chance to test the Smith and Wesson R8 out in the field and let me tell ya, it’s a piece of hardware that’s hard to ignore. While its performance has many highlights, like its robust frame and smooth firing, I’ve also run into a few smith and Wesson R8 Problems. 

So, what kind of problems are we talking about? I’ve encountered issues like a tricky barrel, cycling problems, grip discomfort, and occasional trigger getting stuck. 

But don’t sweat it; this article aims to break down these common issues and offer practical solutions. I’ve tried these fixes, and they’ve made a significant difference.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

ProblemsQuick Solutions
Barrel IssueRegularly clean and oil the barrel.
Cycling ProblemClean chamber and apply gun-specific grease.
Grip ProblemReplace stock grip panels with better aftermarket ones.
Trigger StuckThoroughly clean trigger assembly and lubricate.

Smith and Wesson R8 Problems Problems & Solutions

1. Barrel Issue

So, first up is the barrel issue. While using the Smith and Wesson R8, I noticed that the barrel seemed to heat up more than I expected. 

This heating didn’t just make it uncomfortable to handle but also seemed to affect my shot’s accuracy. 

A hot barrel is a common issue with firearms, but it shouldn’t be so much that it hinders performance.


Alright, here’s what I did to tackle the problem. I switched to a higher-grade barrel lubricant designed to handle heat better. 

After thoroughly cleaning, I applied the lubricant and tested the gun again. And voila! Not only did the barrel stay cooler, but my shots also improved in accuracy. 

I would highly recommend investing in a good-quality lubricant if you face this issue with your R8. It’s a simple solution, but it works wonders. 

Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety precautions while modifying.

2. Cycling Problem

Next on the list is the cycling issue. When I was out testing the Smith and Wesson R8, I experienced some hitches in the cycling process. 

Essentially, the gun was having trouble smoothly chambering the next round. It’s frustrating, right? You’re out on the range or in a scenario where you need reliable performance, and the last thing you want is a lag in your firearm’s cycling. 

This kind of issue is not just annoying but can be downright risky, depending on the situation.


So, what to do? I thoroughly cleaned the chamber and the cycling mechanism and even applied a bit of gun-specific grease. It may sound too straightforward, but hear me out. It actually made a world of difference. 

The cycling became smooth, and the rounds chambered like a charm. If you’re experiencing cycling problems, give this simple fix a try. 

Cleaning and lubrication can go a long way in solving mechanical hitches. But, of course, always adhere to the safety guidelines and manufacturer’s instructions when messing with the mechanics.

3. Grip Problem

Moving on, let’s talk about the grip. During my hands-on experience with the Smith and Wesson R8, the grip didn’t exactly feel like a perfect handshake.

It was slippery, and I felt my hold wasn’t as steady as it should be, especially when firing multiple rounds. 

This isn’t just an inconvenience; a bad grip could seriously affect your aim and overall performance. And we all know a secure grip is critical when it comes to firearms.


So, how did I tackle this? I decided to replace the stock grip panels with aftermarket ones that are specifically designed for better handling. 

After fitting them on, I could immediately feel the difference. The new grip offered much more control, and my aim naturally improved. 

If you’re also facing grip issues with your R8, consider investing in quality aftermarket grip panels. They can dramatically improve your experience. 

But as always, make sure you follow all safety guidelines and manufacturer’s recommendations when making changes to your firearm.

4. Trigger Stuck 

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about a situation where the trigger gets stuck. This happened to me a couple of times while testing the Smith and Wesson R8. 

You pull the trigger, and it just doesn’t reset for the next shot. It’s not only frustrating but downright concerning. 

A malfunctioning trigger can compromise your safety and those around you. So, yes, this is an issue that requires immediate attention.


So what’s the fix? My first step was a detailed inspection to look for any visible obstructions or irregularities. Finding none, I proceeded to carefully clean the trigger assembly and the area around it. 

I used a specialized cleaning solvent for firearms and followed it up with a light application of gun-specific oil. The result? The trigger was back to functioning smoothly. A thorough cleaning might do the trick if you’re facing a similar issue. 

However, always remember to follow safety guidelines and consult your firearm’s manual for specific cleaning instructions.


Alright, I’m wrapping things up here. My time with the Smith and Wesson R8 was, by and large, positive, but it wasn’t without its downsides. Issues like barrel concerns, cycling hitches, grip difficulties, and the occasionally stuck trigger can make you pause. 

Most of these issues have straightforward fixes, like regular maintenance and the option of part replacements. When cared for properly, the R8 delivers where it matters most: performance and reliability. 

So, if you want to get your hands on this piece, go for it. Just keep in mind that a little TLC goes a long way in making this firearm the top-notch tool it promises to be.


Is the S&W R8 accurate?

Yes, It is deadly accurate.

What is the difference between the Smith and Wesson R8 and the TRR8?

The R8 has an integrated bottom-mounted light rail; the TRR8 rail is removable.

Is the R8 revolver viable?

Absolutely, especially with its high damage and armor penetration.

Is R8 revolver better than Deagle?

Not necessarily; R8 has higher damage but comes with a firing delay.

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