Top 4 Most Common Walther WMP Problems + How To Fix

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I’ve spent some quality time in the field testing the Walther WMP. Overall, it’s a solid piece of equipment, but I encountered some issues that I think are worth discussing. 

Don’t get me wrong; no firearm is without its challenges. But awareness is key, right?

While using the Walther WMP, I ran into a couple of recurring Walther WMP Problems.

Specifically, I had some trouble with the hammer, encountered a few trigger issues, noticed some inconsistencies with the recoil spring, and faced some fire failures. 

Yeah, it was quite the list, but that’s what field testing is for!

I’ll dive deep into these issues to provide you with straightforward solutions. 

Overview of Walther WMP Problems & their Solutions

Hammer IssueClean the hammer assembly with proper solvents.
Trigger IssueApply a high-quality gun-specific lubricant.
Recoil SpringReplace with a new, high-quality recoil spring.
Failure to FireClean the firing pin channel and use quality ammo.

Top 4 Walther WMP Problems & Solutions

1. Problem with the Hammer

So, let’s talk about the hammer issue. During my time in the field, I noticed that the hammer sometimes failed to engage properly. 

It’s weird; you expect that satisfying click, but it just doesn’t happen. This glitch can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your firearm in critical situations. 

It got to the point where I had to double-check the hammer every time before firing, which is not ideal.


Now, onto the fix. After some trial and error, I found that cleaning the hammer assembly made a difference. It’s not complicated; you just need to disassemble that part of the Walther WMP and thoroughly clean it using proper solvents and lubricants. 

Make sure to remove any debris or grime that could be causing the issue. After that, reassemble everything and do a function check. Worked like a charm for me, and I believe it’ll help you, too. 

So, give it a shot; proper maintenance can go a long way in solving this problem.

2. Trigger Issue

Alright, let’s move on to the trigger issue. While I was out testing the Walther WMP, the trigger felt a little off. Sometimes, it was too stiff; other times, it seemed like it had a mind.

Consistency? Forget about it. Whether it was a gritty feel or the uneven pull weight, it was frustrating and could mess with your aim and overall firing experience. 

When you’re in a situation where every shot counts, the last thing you need is an unpredictable trigger.


Now, let’s get to the solution. I opened the trigger assembly and found the lubrication was wrong. 

Yeah, who would’ve thought? A simple fix is to clean out the old lubrication and apply a high-quality gun-specific lubricant. This made a noticeable difference. Don’t overdo it; a thin layer is usually enough.

Then, reassemble and test the trigger several times to make sure it’s back to being smooth and reliable. I did exactly that and found my trigger to be more consistent. It’s a quick fix and might solve your issue, too.

3. Recoil Spring Issue

Let’s dive into the next issue: the recoil spring. I’ve got to tell you there were moments during testing when the recoil spring was not performing well at all. 

It’s vital for a smooth shooting experience, as it absorbs some of the recoil force. Well, in my case, it was clearly underperforming. 

The slide wasn’t returning to its original position as it should, affecting both my firing speed and overall confidence in the weapon.


Alright, it’s time for the fix. After some fiddling, I found that replacing the recoil spring was the most effective solution. It’s a simple process. 

Just buy a new, high-quality recoil spring that’s compatible with the Walther WMP. Install the new spring, making sure it sits snugly in its place. Once it’s in, take some time to test the fire and ensure that everything is functioning as it should. 

This did the trick for me, turning that faulty recoil spring issue into a thing of the past. Trust me, sometimes a simple replacement is all you need to get things back on track.

4. Failure To Fire

Last but not least, let’s tackle the issue of failure to fire. Now, this is a big one, right? There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling the trigger and hearing a deafening silence. 

In my field testing, I experienced this a couple of times, and let me tell you, it was unsettling. Whether it was an issue with the firing pin, the primer, or something else, I needed to address it ASAP.


Now for the how-to-fix-it part. After inspecting the gun, I realized there were two main suspects: a dirty firing pin channel and faulty ammunition. 

I meticulously cleaned the firing pin channel, ensuring no dirt or debris could interfere with the firing process. As for the ammo, make sure you’re using quality rounds that are suitable for the Walther WMP. 

After these tweaks, the issue was sorted out, and the gun fired reliably during my next test round. If you face a similar issue, these are the first places to look for a fix. Sometimes, cleaning and a fresh batch of ammo are all it takes to make things right.

Final Verdict

Alright, folks, after spending time in the field with the Walther WMP, I’ve mixed feelings. It’s a strong contender in the firearm market, no doubt. 

The grip, design and overall ergonomics are top-notch. But let’s not gloss over its downsides. From hammer issues to failures to fire, the Walther WMP has some wrinkles that need ironing out. Now, these problems are by no means deal-breakers. 

In fact, I found simple, effective solutions for each one. So, if you’re willing to invest a little time in maintenance and maybe buy a few replacement parts, this could be a fantastic firearm for you. 

Remember, no gun is perfect; it’s all about how well you can adapt and resolve its weaknesses.


Are Walther guns good?

Yes, they’re generally reliable and well-made.

How many rounds are in the Walther WMP?

The Walther WMP has two 15-round magazines.

How much does a Walther WMP 22 Magnum cost?

The price is around $499.00.

Does Walther have external safety?

Yes, it features external safety.

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