⁠⁠4 Walther P99 Problems you should Know

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time testing the Walther P99 in various settings, and it allowed me to understand its intricacies, strengths, and, yes, a few challenges it presents. 

In this article, I will dive into each of these Walther P99 Problems, sharing not just the problems but also the solutions I’ve found to work.

Broken StrikerReplace with a new striker, ensuring to use quality parts and following a detailed guide for installation.
Loose MagazineIdentify if the issue is with the magazine catch or the magazine itself; replace the faulty part.
Trigger IssueClean and lubricate the trigger assembly, focusing on removing debris and ensuring smooth part interaction.
Slide Lock IssueReplace the slide lock spring and ensure magazines are properly seated to prevent premature locking.

4 Walther P99 Issue & Solutions

1. Broken Striker 

In my time with the Walther P99, a broken striker was one of the first issues I stumbled upon. This is a critical problem since the striker is essential for the gun’s firing mechanism. 

When it breaks, the firearm becomes a fancy paperweight, unable to fire a single round. This usually happens due to wear and tear or manufacturing defects. 

Initially, I was puzzled by the misfires and failure to fire situations until I diagnosed the problem as a broken striker. It’s frustrating, especially when relying on your firearm for consistent performance.


The solution to a broken striker involves some hands-on work, but it’s quite manageable.

First, you’ll need to order a replacement striker designed specifically for the Walther P99. Ensure you’re getting a quality part, possibly directly from the manufacturer or a trusted dealer. 

The replacement process involves disassembling the slide to remove the old striker and then installing the new one. 

2. Loose Magazine

A loose magazine was another issue I encountered with the Walther P99. This problem manifested as the magazine not sitting snugly in the magazine well, leading to feeding issues and, in some cases, the magazine dropping out unexpectedly. 

This is not only annoying but can also be a significant setback in situations where reliability is critical. The cause can range from worn-out magazine catch components to the magazine itself being out of spec.


Fixing a loose magazine requires identifying whether the issue lies with the magazine catch or the magazine itself. In my case, replacing the magazine catch was the solution. 

This part is relatively inexpensive and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or a reputable dealer. 

The replacement process is straightforward but requires attention to detail to ensure the new catch is installed correctly and functions as intended. 

3. Trigger Issue

During my time with the Walther P99, I encountered a significant trigger issue that affected the firearm’s overall performance. 

The problem was a gritty trigger pull, which made the shooting experience less smooth and predictable than expected. 

This issue seemed to stem from the internal components not interacting smoothly or possibly from debris accumulation within the trigger mechanism.


The solution to the trigger issue involved a two-pronged approach: cleaning and lubrication. I started by disassembling the firearm according to the manufacturer’s instructions, paying close attention to the trigger assembly. 

After removing any debris and buildup, I applied a high-quality firearm lubricant to the moving parts, ensuring that everything was coated lightly but thoroughly. 

Reassembling the gun and testing the trigger pull, I noticed a significant improvement. The action was smoother and more consistent

4. Slide Lock Issue

Another issue that surfaced with the Walther P99 was related to the slide locking back when it wasn’t supposed to. 

This problem occurred unexpectedly in the middle of shooting sessions, disrupting the flow and causing unnecessary delays. Initially, it was perplexing, as the slide lock is designed to engage only when the magazine is empty. 

However, this issue was happening with rounds still in the magazine. 


Addressing the slide lock issue required a careful examination of the slide lock mechanism and the magazine’s seating. 

I found that replacing the slide lock spring with a new one provided a straightforward solution. The replacement process was simple but required careful attention to detail to ensure the new spring was installed correctly. 

These steps significantly reduced the occurrences of the slide locking prematurely.

Alternatives of ⁠⁠Walther P99

1. Glock 19

Compact, reliable, and widely used, the Glock 19 offers versatility with its balanced size and proven track record in various conditions.

2. Sig Sauer P320

Known for its modularity and adaptability, the Sig P320 caters to different hand sizes and shooting preferences, making it a strong alternative.

3. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Lightweight and slim, the M&P Shield is ideal for concealed carry, offering reliability and ergonomic design for personal defense.

4. CZ 75 Compact

A classic choice, the CZ 75 Compact offers a steel frame for durability, precision, and a comfortable grip, appealing to shooters who appreciate traditional design.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing the Walther P99 and facing its challenges head-on, I’ve concluded that despite its issues, it remains a reliable firearm once those problems are addressed. 

The common problems, including a broken striker, loose magazine, trigger issues, and slide lock issues, are indeed setbacks.

 However, with the right solutions and regular maintenance, the P99 can serve its purpose efficiently.


Does the Walther P99 have a safety?

Yes, the Walther P99 includes a trigger safety, automatic internal safeties, a striker status indicator, and a loaded chamber indicator.

Is P99 good for concealed carry?

Yes, the P99’s small, smooth grip makes it suitable for concealed carry, despite some preferring more aggressive textures.

Is Walther as good as Glock?

The Walther P99 is often compared favorably to Glock, offering better trigger, improved 

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