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I put the Sig P228 through its paces and a few issues that seemed more common than I initially thought popped up. 

Don’t get me wrong, the SIG P228 is a fantastic firearm known for its reliability and performance. But, like anything else, it’s not without its challenges. 

During my time with it, I ran into problems with the mag spring, instances where it failed to fire, troubles with the internal extractor, and some feeding issues.

In this article, I’m diving into these common Sig P228 Problems I’ve encountered.

My goal is to share what I’ve learned about each issue and offer practical solutions to help you navigate these problems if you ever face them.

Mag Spring IssueClean and possibly replace magazine springs for better engagement and feeding.
Failure to FireUse high-quality factory ammo and ensure the firearm is clean and lubricated.
Internal Extractor IssuesClean the extractor and replace if worn or damaged, ensuring proper tension.
Feeding IssuesClean magazines, use preferred ammunition, maintain the feed ramp polished for smooth feeding.

Top 4 Sig P228 Issues & Solutions

1. Mag Spring Issue

During my time with the SIG P228, I noticed that sometimes the magazine’s spring wasn’t strong enough to push the follower up quickly enough. 

This issue meant that the slide stop didn’t engage when it was supposed to, leading to feeding problems. Also, I found that if the inside of the magazine was dirty, it would further hinder the spring’s ability to function properly. 

This kind of problem can be quite frustrating, especially when looking for a smooth and reliable performance from your firearm.


The solution I found most effective involves two key steps. First, I took apart the magazines and gave them a thorough cleaning. Getting rid of any dirt or grime inside can significantly improve the spring’s performance. 

Secondly, if cleaning didn’t fully resolve the issue, I replaced the mag springs with new ones. This ensured that the follower was pushed up with enough force and speed to properly engage the slide stop.

It’s a relatively simple fix that can drastically improve the reliability of your SIG P228.

2. Failure to Fire

A failure to fire, where the gun doesn’t discharge a round when the trigger is pulled, was another issue I came across. Initially, I thought it might be an issue with the firearm itself. 

However, after experiencing a failure to fire about once in every hundred rounds with various factory ammo, I began to suspect the ammo could be the culprit. This was particularly puzzling after having the gun re-sprung, which should have improved its performance.


The most effective solution I found was to switch to different brands of factory new ammo to test for reliability. It turned out that the firearm was less likely to fail to fire with high-quality ammunition. 

This led me to the conclusion that the ammo plays a significant role in the reliability of firing. Additionally, keeping the firearm clean and ensuring it’s properly lubricated also helped reduce the chances of failure to fire. 

3. Issues with the Internal Extractor 

In my time shooting the SIG P228, I bumped into a snag with the internal extractor. It seemed like the extractor wasn’t properly gripping the case head, which led to a few ejection issues. 

Specifically, I experienced failures to eject (FTE), where the spent casing would stay in the chamber while the firearm attempted to load the next round. 


Tackling this problem required a bit of finesse. The first step was to ensure the extractor was clean and free of debris. A deep clean often solved the issue, but if it persisted, I checked the condition of the extractor itself. 

Replacing a worn or damaged extractor with a new one made a significant difference. 

4. Feeding Issues

Feeding issues were another hurdle I faced with the SIG P228. On occasion, the firearm struggled to load rounds into the chamber properly.

This problem manifested as the next round either not fully entering the chamber or getting caught halfway, leading to a failure to feed (FTF). It was especially noticeable during rapid firing sessions or when using ammunition that the gun didn’t seem to favor. 

Such issues can be disheartening, as they interrupt the shooting rhythm and can affect your confidence in the firearm’s reliability.


To combat feeding issues, I started with the magazines. Ensuring they were clean and the springs were in good condition was step one. If the problem persisted, I experimented with different types of ammunition to identify if the gun had a preference. 

In some cases, switching to a different brand or type of ammo resolved the issue. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the firearm, focusing on the feed ramp, made a big difference. 

Polishing the feed ramp to ensure a smooth surface for the rounds to glide over was a game-changer. These actions combined significantly reduced feeding problems, making for a much more reliable shooting experience with the SIG P228.

Alternatives of Sig P228

1. Glock 19

Compact and reliable, the Glock 19 offers versatility with its 15-round magazine capacity and is favoured for both concealed carry and law enforcement use.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P9

Known for its ergonomic design and reliability, the M&P 9 provides a durable option with a 17-round capacity, appealing to both professionals and enthusiasts.

3. Beretta 92FS

It is a classic service pistol with a 15-round capacity, known for its accuracy and reliability, used by military and law enforcement worldwide.

4. CZ 75 Compact

CZ 75 Compact combines the durability and capacity (14 rounds) of the CZ 75 in a smaller package, making it a great choice for those seeking a reliable and comfortable firearm for daily carry.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing and addressing the common issues with the SIG P228, it’s clear that while this firearm does have its share of problems, they are not insurmountable. 

With the right care and maintenance, each issue can be effectively resolved, making the SIG P228 a reliable choice for those who depend on it. 


Is the SIG P228 reliable?

Yes, the Sig Sauer P228 is a reliable firearm, favoured by law enforcement and military personnel for its high quality.

Does a SIG P228 have a safety?

The Sig P228 features a decocking lever for safely dropping the hammer, but does not have a manual safety.

What is the difference between P229 and P228?

The P228 has a stamped slide with a breech block insert, while the Sig P229 has a machined solid slide, offering different manufacturing approaches and durability.

How many rounds does a SIG P228 hold? 

The SIG P228 has a magazine capacity of 13 rounds in 9mm Luger.

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