3 Canik METE MC9 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I recently had the opportunity to test the Canik METE MC9 in the field, which was an enlightening experience. 

As I continued to put it through its paces, I encountered some significant issues that needed addressing. 

I identified three main Canik METE MC9 Problems that repeatedly showed up: Not Returning To Battery, Failure To Feed, and Failure To Fire. 

These issues were concerning, and I knew that I had to delve into them more deeply. In this article, I’ll discuss these problems and, most importantly, provide solutions to them based on my hands-on experience with this firearm.

Overview of MC9 Problems & their Solutions

Not Returning To BatterySend the gun back to Century Arms for fixing; they will resolve the issue.
Failure To FeedClean and lubricate the feed ramp and chamber; polish the feed ramp if necessary.
Failure To FireInspect priming cap or charge, clean vent or touch hole, re-prime and fire if it’s a misfire.

Top 3 Canik METE MC9 Problems & Solutions

1. Not Returning To Battery 

I found myself constantly facing an issue with the Canik METE MC9 where it wouldn’t fully enter battery. This became a recurring problem every time I took the firearm to the range.

It seemed like the gun was stuck, and the malfunction happened repeatedly, making the shooting experience less enjoyable.


The fix for this was quite straightforward. I returned the gun to Century Arms, and they took care of it. After receiving it back from them, the problem was completely resolved. It’s a solution that worked for me, and I believe it could work for others facing the same problem.

2. Failure To Feed 

While with the Canik METE MC9, I discovered an annoying feeding issue. The rounds were consistently getting caught during feeding, seemingly halted by the feed ramp and chamber. It seemed that roughness or dirt was causing this, which interfered with the smooth operation of the gun.


To address this, I took the time to clean and lubricate the feed ramp and chamber regularly. When necessary, I carefully polished the feed ramp with a polishing compound. Consulting the manufacturer before polishing was crucial to prevent further problems. These simple fixes made a significant difference in the gun’s performance.

3. Failure To Fire

While testing the firearm, I came across a firing problem. Pulling the trigger and experiencing no fire was both concerning and frustrating. I realized it could be either a weak firing pin.


I followed a systematic approach. Upon confirming a misfire, I cleaned and lubricated the gun, then fired. This method successfully resolved the issue, making the firearm operational again.


In conclusion, the Canik METE MC9 showcases a blend of versatility and unique features, but it has drawbacks. My in-depth testing revealed problems like Not Returning To Battery, Failure To Feed, and Failure To Fire. 

Though these issues were concerning, the solutions I found were practical and effective. The firearm’s overall performance and its minor flaws present a balanced picture. 

While these issues might put some users off, understanding the solutions makes it a reliable option for those willing to maintain and adjust it properly.


What is the Canik MC9?

The Canik METE MC9 9mm 12RD Pistol with Magazines and Kit is a semi automatic, subcompact pistol with a polymer frame and blacked-out dot sights.

How much does a Canik MC9 cost?

The Canik MC9 costs $419.99.

Is the Canik Mete any good?

The Canik METE MC9 is a micro-compact striker-fired pistol focused on the concealed carry market, promising to bring Canik’s performance and affordable quality to the average CCW enthusiast.

Is the Canik Mete MC9 optic ready?

Absolutely, the Canik Mete MC9 is designed to be optics-ready straight out of the box. You can easily mount these optics on the Canik MC9 without any additional modifications.

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5 thoughts on “3 Canik METE MC9 Problems You Must Be Aware of”

  1. The issue with allot of these Canik MC9s is caused by the large recoil spring being ¼” too long. It needs to be snipped and then confirmed that it is sitting flush behind its retaining point (if it’s protruding out past the retaining point, it will shirt cycle the slide and you won’t even be able to manually engage the slide lock- it won’t reach the lock mechanism)

    This issue was likley caused by the coil spring length calibration being inconsistent at the factory where the recoil assembly was made. I can personally guarantee the MC9 is a fantastic CC pistol but this spring has to be corrected.

    • It’s super helpful to know about the recoil spring issue. Trimming it to the right size sounds like a straightforward fix that could save a lot of headaches. Appreciate you pointing out this manufacturing inconsistency and sharing a practical solution. I’m sure many MC9 owners will find this tip invaluable.

    • had same issue with mine. spring extendind out, interfering with lock back. will contact canik, for new coil spring.

  2. My Understanding is that all Caniks are made to handle European or 9mm PLUS AMMO which is made to Higher Pressues. When you get your new Canik and after inspection PULL THE SLIDE BACK and leave it LOCKED for about 5 or so Days.
    That softens the spring tension and allows for proper cycling when using standard pressure 9mm Ammo. Good Luck!

    • thanks for the tip! Leaving the slide locked to soften the spring for better cycling with standard ammo? That’s clever. Will definitely try it out. Appreciate the insight


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