6 Most Common Beretta U22 Neos Problems And How To Fix

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I have tested the Beretta U22 Neos in various conditions and settings. My hands-on experience with this firearm allowed me to examine its performance and functionality closely. 

During my testing, I encountered several issues with the Beretta U22 Neos that users might encounter. These problems range from not returning to battery and firing pin problems to feeding issues, trigger malfunctions, slide release lever glitches, and frustrating stovepiping problems.

But don’t worry; I am here to break it down and provide solutions to these common problems.

I want to offer a comprehensive guide to the Beretta U22 Neos Problems I’ve identified with the Beretta U22 Neos and present practical solutions.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Not Returning To BatteryClean slide rails, feed ramp, and break in the gun; consult a gunsmith.
Firing Pin ProblemsPull and push the trigger, replace with a stronger spring if needed.
Feeding IssuesHold firmly, keep clean, use quality ammo, factory magazines.
Trigger IssuesSend to Beretta for servicing or adjusting trigger bar assembly.
Slide Release Lever MalfunctionCheck and adjust slide catch spring and slide stop spring.
Stovepiping ProblemLubricate and smoothen the extractor, polish the breech face.

Top 6 Beretta U22 Neos Problems & their Solutions

1. Not Returning To Battery

During my extensive field testing with the Beretta U22 Neos, I encountered a problem: the gun wasn’t returning to battery. 

After firing the first round and chambering the next, the second round just wouldn’t fire. The confusion was real! I was forced to manually rack the slide to get it to fire the second round. 

This issue could seriously affect performance, especially in a competitive or recreational shooting environment.


After some trial and error, I found the solution. I made sure to clean the slide rails and feed ramp thoroughly. Also, I worked the action back and forth for a good amount of time to break in the gun. 

Although some might suggest polishing the feed ramp, I recommend leaving it to a professional gunsmith. My hands-on experience taught me that amateur work might ruin the firearm’s functionality. 

The proper cleaning and break-in process did the trick for us, and I hope it helps you too!

2. Firing Pin Problems

During my hands-on time with the Beretta U22 Neos, I encountered an issue with the firing pin not staying cocked. It felt like the safety or the sear was stuck, but I couldn’t get the firing pin out to inspect. 

Though the safety lever moved freely from the outside, the sear didn’t respond when I pulled the trigger. It was a concerning problem, to say the least, and certainly an unexpected one.


Figuring out a fix for this was a real challenge! After some experimentation, I discovered that if I grasped the trigger from both sides, pulled it back until it fired, and then immediately pushed it forward, it would engage. 

The issue seemed to be with the trigger return spring not being strong enough. I planned to replace it with a stronger spring, and that did the trick. 

This hands-on solution worked for me and might work for you too, but always consult a professional if you’re unsure!

3. Feeding Issues

While putting the Beretta U22 Neos through its paces, I discovered the firearm was quite susceptible to failure to feed issues. 

This problem stemmed from various reasons, including limp wrists, a dirty gun, particular ammo, and magazine incompatibility. I noticed the cycling issues and recognized how frustrating these could be. 

It was clear this needed a close look and a solid remedy.


The solution to this issue needed a multifaceted approach. I held the gun firmly while shooting and kept it well-lubricated and clean. 

I also experimented with better quality and more powerful ammo, which made a difference. Using factory magazines instead of off-brand ones was also a key aspect. 

One thing I didn’t personally try but heard was effective was polishing the feed ramp. My hands-on experience has proven that these solutions can truly enhance the firearm’s functionality and eliminate the “failure to feed” issue. Simple and effective!

4. Trigger Issues

In my rigorous testing of the Beretta U22 Neos, I encountered a problem that was a bit rare but still concerning: trigger malfunction. 

When I pulled the trigger, the gun wouldn’t fire. Releasing the trigger and pulling it again seemed to do the trick, but this inconsistency could really throw a shooter off. 

A malfunctioning trigger on any firearm is an issue that can’t be taken lightly, and I knew I had to dive into finding a solution.


I decided to consult with others who had faced this problem, and one solution was to send the gun back to Beretta for servicing. 

They replaced the slide and trigger bar, resolving the issue. However, if the problem persists, the trigger bar assembly might need readjustment. 

Though I didn’t face the need to readjust, I am confident that this step should solve the problem entirely. It’s about knowing your firearm and taking the right measures to keep it performing at its best.

5. Slide Release Lever Malfunction

While testing the Beretta U22 Neos, I faced a perplexing issue with the slide release lever getting stuck. After firing a clip, I noticed the slide would lock open, and even when loading another clip and pulling back on the slide, it just wouldn’t budge. 

The release lever seemed to stay up stubbornly, forcing me to manually push it down to close the slide. This led to a frustrating experience and prompted me to investigate the possible reasons behind the malfunction.


Upon investigating, I discovered that the Neos might not keep enough pressure on the release lever to hold the post and spring securely. 

Some users have either lost or willingly removed the slide catch spring or slide stop spring, making the slide release lever more efficient. In my case, carefully checking the slide catch and stop spring did the trick, and it started working as expected again. 

If you prefer to thumb the release, you might not need this part, but understanding how it functions can make all the difference. It’s a hands-on process that resolved the issue for us!

6. Stovepiping Problem

During my field tests with the Beretta U22 Neos, I came across a relatively rare but noteworthy problem: stovepiping. 

These are instances where bullet shells get stuck on their way out, creating a noticeable obstruction. Though not a common occurrence with this particular firearm, I did experience it, and it was enough to give me pause. 

The shell was lodged in a way I hadn’t quite expected, making it a concern.


I found that the key to resolving this issue lies in the proper lubrication of the extractor. By applying the appropriate amount of lube to the extractor and slowly moving the slide back and forth, I was able to smoothen it out, eliminating the stovepiping issue. 

I also discovered that polishing the breech face helped the shell slide up and under the extractor easily. 

These hands-on adjustments significantly impacted my usage and allowed me to overcome this challenge efficiently.


The Beretta U22 Neos, despite its modern appearance and comfortable feel, isn’t without its shortcomings. My rigorous field testing uncovered a series of common problems, ranging from stovepiping and feeding issues to malfunctioning of the firing pin and slide release lever. 

However, these challenges didn’t overshadow the firearm’s potential. Through hands-on adjustments and a careful understanding of the mechanisms, I was able to apply practical solutions that rectified these problems. 

My comprehensive review of the Beretta U22 Neos paints a picture of a firearm that, though flawed in some areas, can be dependable with the proper care and adjustments.


Why was Beretta Neos discontinued?

Beretta instituted a recall of some U22 Neos models in September 2010 because of the remote possibility that the pistol could fire with the safety on, and the California certification for sale expired in March 2011, leading to its discontinuation.

How accurate is a Beretta Neos?

The Beretta Neos tracks well, and the muzzle-heavy feel of the 6-inch barrel handgun is comfortable when firing offhand.

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  1. Hi, Michael
    Thank you for posting these issues and fixes for the Neos.
    However, I got mine about 20 yrs ago and only recently experienced loading issues, on one shooting session of 50 rounds.
    Lubricated the mags with silicone spray and voila, no more issues.
    And by the way, I love this gun!
    Lombard, IL.

    • Thanks for the tip on the silicone spray – simple yet effective! Glad to hear your Neos is still serving you well after 20 years. It’s always awesome to hear from someone who loves their gun as much as you do. Keep enjoying your range time!


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