5 Common CZ Teal Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve spent considerable time in the field, testing the CZ Teal shotgun. 

This gun is loved by many for its reliability and performance. But let’s be real, no piece of equipment is perfect. In my hands-on experience, I stumbled across some issues that I feel need to be discussed.

So, during my field tests, I’ve run into a handful of issues like trigger problems, a wonky firing pin, barrel issues, jamming, and misfires. 

So, we’ll dive deep into each of these CZ Teal Problems and talk about what can be done to fix them.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Trigger IssueClean trigger mechanism and replace worn-out springs.
Problems with the Firing PinClean the firing pin channel and replace if corroded.
Barrel ProblemConsult a qualified gunsmith; don’t attempt to fix serious issues yourself.
Jamming IssueUse high-quality ammo and clean all relevant parts regularly.
Misfiring ProblemCheck ammo and clean internal parts; replace firing pin if needed.

Top 5 Problems & Solutions of CZ Teal

1. Trigger Issue

Man, the trigger issue was a doozy. During my time with the CZ Teal, I found the trigger pull heavy and, honestly, downright annoying. It was affecting my accuracy and overall enjoyment. It was hard to get a smooth pull, and it felt like the trigger was stuck in molasses. Now, that’s not something you want when you’re out in the field, looking for that perfect shot.


Okay, so here’s what I did. First off, I took apart the trigger mechanism. You won’t believe the amount of gunk that was in there. I used a soft-bristled brush and some Eezox solvent to get it clean. 

After that, a bit of high-quality gun oil for lubrication, and the difference was night and day. Oh, and if it turns out your issue is with worn-out springs, swap those out. You can find replacement springs easily enough online or at a gun store. 

Trust me, taking the time to clean and possibly replace springs can turn that trigger pull from a chore into a pleasure.

2. Problems with the Firing Pin

The next headache I bumped into was the firing pin. Man, it was frustrating. One minute the gun is firing just fine, and the next, nothing.

A malfunctioning firing pin is more than a minor inconvenience; it can make your gun practically useless. Whether it was failing to fire, misfiring, or being inconsistent, the firing pin was acting up. 

I noticed that sometimes, even with a clean shot, it just wouldn’t fire, making the whole experience unreliable and, let’s be honest, kind of nerve-wracking.


So, I got down to business. I took apart the gun to access the firing pin and went in with a brush and solvent to clean out the channel. 

You won’t believe how much crud can accumulate there! After cleaning, I found some slight corrosion on the pin, so I used fine-grit sandpaper to gently sand it off. 

The firing pin spring was still good, but if yours is worn out or damaged, just replace it. I put everything back together and went for a test-fire. 

3. Barrel Problem

This was a problem that really caught me off guard. Imagine pulling the trigger, expecting a single shot, and boom—both barrels go off. It’s startling, dangerous, and definitely not part of the plan. 

Now, a few things can cause this: a messed-up double discharge mechanism, a broken sear, or even a manufacturing defect. 

Trust me, this isn’t something you want happening, especially if you’re in a hunting situation. It’s not just about missing your target; this is a safety concern that can’t be ignored.


Look, don’t play the hero for something as serious as this. If it’s a double discharge mechanism issue or a damaged sear, get in touch with a qualified gunsmith or the manufacturer. I did, and they took care of it. I didn’t mess around trying to fix it myself; it’s just too risky. 

Most manufacturers have a warranty program, and they’ll either repair or replace your shotgun. So, don’t take chances. Reach out to the professionals and get it sorted. Safety first, always.

4. Jamming Issue

Nothing puts a damper on a good day of shooting like a shotgun that won’t cycle properly. One minute you’re nailing targets or game, the next minute, a shell gets stuck. 

I noticed this was happening more often than I’d like, leaving me with a spent shell jammed in the chamber or failing to feed a new shell. Talk about frustrating and potentially dangerous. Something had to be done, whether it was low-quality ammo, some unclean part, or even me messing up.


First off, I tossed out the cheap ammo. Investing in high-quality ammunition made an immediate difference. Next, I got down to cleaning — the barrel, chamber, magazine, action, you name it. A thorough cleaning and proper lubrication were game changers. 

Even after that, I kept an eye on the ejection and feeding systems. These parts can wear out, so be vigilant. If you’ve tried all this and still have issues, don’t hesitate to take your shotgun to a pro. 

5. Misfiring Problem

So there I was, out in the field, ready to make my shot. But then — nothing. The dreaded misfire. It happened not just once but a few times, making me wonder what’s going on with my CZ Teal shotgun. 

Whether it was ammunition issues, like wrong gauge or shot size, or something wrong with the internals like the firing pin, I knew I had to get to the bottom of this.


First up, I double-checked my ammo. Was I using the right gauge and shot size? Yep, it turned out that was fine. 

So, I moved on to checking the firing pin. After a careful examination, it seemed in good shape. That left me with one culprit — the internals. I rolled up my sleeves and got down to a serious cleaning session. 

You won’t believe the gunk that can build up over time. A cleaning kit and solvent did the trick, clearing out any barrel, chamber, and action residue. 

After these steps, my CZ Teal was back in action, no more misfires.


In wrapping up, the CZ Teal is a firearm that promises a lot and mostly delivers. But like anything mechanical, it’s not perfect. 

I’ve encountered issues like misfiring, jamming, and trigger problems through extensive field testing. However, proper maintenance and care can fix many of these problems. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the condition of your firing pin, ammo, and the internal mechanics of your shotgun. 

Regular cleaning and occasionally consulting a qualified gunsmith can help keep your CZ Teal running smoothly. 

In a nutshell, this is a reliable shotgun, but to keep it that way, you’ve got to be proactive. Take good care of it, and it’ll take good care of you.


What is CZ teal for sporting clays?

The CZ Teal Target Over/Under Shotgun is designed for sporting clays, featuring a Monte Carlo stock and 30″ barrels.

What is a CZ teal?

The CZ Teal is an Over/Under Shotgun exclusive to Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, designed for quick shouldering and fluid swings.

Are CZ shotguns any good?

Yes, CZ shotguns offer affordability and quality, though they may require some attention to minor issues.

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