3 Most Common Beretta 694 Problems You Should Know

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I took the Beretta 694 out into the field to see what it was made of. To my surprise, the firearm had a few issues that caught my attention. 

The common Beretta 694 Problems I encountered while using this firearm were threefold: Failure To Eject, Trigger Issues, and Failure to Feed. 

The aim of this article is quite simple; I want to provide you with an honest assessment of the Beretta 694 and offer guidance on how to handle the challenges that may arise. Together, I can ensure that your experience with this firearm is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

ProblemsSolutions (Instructions)
Failure To EjectClean and lube the ejectors; replace if necessary to ensure smooth ejection.
Trigger IssueSwitch the barrel selector to fire the other barrel first to resolve firing issue.
Failure to FeedInspect and replace damaged magazine or spring for proper alignment of rounds.

Problems & Solutions for the Beretta 694

1. Failure To Eject

Oh, the frustration I felt when the hulls got stuck in the top barrel! It seemed like an endless cycle of stuck shells, each time leading to the same problem. 

After firing a shot and opening the gun, I could see the shell rim pushed against the recess of the chamber, sticking at a slight angle. 

The worst part? No shell ever got stuck in the lower barrel, making the inconsistency even more puzzling.


After much head-scratching, I got to work. I took the ejectors out, cleaned them thoroughly, and lubed them with grease. 

What a relief when the problem ceased to happen! The shells ejected smoothly, and the frustration turned into satisfaction. 

It’s a simple fix that worked wonders for me, and it should do the trick for anyone facing the same issue. No more fiddling with sticks or weights to tap out the hulls!

2. Trigger Issue

I encountered a concerning issue with the 694 where the second barrel didn’t want to fire. 

At first, I thought maybe my fingers weren’t releasing the trigger properly, but I ruled that out after careful examination. 

The first shot went off without a hitch, but the second seemed to catch, refusing to free the hammer. I pulled, tested various loads, and even tried pulling it right into my shoulders, but the problem only seemed to get worse. Imagine my growing concern as I faced a stubborn and perplexing problem.


Frustration led to innovation, and I finally found a fix. By switching the barrel selector to fire the other barrel first, the problem was miraculously resolved. It’s a simple solution that brought relief, transforming the entire experience. It’s amazing how such a little tweak made such a big difference. 

Trust me; it’ll work for you too!

3. Failure to Feed

The third issue I encountered was a failure to feed. 

The rounds were coming out misaligned, and I quickly realized that this wasn’t just a random occurrence. 

A closer look revealed that a damaged or worn-out magazine was the culprit, causing the round to misalign or move freely. 

This failure was quite alarming and made me feel uneasy, especially since it’s a problem that could significantly affect performance.


Fixing this issue required careful inspection. I examined the magazine for visible cracks or damages and found that replacing it was necessary in some instances. 

Additionally, I checked the magazine spring for proper tension and either replaced the spring or the entire magazine if it was weak. 

The whole process was a learning experience, and my efforts paid off as the problem was completely resolved.

So if you find yourself facing the same issue, you know exactly what to do. It’s all about careful inspection and timely replacement.


The Beretta 694, though renowned for quality, had some issues that needed attention. 

During my field testing, I came across problems such as Failure to Eject, Trigger Issues, and Failure to Feed. But these challenges did not overshadow the overall quality of the firearm. 

The issues I faced were fixed with relative ease, enhancing my confidence in the firearm. It showcases that even well-known brands can have minor setbacks, but what’s essential is how those problems can be resolved. 


What is Beretta 694 B fast system?

The Beretta 694 B fast system is a newly added steel fore-end iron system that improves the sensation when opening the gun and comes with a replaceable latch to suit the owner’s loading preferences.

Does Beretta make a good shotgun?

Yes, Beretta makes a good shotgun; for example, the A400 Xtreme Plus is known for its low recoil, making it a great choice for waterfowlers.

What is a Beretta 694 ACS?

The Beretta 694 ACS, or All Competition Shotgun, is versatile and suitable for all 3 major competition disciplines – Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clay.

What is the difference between Beretta 694 and 686?

The difference between Beretta 694 and 686 is that the 694’s exterior action is wider and slightly heavier than the 686’s, making the gun more centrally balanced. The 680 barrels will not fit 690s.

What choke does Beretta 694 use?

The Beretta 694 uses fixed */ chokes in the trap version, while the sporting version is equipped with a set of 5 Optima Choke High Performance chokes.

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