4 Common Ruger PC Carbine Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve had the chance to put the Ruger PC Carbine through its paces out in the field. You know, for a carbine that’s received a lot of praise, I’ve noticed that it has some issues worth discussing. 

Don’t get me wrong, the Ruger PC Carbine has a ton of great features, but no gun is perfect, right?

I encountered a few common Ruger PC Carbine problems. Specifically, I’ve seen issues with ejection, trigger resetting, jamming, and feeding. 

But worry not! In this article, I’m going to dive deep into each of these problems. I’ve also done my homework, so I’ll offer some solid solutions for you to consider.

Overview of Ruger PC Carbine Problems & their Solutions

Ejection ProblemTweak the ejector and file down the extractor.
Trigger ResetStretch the return spring or consider aftermarket options.
Jamming IssueTighten the loose barrel nut and check alignment.
Feeding ProblemSwap for a newer magazine model or replace springs.

Top 4 Problems & Solutions for the Ruger PC Carbine

1. Ejection Problem

So, I was out at the range, getting a feel for the Ruger PC Carbine, when guess what? I ran into an ejection problem. 

Basically, the empty casing wasn’t being kicked out after I fired a round. This got in the way of the bolt closing and messed up my shooting flow. It’s pretty frustrating, to say the least!


Alright, here’s the good news: I tried a couple of fixes, and they worked. First, I looked closer at the Glock magazine adapter that came with the rifle. I had slammed the magazine in too hard and bent the ejector. 

There was a little tweaking with some tools, and it was back in shape. The second issue was with the extractor not gripping the casing well enough. 

So, I filed it down a bit for a better grip. If you’re not super handy, having a licensed gunsmith take care of this for you is a good idea. Both fixes made a noticeable difference. No more ejection problems, folks!

2. Trigger Reset Problem

Now, let’s discuss another issue: the trigger is not resetting properly. Picture me on the range, all set, squeezing off rounds like any normal day. Then, boom! The trigger doesn’t reset to fire the next round. 

It’s rare, but boy, does it kill the mood. Whether in a shooting competition or thinking about self-defense, this glitch can throw you off completely.


So, how did I tackle this? First, I went straight for the return spring for the trigger. I carefully removed it, stretched it to a smidgen, and then returned it. 

That seemed to help. You can also go for aftermarket trigger assemblies, but that means you’ve got to be okay with taking your gun apart. 

If none of this works for you, my advice is to reach out to Ruger. Since it’s a safety concern, they’ll likely prioritize your issue. Trust me, it worked for me; the trigger reset issue is no more!

3. Jamming Issue

Alright, let’s get into the last issue: jamming. There I was, at the range, feeling like a sharpshooter, when suddenly, jam! Every dozen or so rounds, the darn thing would get stuck. 

It’s a real mood-killer, especially if you’re out for some serious shooting practice. Not only does it disrupt your flow, but it also raises concerns about the reliability of the gun.


So, what did I do? I stopped, safely unloaded the gun, and took a breather. Then, I separated the barrel from the stock and gave everything a good wipe-down. 

Upon close inspection, I found that the barrel nut was suspiciously loose. If you find yourself in the same situation, loosen the nut, adjust the barrel so there’s no gap, and tighten that nut back up. 

After doing this, my next trip to the range was much smoother—no more jamming issues. So, if you’ve got a jamming problem, give this fix a shot.

4. Feeding Problem

Okay, onto another pesky issue: feeding problems. Yep, I’ve experienced this one too. You’re on the range, firing off rounds like a pro, and suddenly, the cartridge doesn’t feed into the chamber. 

I noticed this particularly when I was trying to shoot quickly. So naturally, it put a dent in my shooting experience. The gun should be able to handle rapid shots, right?


First things first, I focused on the magazines. I initially used larger-capacity mags and discovered that the last few rounds weren’t feeding correctly. So, what did I do? I swapped the magazine with a newer model, and the problem was solved! 

You could also replace the springs in your current mags with heavier ones. Apart from that, check your feed ramp. Make sure it’s smooth and clear of any debris. I even went ahead and polished mine. 

And guess what? No more feeding issues! So, if you find yourself with this problem, a magazine swap or a little ramp polish might be all you need.

Final Verdict

All right, let’s wrap things up. The Ruger PC Carbine has its strengths and weaknesses, no doubt. On the plus side, it’s an affordable option that’s quite reliable and a blast to shoot. 

However, let’s not ignore the problems. I’ve faced issues with ejection, trigger resetting, jamming, and feeding. Each problem came with a fixable solution. These issues were sorted out with some minor adjustments and some know-how. 

So, while the gun isn’t perfect straight out of the box, it’s pretty close to it after some fine-tuning. Bottom line: If you’re looking for a versatile carbine to give you a bang for your buck, the Ruger PC Carbine is highly recommended.


Is the Ruger PC Carbine reliable?

Yes, it’s extremely reliable when properly maintained.

What is the effective range of the PC Carbine?

Maximum effective range is about 100 yards for man-size targets.

How far can a Ruger PC Carbine shoot?

Effective shooting can be achieved at 50-100 yards.

How long is a Ruger PC Carbine when taken down?

Overall length is 35.5 inches when assembled.

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