4 Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I recently spent significant time in the field testing the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite. My hands-on experience with this weapon has allowed me to get to know its capabilities and limitations up close and personal.

During my evaluation, I came across Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems such as the cylinder spinning, jamming, problems with the trigger, and difficulties with the cylinder stopping. It wasn’t just a one-time thing; these problems persisted, raising concerns over the performance of this firearm.

This article aims to discuss each of these problems in detail and provide practical solutions. My goal is to assist you, owners of the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite, in understanding what they might encounter and how they can effectively overcome these issues.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Cylinder Spinning IssueDIY fix with an eyeglass screwdriver or seek Taurus help
Jamming IssueUse correct ammunition, clean and replace worn parts
Problems with the TriggerClean excess oil or send to Taurus if under warranty
Problems with Cylinder LockingClean and lubricate properly or put under warranty

Top 4 Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems & Solutions

1. Cylinder Spinning Issue

While testing the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite, I encountered a rather peculiar problem. 

After dry-firing the gun in double action and then switching back to single action mode, the cylinder began to spin freely, as if there were no stop. It’s not something you expect with a new firearm, but I noticed that the cylinder stop on the frame was not in the up position. 

Only a few users have complained about this issue, but it’s frustrating because getting Taurus parts is difficult, making the repair cost higher and the waiting period longer.


I decided to try a DIY fix by sticking an eyeglass screwdriver into the frame tube where the plunger and spring fit. 

By lightly pressing the cylinder stop to back it out of the frame and then reassembling the gun, I was able to resolve the problem.

However, it’s worth noting that it may not work for everyone, and seeking the help of the Taurus customer care team might be necessary. It’s a simple solution but one that should be approached with caution.

2. Jamming Issue

While evaluating the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite, I was confronted with a persistent jamming problem. 

This issue wasn’t isolated but repeated during my field tests. Jamming can be more than just a nuisance; it can be downright dangerous, especially in self-defense situations.


The solution required a methodical approach. First, I made sure to use the correct type of ammunition, ruling out quality issues. 

Then I focused on cleaning, inspecting for dirt, debris, and any buildup that could hinder the firearm’s function. I successfully addressed the jamming issue with patience and attention to detail, reminding me of the importance of regular maintenance and inspection.

3. Problems with the Trigger

In myTaurus 856 Ultra Lite testing, I stumbled upon a fairly common issue: trigger problems. 

The double-action trigger pull weight seemed off, noticeably more than it should be, resulting in an uncomfortable shooting experience. 

The hammer’s operation lacked the smoothness you’d expect from a brand-new firearm. A local gunsmith cited a possibly faulty spring as the issue, and the repair cost was nearly half the price of the gun!


Before considering professional repairs, I looked into the problem Myself. Inside the cylinder was a large amount of oil, intentionally placed by the manufacturer to prevent rust. So, I carefully cleaned the gun, and the problem improved.

For those facing genuine trigger problems due to faulty internal components, sending the gun to Taurus seems to be the best course of action, especially if under warranty. 

It’s a reminder that sometimes the solutions are simpler than they seem.

4. Problems with the Cylinder Locking

During my hands-on assessment of the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite, I noticed a contrasting issue to the one previously described with the cylinder. Instead of spinning freely, the cylinder was locked up this time. 

It was perplexing and, certainly, a major hindrance to the functionality of the firearm. A locked-up cylinder is not something that you would expect, especially with proper handling.


My immediate approach was to look into cleaning and proper lubrication. Much to my surprise, a good clean, and thorough lubrication managed to solve the issue. 

It seemed too simple a fix for such a significant problem, but it worked. However, I realized that not everyone might be this fortunate. 

If the problem persists, putting the firearm under warranty and letting Taurus take care of it might be the only option. Sometimes, professional intervention is the safest and most effective route.


The Taurus 856 Ultra Lite is a unique firearm that exhibits certain appealing features, such as budget-friendly and impressive build. 

During my extensive field testing, however, I did encounter a few notable problems. While these issues range from cylinder spinning to jamming and trigger concerns, they are not insurmountable.

The solutions I discovered often required patience, careful observation, and sometimes professional intervention. 

Despite these challenges, the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite can be valuable for the value-minded consumer, especially when handled with care and maintained properly.


Are Taurus revolvers good quality? 

Taurus has faced quality control issues in the past, but these seem to be improving. 

What is the Taurus Ultra-Lite made of?

The Taurus Ultra-Lite includes variants made of blued steel, stainless steel, polymer frame, and “Ultralite” options with aluminum and titanium, with steel clockwork components.

What model is a Taurus Ultra-Lite? 

The Taurus Ultra-Lite is identified as the Taurus 856 Ultra-Lite Revolver, featuring an alloy frame, steel barrel, and cylinder with a matte finish exterior.

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