3 Common Ruger LCR 9mm Problems You Must Be Aware of

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I’ve spent quite some time testing the Ruger LCR 9mm out in the field. Let me tell you, it’s a solid piece designed for concealed carry and self-defense. But even reliable gear can come with its own set of challenges. I’ve faced a few, so I decided to put together this guide.

I stumbled upon a couple of Ruger LCR 9mm Problems that needed addressing. Three main problems caught my attention: the fallout issue, the trigger getting stuck, and some ejection problems. 

I know I’m not the only one to experience these, so don’t fret. We’ll dive into each one, dissect what’s going on, and come up with practical solutions.

Overview of Ruger LCR 9mm Problems & their Solutions

Fallout IssueSwitch to 147 gr ammo or replace problematic parts.
Trigger StuckClean thoroughly; if it persists, consult a gunsmith.
Ejection ProblemTry a wall corner push, switch ammo, and clean well.

Top 3 Ruger LCR 9mm Issues & Solutions

1. Fallout Issue

So, you’re out there, getting a feel for your Ruger LCR 9mm, and boom—or rather, not boom. An unfired bullet jams the path and may even fall out of the cylinder. 

Trust me, it’s not just you; I’ve had the same issue. During my time in the field, I noticed this problem often when using 115 gr or 124 gr ammo. 

Oh, and let’s not forget, mechanical faults in the crane, cylinder, bushing, or button pin could also be the culprits here.


After encountering this issue myself, the first thing I did was switch ammo. I opted for 147 gr 

bullets, and guess what? The problem seemed to vanish. You may need to get a bit hands-on if you’re still running into the same snag. 

I had to disassemble, replace, and reassemble some parts, specifically the crane, cylinder, bushing, and button pin. 

Not an expert at this? No worries. Ruger’s customer service is top-notch. Give ’em a call, and they’ll sort you out.

2. Trigger Stuck

Let’s talk about another snag I’ve hit: the trigger getting stuck. Now, this can pause you, especially when you’re in a situation where every second counts. 

There’s a pull, a bit of resistance, and nothing—like it’s glued in place. It’s frustrating. 

While this problem doesn’t happen all the time, when it does, it can be pretty alarming. The issue might stem from various factors, including built-up gunk, misaligned parts, or even a simple mechanical flaw.


So, what did I do when faced with a sticky trigger situation? You first want to consider giving your Ruger LCR 9mm a thorough cleaning. 

You’d be surprised how much difference a little TLC can make. And yes, I tried it; the trigger action smoothed out considerably. 

But if cleaning doesn’t do the trick, it might be a more mechanical issue that you’ll need to get checked out. Take it to a certified gunsmith for an expert opinion, or even consider contacting Ruger’s helpful customer service. 

Either way, you’ve got options to get that trigger back in action.

3. Ejection Problem

Here we go with another problem. While testing the Ruger LCR 9mm, I faced this annoying issue where the ejector rod just wouldn’t cooperate. 

Picture it: you’ve fired a shot, you’re ready to eject, and nothing happens. The shell is stuck in the cylinder like it’s part of the family now. It’s a puzzling and frustrating moment, no doubt. 

The issue seemed to boil down to a couple of things: the ammo brand and that nasty packaging grease.


After running into this ejector issue, I tried a quick fix first. I took the ejector rod and pushed it against a wall corner. Voila, it ejected. So, if you’re in a pinch, that can work. But for a more long-term solution, I switched ammo brands. 

Seriously, a tiny size difference in the shell can make a difference. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a good cleaning. Especially right out of the box, get rid of that packaging grease. 

If these steps don’t clear up the issue, it’s time to ring up Ruger’s customer service. They’re usually pretty quick to offer a fix.

Final Verdict

The Ruger LCR 9mm has a lot going for it—compact design, easy concealability, and overall reliability make it a great pick. But let’s not beat around the bush; it has its challenges, like fallout issues, sticky triggers, and ejection hiccups. 

The good news? Each issue has a workable solution. Whether switching ammo, disassembling and replacing parts, or just giving the firearm a good clean, these are problems you can tackle head-on. 

Despite its challenges, the Ruger LCR 9mm is a strong contender in the concealed carry game. With some care and attention, it proves to be an effective and reliable revolver.


Is the Ruger LCR reliable?

Yes, particularly with quality ammo.

Is the Ruger LCR a good carry gun?

Absolutely, designed for concealability and ease of use.

Do you need moon clips for LCR 9mm?

Not mandatory, but makes unloading easier.

Will the Ruger LCR rust?

Yes, if not stored properly in humid conditions.

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