6 Taurus 692 Problems You Must Be Aware of

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Testing the Taurus 692 was an experience that I looked forward to, especially given its reputation. My experience led me to identify some common problems that many users might face.

The Taurus 692 didn’t disappoint me in terms of performance, but it certainly gave me a lot to think about. During my testing, I came across several problems that may affect the average user. The problems included issues with the grip, cylinder, reload, and holster, as well as difficulty in cocking the hammer. 

But hey, don’t let these Taurus 692 Problems discourage you. The aim of this article is simple and clear: to guide you through the problems I’ve encountered and offer practical solutions. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Problems with the GripChange the grip to alternatives like Hogue grips or apply grip tape.
Cylinder IssueReplace or clean the cylinder and align professionally if needed.
Reload IssuePolish the cylinder opening drag and work on the latch.
Barrel ProblemTighten screws, clean the barrel, and inspect for alignment.
Issues with Cocking The HammerFile the angle on the bolt and tab or return to Taurus if needed.
Issue with the HolsterFind a holster designed for Taurus 692 with proper size, weight, and material.

Top 6 Taurus 692 Problems & Solutions

1. Problems with the Grip

So, about that grip issue on the Taurus 692? I’ve been there, and I felt it. When holding this firearm, something just didn’t feel right. 

Whether it’s the size of the grip or the rubber material, it seemed like my pinky was always dangling, almost like it had no place to rest. 

That little inconvenience started affecting my shooting, and I knew other users might experience the same discomfort. It’s not the kind of thing you want when aiming for precision, right?


Thankfully, I found some ways to fix this. I tested different grips, including the Hogue grips and wooden options. 

After some experimentation, I found that these alternative grips offered much better control. If you’re facing the same problem, it’s worth considering a grip change. 

Also, applying grip tape or using gloves can enhance your experience. I even made sure to dress appropriately for the shooting ranges to get the whole picture. 

The comfort level increased, and the shooting accuracy improved. It’s amazing how a simple grip alteration can make such a difference!

2. Cylinder Issue

Imagine the surprise I faced when I discovered an incorrectly marked cylinder on the Taurus 692! Although not widespread, it’s a problem I ran into, affecting my shooting. An incorrectly marked cylinder? 

You don’t want to deal with that, especially if you’re counting on this firearm. A few of me even faced the dreaded cylinder lockup, where it failed to turn or release properly. 


The good news? It’s fixable. I reached out to Taurus, who quickly replaced the cylinder with proper markings. 

But I didn’t stop there; I cleaned and inspected the gun regularly. My team experimented with higher-quality cylinders and took the gun to professional gunsmiths to ensure everything aligned. 

Good maintenance habits and regular attention can make all the difference in getting your Taurus 692 back to optimal performance. 

The experience taught me that sometimes, the solution is a blend of DIY and professional intervention.

3. Reload Issue

As I continued to test the Taurus 692, another issue surfaced that I couldn’t ignore. The cylinder seemed to become slow after extended usage. 

It wasn’t just me noticing this; it became a recurring theme in my sessions. Opening and shutting the cylinder became an exercise in patience, with the drag and latch not cooperating as they should. 

It’s safe to say loading and reloading the gun took longer than I’d have liked. It’s the kind of problem that can really slow you down when you need efficiency.


But I didn’t let that stop us. Since I knew my way around revolvers, I took matters into my own hands. Polishing the cylinder opening drag helped reduce the problem, and I found that working on the latch improved engagement. 

I even went so far as to remove two coils, making it simpler to extract and push into the cylinder within the chamber. These hands-on solutions made a noticeable difference in the firearm’s performance. 

It’s proof that sometimes, with a bit of knowledge and effort, you can turn a frustrating problem into a manageable one!

4. Barrel Problem

In my rigorous testing of the Taurus 692, I stumbled upon a problem that shook my trust in my shots – a barrel alignment issue. 

I noticed that my shots were inconsistent and seemed to stray from my targets. 

I suspected that the barrel’s alignment was off, and further investigation revealed several potential culprits: manufacturing defects, improper cleaning, loose barrel screws, and simple wear and tear. It was disheartening, especially when accuracy is something I all count on.


I didn’t let this issue defeat us. I rolled up my sleeves and tackled the problem head-on. First, I tightened all the screws attaching the barrel to ensure everything was secure. 

Next, I meticulously cleaned the barrel to remove any debris that might be affecting alignment. I even inspected the barrel for warping or misalignment, and finally, I took the firearm out for test firing. 

And guess what? The solutions worked! It’s a reminder that even seemingly complex issues can be resolved with a bit of diligence and the right approach. 

Sometimes, it takes careful observation and methodical troubleshooting to get things right.

5. Issues with Cocking The Hammer

During my hands-on experience with the Taurus 692, I faced a concern that initially perplexed us: the hammer wouldn’t cock. 

This made shooting in double-action mode a real hassle. The trouble seemed to stem from the tab contacting the base of the bolt, preventing a full trigger action. 

It was not just an annoyance but a significant hindrance to the firearm’s functionality.


Being fully aware of the gravity of the problem, I decided to investigate further. I discovered that filing the angle on the bolt and tab could drastically reduce the failure rate. 

Since I didn’t want to take any chances, I also considered replacing the sear spring, suspecting it might be broken. 

However, recognizing that this was a delicate issue requiring expertise, I also considered it wise to recommend returning the firearm to Taurus for replacement if the user feels unconfident enough to handle it.

6. Issue with the Holster

When it comes to the Taurus 692, finding a holster that fits perfectly has been a recurring issue for me in the field. 

The 3-inch barrel and the gun’s bulky frame make finding a snug fit challenging. This isn’t just about comfort; it’s about safety. 

A loose holster can lead to the firearm slipping out, while a too-tight fit can impede quick access. The weight of the Taurus 692 adds to the complexity, affecting the holster’s retention and stability. 

I also found that certain types of holsters designed for different firearms would not accommodate the Taurus 692 properly.


So, what’s the fix for this unique problem? My experience led me to a four-step solution. I sought out holsters designed explicitly for the size and weight of the Taurus 692. 

Adjustability was crucial, ensuring that the firearm stayed secure but remained accessible. I made a point to check the fit before purchase, ensuring neither too tight nor too loose a fit. 

Finally, I paid attention to the material of the holster, knowing that quality could mean better retention and protection. 

This methodical approach made all the difference, turning a frustrating problem into a comfortable and secure solution.


My hands-on experience with the Taurus 692 has been enlightening, revealing both strengths and areas of concern. The firearm undoubtedly offers robust performance and accuracy, yet it’s not without its challenges. 

I encountered issues with grip, cylinder, reload, barrel alignment, hammer cocking, and holster fit, but none of these problems were insurmountable. By seeking both DIY solutions and professional assistance, I was able to address each issue effectively. 

The Taurus 692’s potential shines through once these concerns are resolved. The gun’s affordability, adaptability, and responsiveness make it a viable option for many shooters, seasoned or novice.


Is the Taurus 692 accurate? 

Yes, the Taurus 692, even with a three-inch barrel, is plenty accurate, as demonstrated in off-hand shots at 15 yards.

Is the Taurus 692 a double-action? 

Yes, the Taurus 692 is a double-action gun and can be cocked for single-action shooting.

Has Taurus quality improved? 

Yes, Taurus has significantly improved its quality, leaving behind its old reputation and coming up with innovative designs.

What is the trigger pull on a Taurus 692? 

The double-action trigger press on the Taurus 692 is around 16 pounds, and the single-action pull is at a controllable 4.5 pounds.

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