Top 6 Most Common Walther PDP Problems + How To Fix

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I’ve spent some quality time testing out the Walther PDP, a firearm that’s gained some attention lately. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid piece of hardware, but like any gun, it’s not without its issues. 

I felt it was essential to bring these to light so that you can have the smoothest experience possible with this weapon.

I’ve discovered a few common Walther PDP Problems, from trigger issues to feeding and fitting troubles and even concerns with the firing pin, the slide, and mounting an optic. 

Yep, that’s a handful. But don’t worry, this isn’t just a gripe session. I’ll be diving into these issues and offering some useful fixes so you can get the best performance from your Walther PDP.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Problem with the TriggerContact Walther support for an expert fix.
Feeding IssueReach out to Walther via email for guidance.
Fitting ProblemIt’s a design choice; don’t worry about the wobble.
Problem with the Firing PinClean and lubricate the firing pin assembly.
Slide ProblemAdjust your grip so thumbs are not blocking the slide lock.
Problem with Mounting An OpticContact Walther for a replacement or fix.

Top 6 Walther PDP Problems & Solutions

1. Problem with the Trigger

So, I was out at the range, burning through rounds, when I noticed something off about the trigger. It happened after I had already fired about 100 rounds. The issue wasn’t there at first, but it started cropping up during the last 100 rounds of my 200-round session. 

The trigger just didn’t seem to want to reset every three or four rounds. I tried going for single rounds; weirdly, the trigger was fine. 

It’s frustrating because you’re all set to take your next shot, and then—nothing.


Your first instinct might be to open the gun and poke around. Don’t. Seriously, resist that urge. 

I contacted Walther about it via email, and they were quite responsive. The safest and most effective way to sort out this issue is to reach out to the experts. I did just that and found out they had an effective, straightforward solution. 

Following their guidance, the issue and now the trigger works like a charm. So, it’s best to leave it to the pros when in doubt.

2. Feeding Issue

It was all going well out there on the range until I experienced a failure-to-feed issue with my Walther PDP. 

When I tried to investigate, the problem seemed to come down to the magazine. The round wasn’t fully coming out, blocking the slide from moving forward. 

Plus, the round’s nose was tilted downward. So, there I was, stuck and frustrated, wondering if the spring, the follower, or the magazine lips were causing this hiccup.


First, ensure your chamber is empty for safety. Done? Good. Next, pop out the magazine and check the follower. 

If you see orange and black, that’s your problem right there. Walther already recalled those. So, upgrade it.

But what if you have the blue follower and still face issues? Well, I cracked open the magazine assembly and did a little inspection.

In my case, the follower was damaged. You can either replace just the damaged parts, like the follower and spring or swap out the whole magazine. 

After doing that, it worked like a dream. Safety first, and then check your components. Simple as that.

3. Fitting Problem

The first time I felt a bit of wobble between the slide and the frame, I won’t lie; I was a little concerned. 

Is this a manufacturing issue? Could it affect the gun’s accuracy? You know, these kinds of questions run through your head when you’re holding a tool meant for precision. 

And if you’re anything like me, your mind might even jump to comparing it with other brands, wondering if they also have this issue.


After some research and some good old-fashioned testing, I realized the wobble wasn’t a big deal. 

Actually, this Walther PDP model is designed to have a bit of play between the slide and the frame. It’s not a flaw; it’s a feature for better reliability. 

And guess what? This didn’t mess with the gun’s accuracy at all. So, the solution is pretty straightforward: don’t worry about it. 

Just try not to shake the gun too much when you’re using it. Once you understand that this “issue” is actually a design choice, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

4. Problem with the Firing Pin

You might’ve faced what I went through—a failure to fire even when the chamber’s loaded. Yes, I’m talking about a pesky firing pin issue that can really mess with your shooting experience.

When you pull that trigger, you expect to hear a bang, right? Light primer strikes or even misfires can happen when the firing pin gets stuck, and let me tell you, it’s annoying.


First thing first: safety above all. Make sure the gun is unloaded. Now, the core of the problem usually lies with a dirty firing pin. 

Remove the firing pin assembly and give it a thorough clean, looking out for any obstructions that might impede its free movement. 

A high-quality gun oil is your friend here. Lubricate the assembly before putting it back in.

While you’re at it, also check the extractor for wear or damage. It needs to push back far enough for the gun to work properly. If it’s damaged, replace it.

Last but not least, inspect the firing pin spring tension. Adjust it if needed; a screwdriver should suffice. And if you’ve tried all of this and the problem still persists, then it’s time to bring in the big guns—a qualified gunsmith. 

They can offer more advanced solutions and keep your Walther PDP running smoothly.

5. Slide Problem

Ah, the slide-stop issue. This one had me scratching my head a bit. I noticed that the slide wouldn’t lock back on the last round when I was out at the range. It’s kind of a big deal when you’re counting on that visual cue to know you’re empty. 

At first, I thought it was a mechanical problem, something internal, maybe a spring or some other part acting up. 

Turns out, it was something way simpler but equally annoying. It was actually about the way I was holding the gun, believe it or not. And it’s not just me; I’ve talked to other PDP users with the same issue.


Alright, it’s time for the fix. Walther says the way you hold the gun can mess with the slide lock. Yep, it’s as simple as that. 

If your thumb hangs out over the slide lock area while you’re shooting, you’re stopping it from doing its job. 

So I adjusted my grip, kept my thumbs straightforward, and voila—the slide locked back just like it was supposed to. If you’re facing this issue, it might be as simple as tweaking your grip a bit. Give it a try; it worked for me.

6. Problem with Mounting An Optic

So, there I was, unboxing my brand-new Walther PDP. It looked good and felt good, but wait a minute—what’s going on with this optic plate? Turns out, the plate was loose and shifting forward and back like nobody’s business. 

A gap at the rear, front plate touching issues—you name it, it had it. It just didn’t sit right with me.


Now, let’s get to the fix. Walther has made improvements with their revised PDP Pro SD model. So, if you have the first-generation model, you’re not alone. 

First thing, check your model. If you’re still facing this problem with the newer model, your best bet is to reach out to Walther directly. 

They’re generally pretty helpful and will guide you through the solution—be it fixing the issue or sending you a replacement. So, bottom line, don’t try to go it alone; get the experts involved.

Final Verdict

Okay, so here’s the deal. The Walther PDP is pretty darn good, but it’s not invincible. Yeah, I encountered some issues, but let’s face it, no gun is perfect right out of the gate. 

So, while it does have its hiccups—like the trigger issue, feeding troubles, and the like—there are also some reliable solutions to address these. The best part? Walther is responsive and willing to help. 

So you’re not in it alone. Moreover, many of these “problems” are less about the gun and more about understanding how to use it, like the grip affecting the slide-stop issue. 

And let’s not forget, when it comes to shooting, this gun is on point—accurate, dependable, and pretty darn comfortable to hold. 

So, all in all, this is a gun that delivers, provided you know how to handle it right.


Is the Walther PDP reliable? 

Yes, it’s reliable.

What is the best size for the Walther PDP?

The medium grip size suits an average hand well.

What does PDP mean in Walther PDP? 

PDP stands for Performance Duty Pistol.

Is Walther PDP good for carry? 

Yes, It’s suitable for both IWB and OWB concealed carry.

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