5 Most Common Taurus PT1911 Problems And How To Fix Them

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In my  hands-on field testing of the Taurus PT1911, I encountered several problems that weren’t immediately apparent. 

Some common Taurus PT1911 Problems I faced while using this firearm include failure to eject, trigger, feeding, safety, and accuracy issues. 

I aim to offer insight into Taurus PT1911’s challenges and provide practical solutions. I hope to turn those frustrating experiences into teachable moments. So, sit back, and let’s dig into what I discovered!

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Failure To EjectRegular cleaning and lubrication.
Trigger IssuesClean trigger bow region, adjust mainspring and sear spring.
Feeding ProblemsClean chamber, use proper ammunition, and magazines.
Safety ProblemsConsult a professional or send it back to Taurus for repairs.
Accuracy IssuesLower trigger weight, modify, practice, and run 300 rounds.

Top 5 Taurus PT1911 Problems & Solutions

1. Failure To Eject

The problem of failure to eject was something I wasn’t expecting. I’d be out in the field, and the ejection process would suddenly become a real headache. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having this issue in the middle of practice. It seemed to be a consistent problem, not just a one-off thing. 

Our team found it could stem from a bad round or lack of proper maintenance, like inconsistent cleaning or lubrication. Honestly, it made me feel like I was missing something simple.


I took the initiative to fix this issue, and guess what? It was simpler than I thought. A good, thorough cleaning with a microscopic brush did the trick. 

I made sure to lube it up properly, moving the slide back and forth about fifty times. Then I wiped it down and repeated the cleaning. 

It was a straightforward fix that made a big difference, turning an annoying issue into a non-problem. Trust us; regular maintenance can work wonders!

2. Trigger Issues

While testing the Taurus PT1911, I noticed the trigger felt unusually hefty. Pulling at around 9 pounds after removing the magazine connection, it was heavier than other comparable guns. 

This didn’t just feel odd; it actually decreased the firearm’s flexibility. 

The minor discomfort with the trigger seemed to become a recurring issue for us, and I realized that the lack of recoil was making the problem worse. It felt like an obstacle that was affecting my  overall experience with the gun.


I wasn’t going to let this issue defeat us. A detailed cleaning was my  first step, and focusing on the trigger bow region made a significant difference. 

I discovered that some greasy residue had been accumulating in the passages. Also, giving time for the mainspring and sear spring to operate reduced the trigger pull to a more comfortable range. 

And remember, checking the trigger’s settings for over or under-travel could minimize the pull needed to activate the sear. It all boiled down to maintenance and adjustments, but it really turned things around for us.

3. Feeding Problems

During my  time with the Taurus PT1911, I encountered the frustrating issue of failure to feed. It seemed to be a common problem with this model, and it initially puzzled us. 

The gun would just refuse to feed the ammunition properly. I found that using incorrect or cheaper magazines was causing the problem, interfering with the pistol’s performance.

It was really aggravating, especially when I was trying to focus on accuracy and handling. This failure to feed felt like a roadblock in my  testing experience.


But I wasn’t stuck for long. The solution was pretty straightforward. I cleaned the chamber with a stiff brush and the right solvent, and that was part of the fix. 

Then, I switched to the correct ammunition for the pistol. If in doubt, don’t be shy to ask a professional for help. I even tried shooting at hollow points as a temporary fix. 

These simple adjustments made all the difference, turning a major frustration into a minor footnote in my  experience. It’s amazing how a little care can make a big difference!

4. Safety Problems

Safety is paramount when it comes to firearms, so when I encountered issues with the PT1911’s safety, it raised immediate concerns. 

While shooting, I noticed that pulling the trigger sometimes caused the thumb safety to start to drop. Even more alarming, the grip safety would sometimes detach, and the hammer would drop, all due to a simple pull of the trigger. 

I realized that the safety lock screw was to blame on occasion, being only partly rotated to the locked position. This was a serious matter, and I knew it needed professional attention.


When it comes to safety issues, it’s not something to be taken lightly. This was beyond a do-it-yourself fix, so I took the pistol to a local gunsmith. 

They were able to properly diagnose and fix the problem. If the issue seems complex, sending the pistol back to Taurus for repairs might be best. 

Safety should never be compromised; professional touch is often the best course of action. After getting it properly fixed, I felt a lot more confident with the firearm.

5. Accuracy Issues

Accuracy is key in shooting, and I found several issues with the Taurus PT1911 that were affecting its precision. 

When the gun didn’t handle the ammunition properly, I noticed a loss in accuracy, especially for new users. I could see that the trigger’s hefty weight, around 10.4 pounds, was a main contributor to this problem. 

Handling such a heavy trigger was a real challenge for some of us, and it’s easy to see why beginners might struggle.


I wasn’t about to let this issue beat us. Lowering the trigger weight seemed like a logical step, and it helped reduce the issue significantly. 

Some modifications further improved the handgun’s accuracy. But what I found to be the most effective solution was simple practice. 

Running at least 300 rounds through the gun made a big difference, allowing the components to meld together. The more I fired, the more accurate the gun became. Sometimes, the best solution is persistence and practice!


The Taurus PT1911 is a firearm with potential, but it’s not without its challenges. My extensive testing and reviewing in the field exposed several issues ranging from failure to eject to accuracy problems. 

However, it’s worth noting that many of these problems have straightforward solutions, often requiring regular maintenance and attention to detail. 

Although the safety concerns were more serious, requiring professional intervention, my  overall experience showed that the firearm could be reliable with the right care and adjustments. 


How many rounds does a Taurus 1911 hold? 

The Taurus PT1911 can hold a 7, 8, or 10 round magazine.

Where are Taurus 1911 made? 

Taurus 1911s are made in Porto Alegre, Brasil by Taurus Armas.

Does Taurus make a 9mm 1911? 

Yes, Taurus makes a 9mm 1911, ready to go right out of the box.

Are Taurus 1911 forged or cast? 

Taurus 1911s are hammer-forged, not cast, making them a reliable choice.

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