5 Most Common Taurus PT 738 Problems And How To Fix Them

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I recently took the Taurus PT 738 out into the field. During my time with the Taurus PT 738 Problems, I encountered various problems, including the Slide Lock Problem, Hammer Problem, Slide Pull Issue, Failure to Feed, and Trigger Issue. 

This article aims to provide an honest and user-friendly guide to the common problems with the Taurus PT 738 and share my knowledge on how to fix them. 

I am here to assist you, and I hope this piece serves you well!

Overview of Problems & their Solutions

Slide Lock ProblemCheck and adjust retainer pin; use Loctite if needed.
Hammer ProblemRegular maintenance and lubrication; consult a gunsmith if needed.
Slide Pull IssueBreak-in period, clean rust and dirt; consult a professional if necessary.
Failure To FeedClean the gun, manipulate magazine feed lips; give time for break-in.
Trigger IssueCheck warranty or replace trigger bar; maintain and lubricate.

Top 5 Taurus PT 738 Problems & Solutions

1. Slide Lock Problem

Oh, the slide lock problem! This issue seemed to pop up more frequently than I would have liked during my testing. It’s one of those problems that make you scratch your head. I’d be in the middle of a practice session, and bam! The slide would lock up, refusing to budge. It didn’t take me long to identify that the retainer pin, which holds the firing pin in place, was the culprit. It can stick out and cause the slide to jam when it gets dropped from its original location. Frustrating, to say the least!


Here’s the thing, fixing the slide lock issue wasn’t as tricky as it might seem. I simply inspected the top of the slide to check the position of the retainer pin. 

If it wasn’t flush with the top, it was clearly interfering with the slide’s movement. My solution was to move the slide back enough to push the retainer pin back from the bottom. A dab of Loctite ensured that it stayed in place. 

This straightforward fix worked like a charm every time, helping me get back to my session without losing too much time. Simple and effective!

2. Hammer Problem

During my extensive trials with the Taurus PT 738, I stumbled upon a hammer problem that got me all puzzled. 

Whenever the trigger was pulled, the hammer would come back to full cocked position but then refuse to release. I observed that the sear wouldn’t stay out of the way. In some instances, holding the trigger all the way back did nothing until I released a bit of tension.

This issue had me perplexed and frustrated as it severely affected the firing performance.


So, how did I tackle this problem? I found that hammer issues were often caused by a lack of lubrication or corrosion in the firing pin assembly. Regular maintenance, including proper lubrication with oil or grease, was essential. 

A thorough cleaning to remove any residue also proved vital. For the more stubborn issues, consulting with qualified gunsmiths specializing in firearms repair was the way to go. 

By following this approach, I was able to restore the handgun’s performance and enjoy my shooting sessions without the annoyance of hammer problems. It’s a reminder that sometimes, a bit of extra care can go a long way!

3. Slide Pull Issue

In my journey with the Taurus PT 738, I encountered a rather annoying slide pull issue. I found that the slide was often too tight or hard to pull back with ease. 

While testing, this issue seemed to stem mainly from the recoil springs, though the mag springs and mag follower appeared to contribute as well. 

It’s one of those nagging problems that interrupt the flow of a good practice session.


Here’s what I learned: sometimes, the gun just needs a bit of breaking in. After a decent break-in period, the slide became much easier to pull back. I also tried filling the mag and leaving it for some time to reduce the spring’s tension.

 If rust was present inside the slide rails, I cleaned them off using specialized cleaning products. For dirt or debris, I used an air compressor or canned air. And when it came to worn-out internal components, consulting a professional firearms technician for replacements was the best approach. 

I found these simple measures quite effective in solving the slide pull issue, turning a frustrating problem into an easily manageable task!

4. Failure To Feed

Oh boy, that dreaded “failure to feed” problem in the Taurus PT 738, right? You know, it’s pretty common, especially when the gun’s brand new. 


What did I do to fix it? Well, I started by giving the gun a good cleaning. That factory rubble and grease can sure get in the way. 

Then, I gave those magazine feed lips a little manipulation. It’s a delicate process, mind you. And you know what? It did the trick.

 It might sound simple, but sometimes that’s all it takes to get things running smoothly again. You just have to be patient and take care of your firearm.

5. Trigger Issue

Have you ever felt that frustration when the trigger doesn’t grab and cocked the hammer on your 

Taurus PT 738? Yep, that’s what I went through. It’s like the trigger drops from the half-cocked, and you’re left wondering what went wrong.

It seems like it’s mainly a problem with the trigger bar, releasing the hammer way too soon.


What worked for me? First, I checked my warranty and found that I could send it back to Taurus for proper servicing.

But if that’s not an option, you can always find a replacement trigger bar online and install it yourself. Remember to inspect your gun for bent parts and keep everything clean and lubricated. It’s like maintaining your car – take good care, and it won’t let you down!


The Taurus PT 738 is an intriguing firearm that I’ve had the chance to explore in great detail. 

While my testing has certainly revealed some weaknesses, including issues with the slide lock, hammer, slide pull, failure to feed, and trigger, it’s essential to recognize that these problems are manageable with the right care and attention. 

From my hands-on experience, the PT 738 offers a robust platform that can be optimized with simple solutions, regular maintenance, and sometimes professional intervention.

It’s a versatile piece that may need some breaking in and extra care but can perform reliably when tended to. 


What is the capacity of the Taurus pt738? 

The Taurus PT 738 has a capacity of 6 + 1 rounds.

What caliber is a Taurus pt738? 

The Taurus PT 738 is chambered in .380 ACP.

Where is the safety on a Taurus PT 738? 

The Taurus PT 738 operates as a conventional double-action system and does not have a magazine disconnect “safety.” It can fire with the magazine removed.

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