7 Most Common Taurus GX4 Problems And How To Fix Them

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In my extensive testing of firearms, I’ve had the opportunity to put the Taurus GX4 through its paces in the field.

My hands-on experience with this firearm was both enlightening and challenging. It’s surprising how quickly some things can reveal themselves when you’re knee-deep in the action.

During my examination, I encountered several Taurus GX4 Problems that didn’t just pop up once or twice but kept recurring. The issues ranged from slide problems to barrel malfunctions. But fear not; for every problem, I’ve searched for a solution. 

In this article, I’ll outline the common difficulties I faced with the Taurus GX4 and provide my hard-earned insights into rectifying these glitches.

Overview the Problems & their Solutions

Slide IssuesReplace sliding lock system or professional handling
Firing Pin IssuesReplace if damaged, clean and lubricate
Trigger ProblemsClean, lubricate, replace parts if necessary
Extractor IssueClean, inspect, replace worn parts
Firing IssueClean, lubricate, use quality ammunition
Sight IssueRegularly check and adjust, address manufacturing defects
Barrel IssueThoroughly clean, replace if necessary

Top 7 Taurus GX4 Problems & Solutions

1. Slide Issues

The slide problem in the Taurus GX4 is something I faced quite a few times during my field tests. I noticed the slide could fail to lock back, particularly with the magazine removed. 

It seemed inconsistent and erratic. Sometimes the slide would stay locked; other times, it would shut the moment pressure was released. 

I quickly realized that this wasn’t a one-time issue but a recurring one, affecting the firearm’s accuracy and reliability.


My immediate response was to inspect the catch and the notch, experimenting with the angle between the slide and the frame. 

I also tried removing and reinstalling the spring. Though I managed to correct the problem to an extent, I concluded that replacing the sliding lock system might be the best solution for some. 

It’s not easy, so sending the pistol to the company for professional handling would be wise. In all, I found the fix to be a learning experience that shed light on the intricate mechanics of the firearm.

2. Issues with the Firing Pin

During my field testing of the Taurus GX4, I encountered an issue with the firing pin. It tended to break, and the pin channel elongated at the bottom half, causing higher back pressure. 

This led to the metal being pushed outside of the primer pocket, making it visibly bigger and flatter. 

A problem like this could seriously hamper the gun’s performance, and I knew I had to find a solution.


I started by disassembling the firearm and inspecting the firing pin for wear and tear. If I found any damage, I replaced it with a new one. 

I also checked the firing pin channel for dirt or corrosion and cleaned it thoroughly. Lastly, I inspected the firing pin spring, replacing it if necessary, and lubricated the firing pin and the channel. 

This hands-on approach helped me understand the mechanism better and allowed me to rectify the problem effectively.

3. Problem with the Trigger

Trigger issues with the Taurus GX4 were another challenge I faced during my field testing. Occasionally, I’d encounter what felt like a dead trigger, typically every 10 to 20 shots. 

Sometimes, the gun would jam, and the trigger would feel heavy or gritty. 

This didn’t seem like a minor glitch; it was a recurrent problem that I had to deal with, and I knew it would affect any user out there.


My  approach began with basic cleaning and proper lubrication, ensuring that any dirt or debris didn’t compromise the pistol’s functionality. 

I experimented with different types of magazines and even went as far as replacing the rear support and the trigger assembly. 

When necessary, I cleaned the breech face and the feed ramp. In more complex situations, I considered sending the gun back to Taurus or seeking professional help from a gunsmith. It was through these measures that I was able to restore the gun’s performance and resolve the trigger issues.

4. Extractor Issue

While putting the Taurus GX4 through its paces, I came across an issue with the extractor, a small metal hook that plays a vital role in removing spent cartridges and loading new ones. 

A malfunctioning extractor disrupted these processes, leading to failure to eject or load rounds properly. 

I identified several potential causes, such as debris build-up and worn extractor spring, behind this dysfunction.


Fixing this issue required a careful approach. First, I ensured that the gun was unloaded and safe to handle. 

Then, I removed the slide and applied a cleaning solvent to clear away any inhibiting dirt or debris. A careful inspection followed, focusing on the extractor and its spring, and I replaced any worn or damaged parts.

 Replacing the extractor spring and even the entire extractor itself was relatively straightforward, and I restored the gun’s functionality through these simple yet effective steps.

5. Firing Issue

In my experience with the Taurus GX4, I faced a disconcerting issue: a delay in firing. 

Whether a fraction of a second or more, this delay created a real concern for us. 

I identified that it might be due to improper maintenance or even faulty ammunition, and it definitely had a negative impact on the overall performance.


My approach to this problem was methodical. I first made sure the gun was thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, as the build-up of dirt and debris in the trigger mechanism can cause such delays. 

Then, I inspected the ammunition, ensuring that I wasn’t using old or cheap rounds that might be contributing to the problem. 

After addressing these factors, the issue was resolved, and the firearm functioned perfectly. 

However, I strongly feel that if anyone faces a similar problem and the fixes don’t work, sending the gun in for warranty coverage would be the safest course of action.

6. Sight Issue

While testing the Taurus GX4, I encountered a recurring issue with the sights. The front sight sometimes detached, and the rear sight tended to drift away from its proper position, usually moving to the right of the center. 

This seemingly simple problem led to difficulties in aiming and reduced my shooting accuracy. It felt as if I were constantly battling against the firearm to keep it on target.


My immediate solution was frequently checking and adjusting the rear sight when I noticed it drifting away. 

In addition, I took time to clean the sights, ensuring no obstructions. I also adjusted my grip and trigger pull, sometimes contributing to sight misalignment. 

While these solutions helped, it seems a permanent fix would require addressing possible manufacturing defects, and repeated adjustments during shooting is not ideal for a user in the field.

7. Barrel Issue

When I was out in the field with the Taurus GX4, accuracy seemed to be a persistent issue. It didn’t take long to realize that the barrel was the culprit. 

Damages and wear inside the barrel had led to the shots going astray. A close inspection showed signs of corrosion and some pitting, indicating that the barrel had suffered. 


As a quick remedy, I carefully disassembled the gun and thoroughly cleaned the barrel using specialized tools. A bore brush came in handy for stubborn dirt. 

Though cleaning improved the situation, it was clear that the barrel would eventually need replacing. Regular maintenance and using high-quality ammunition were my new mantra to avoid the same barrel problems in the future. 

It’s an approach that takes time, but the improved accuracy was worth it!


The Taurus GX4, while offering remarkable value and functionality, certainly has its share of challenges. My comprehensive field testing revealed several issues ranging from slide problems to barrel malfunctions. 

However, the focus of my exploration was not just to uncover these issues but to find viable solutions as well. 

Although some problems seemed complex and required professional handling, others could be remedied through regular maintenance and keen observation. 

With the right care and attention, the Taurus GX4 can remain a reliable choice for many. 

Its continued success in the market stands as a testament to its quality, even as potential users should be mindful of its weaknesses.


What is the Taurus GX4 recall?

The Taurus GX4 recall was issued because some pistols might discharge when dropped, urging owners to safely unload and stop using their GX4 immediately.

Is GX4 a good pistol?

Yes, the Taurus GX4 is considered a solid gun for the money, with a few issues but generally good functionality.

Is the Taurus GX4 drop safe?

Under certain circumstances, the Taurus GX4 can discharge when dropped, and affected owners should discontinue use.

What is the best ammo for Taurus GX4?

The best ammo for Taurus GX4 is Norma 108-grain MHP ammo, providing great accuracy at self-defense distances.

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