6 Most Common Taurus G2S Problems And How To Fix Them

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I’ve taken the time to rigorously test the Taurus G2S in the field. My hands-on experience has allowed me to deeply understand its weaknesses.

I stumbled upon several common Taurus G2S Problems that could hamper the user’s experience. 

These problems include slide locking, trigger issues, magazine problems, cycling problems, accuracy issues, and slide bites. But worry not! I’ve also explored the remedies and have a host of solutions ready.

This article aims to dive into these issues one by one, providing insights into what I found and how to fix them.

Overview of Problems & their Solutions

Slide Locking ProblemsFire 200-300 rounds; pay attention to thumb placement.
Trigger IssuesReplace the faulty trigger bar.
Magazine ProblemsUse force initially; clean and lubricate, or send for repair.
Cycling ProblemsAllow gun to break in through use and patience.
Accuracy ProblemsRegular oiling and cleaning to improve precision.
Slide Bites IssueModify grip with grip tape or wear gloves for protection.

Top 6 Taurus G2S Problems & Solutions

1. Slide Locking Problems

During my extensive field tests with the Taurus G2S, I encountered an odd issue: the slide locking backward, even with rounds still left in the magazine. 

It wasn’t just a one-off occurrence; this happened frequently and appeared to be a manufacturing oversight. 

A closer inspection revealed that the slide stop lever was the culprit, sticking out just a tad too far. It’s not something you’d notice without a keen eye, but it certainly affected my testing sessions.


Fortunately, the fix for this slide locking issue wasn’t too complicated. I found that the more I fired the gun, the better it seemed to break in. After about 200 to 300 rounds, the issue started to disappear. 

Moreover, I paid close attention to my thumb placement while shooting, ensuring my forward grip didn’t accidentally engage the slide stop lever. 

By adhering to these simple adjustments, I overcame the problem and regained confidence in the firearm’s reliability.

2. Trigger Issues

One of the more concerning problems I came across during my field tests with the Taurus G2S was related to the trigger. Imagine pulling the trigger and nothing happening, then pulling it 3 or 4 more times before the gun finally fires. 

It was a startling experience and a clear sign of an underlying issue. 

After a detailed examination, I discovered that the trigger bar had broken, causing these erratic firing patterns. This issue was not just a minor inconvenience; it could be potentially dangerous.


Addressing this problem required a hands-on approach. I needed to replace the faulty trigger bar altogether. 

By sliding off the slide and gathering the necessary tools like a bench block, brass punches, and punch pins, I was able to remove the old trigger bar and install a new one. 

The process was straightforward, and the new trigger bar restored the firearm’s functionality, making it reliable once again. It was a reminder of the importance of regular maintenance and inspections.

3. Magazine Problems

During my tests with the Taurus G2S, a consistent issue that troubled me was related to the magazine. 

Inserting the magazine into the G2S proved to be a tricky task, often requiring an extra bit of force. Whether the magazine was empty or full, it seemed to get caught halfway. It was a nuisance, and some of me felt that it could be a significant deterrent for beginner shooters. 

The problem seemed to stem from the rounds in the magazine being incorrectly assembled, making reloading a chore rather than a smooth action.


Addressing this problem was a bit of a mixed bag. Initially, I found that a solid smack helped seat the magazine properly. 

But I knew this wasn’t a long-term fix. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the gun provided some relief. 

In more persistent cases, sending the gun back to Taurus for a professional adjustment might be the best course of action if the cleaning didn’t help.

In my experience, maintenance and proper handling are key to overcoming this issue.

4. Cycling Problems

In my extensive time testing the Taurus G2S, I noticed an issue that initially gave me some trouble: the cycling of the gun. 

It wasn’t as smooth and consistent as I had expected. This problem seemed to manifest particularly when the gun was fresh out of the box.

It was a concern because smooth cycling is critical for the efficient operation of any firearm. Any delays or inconsistencies in cycling can lead to interruptions in shooting and may affect the overall performance of the gun.


Fortunately, I found that this cycling problem wasn’t a permanent flaw. With continued use, the gun seemed to “settle in,” and the cycling gradually improved. 

I learned that it takes a little time and a few rounds for the Taurus G2S to cycle efficiently. 

Patience, practice, and continued use allowed the gun to reach its optimal cycling performance, 

making it a reliable companion on the field. By simply using the gun and allowing it to break in, I overcame this initial problem.

5. Accuracy Problems

Accuracy was another area that paused me during my field testing of the Taurus G2S. Initially, the gun seemed to struggle with precision, especially for those of me who were new to this particular firearm. 

I observed that the triggers were rather tight, and while it performed well at close ranges, say 20 yards, it wasn’t as versatile as I would have liked. 

The accuracy issue was something I could see becoming a significant problem in more demanding situations like self-defense.


I wasn’t ready to give up on the G2S, so I explored ways to improve its accuracy. I discovered that regular oiling made the pistol function more smoothly, thereby enhancing its precision. 

Cleaning the gun frequently also made a noticeable difference in my shots’ accuracy. 

These simple maintenance tasks transformed my experience with the Taurus G2S, making it a far more reliable and accurate tool in various scenarios.

6. Slide Bites Issue

One of the most notable problems I faced while testing the Taurus G2S was the issue of slide bites. This was particularly a challenge for those among me with larger hands. 

The slide was not too rounded and could actually cut the shooter’s hand during firing. Extended periods of shooting became quite uncomfortable, and the pain could become intolerable after just a few rounds. 

This made practice sessions a real struggle for beginning shooters, and I identified this as the gun’s most significant flaw.


I took the initiative to find a solution that could make handling the Taurus G2S more comfortable. By modifying the grip with elements such as grip tape, I was able to enhance comfort during shooting. 

I also found that wearing gloves provided excellent protection against slide bites. These adjustments allowed for longer sessions without discomfort, making the Taurus G2S more user-friendly, even for those with larger hands or new to shooting.


Through rigorous field testing, the Taurus G2S has revealed its character, complete with both strengths and weaknesses. 

While it has challenges, such as slide locking, trigger issues, and accuracy problems, many are manageable with proper adjustments, maintenance, or professional repair. 

Its affordability and suitability for self-defense make it a viable option for those willing to invest time in learning its specific needs. 

But be mindful; some of these issues could potentially make it less appealing for beginners or those seeking a hassle-free experience.


Is Taurus G2S a good gun? 

Yes, it’s functionally accurate for self-defense, but it has had some reliability issues like failures to eject and a tricky magazine.

Is Taurus G2 reliable? 

The Taurus G2C is an accurate and reliable handgun, still an excellent choice for concealed carry.

Is G2c or G2S Taurus better? 

Both have similar features, but G2c has a double-stack 12-round capacity, which is 5 rounds more than G2s, and a shorter grip.

Does the Taurus G2S have safety? 

Yes, it has a blade safety in the trigger, a manual safety on the frame, and a firing pin block safety.

What does the S stand for in Taurus G2S? 

The “S” stands for “Slim.”

Can you dry-fire a Taurus G2S? 

The Taurus G2S has restrike capability, making it suitable for dry fire practice.

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